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News: Polari, Carrie Fisher, Bernie Madoff, Ke$ha

 road The language Polari, which was once used by gays in the United Kingdom, might go the way of the dinosaurs.

K  road Billboard magazine celebrates Ke$ha's big year.

 road Carrie Fisher on the gay rumors surrounding John Travolta: "I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care. Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss. Just leave it be."

 road Tonsillitis shuts down the Glee set.

 road The attention-seeking Westboro Baptist Church picketed today's funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. She was eulogized by her daughter and a couple of long-time friends but not John Edwards.

 road Showgirls and Black Swan get the trailer mash-up treatment (nsfw).

 road One dead, two injured in Stockholm bombing.

 road The Thor movie trailer officially hits the Web.

Santa  road Christmas came early in Boston today: spectators were treated to runners dressed in nothing but Santa hats and speedos.

 road Chances are that Winona Ryder is not reading this right now.

 road Bernie Madoff's 46-year-old son has taken his own life - on the two year anniversary of his father's arrest.

 road Bill O'Reilly offends Barbara Walters by implying she's nothing but a celebrity journalist.

 road The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council finds that evangelical TV host Charles McVety violated broadcast code: “McVety may not like homosexuality. That is his entitlement, but to leave the totally unsubstantiated impression that gay and lesbian adults have a predilection toward young, underage people is insidious and unacceptable. In all, the Panel finds the McVety mis-characterizations as excessive, inappropriate, disparaging, and abusive.”

 road Tom Ford has no problem watching straight porn.

Watch: Ke$ha's 'We R Who We R' Video


Like a Lady Gaga video without the plot, a Madonna video without the sexuality, and a viral video made by a bunch of gay twinks without the production values, Ke$ha's 'We R Who We R' video has materialized out of the ether.


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Watch: They R Who They R


The well-choroeographed twinks behind Peacock and California Gays are back with another installment.


(note: those of you likely to be enraged by these types of videos will likely find yourself so, in which case you should probably skip it)

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Soldier Who Made 'Gays in the Military' Ke$ha YouTube Video Talks About Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'


You may recall back in May I posted a lipdub video created by Army Specialist Codey Wilson, set to Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah" which riffed on the idea of gays in the military. The video, created in Iraq, quickly went viral, and while the original has been removed, copies exist, one of which I've posted after the jump.

New York magazine has posted a big profile on Wilson and his unit, the meaning behind the video, and why they put it together (that's Wilson in the humvee loincloth still below). 

Anyway, Wilson talks to NY Mag about gays in the military and what a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't" tell might mean:

Tank1 Nobody in Wilson’s “If the Army Goes Gay” video is actually gay, even though that’s the part that a lot of people got stuck on. He says he’d be shocked (shocked, not upset, he is careful to say) if he found out there were any gay guys in his unit. “They’re all from Virginia, where we have a lot of straight arrows.”

Wilson says there are homophobes on the base, “backcountry rednecks” whom Wilson makes fun of, but mostly makes fun with, because that is how you get across the sand. There were guys in the company who thought Wilson was disrespecting the unit or speaking out in favor of the repeal. “I was also getting gay jokes for a while, but I have kind of a reputation at home—I’ve had like 50 girlfriends—so let people make jokes.”

Tank2 The thing they seem most concerned about is that the repeal will usher in a slew of new rules about fraternization. “If everyone knows you’re gay and you touch someone, even as a joke, you’ll be going down for it, the same way that if a guy held a girl’s hand on the—Stop it, man! My roommate’s touching me right now.”

These kids don’t have politics—or not the kind you’d recognize back home. They made the video, says Wilson, because they want to be part of the conversation. They watch Lady Gaga videos from their warm blue laptops thousands of miles away, they download current music and post items on Facebook about caches of puppies they find inside of old bunkers. More than anything it says about gays in the military, the message is, Hey, we’re still here.

“The most special thing about the video I made,” says Wilson, “is that for a few days, we kind of became members of society. It was like we actually mattered.”

Check out the video, which I've reposted, AFTER THE JUMP...

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