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Gay Iconography: Celebrating Keith Haring

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Whether gracing New York City subway stations, murals in Melbourne or Tokyo, or lining the walls of the finest art galleries, openly-gay artist Keith Haring made a massive impact. Not only is he a gay icon himself, but his unmistakable work — featuring radiant babies, barking dogs and three-eyed faces — have becomes icons in their own right.

His work is easily identifiable by its vibrant colors, bold lines and dynamic figures. The cartoonish works blend the worlds of pop culture, high-art and graffiti, but there’s also serious subtext. Haring’s art brought gay culture and HIV/AIDS into the mainstream consciousness.

Check out some of our favorite footage of Haring at work and friends discussing his art, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Andy Warhol's Summer Portraits Up for Auction at Christie's: PHOTOS


Lot 70
ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987) 
Fire Island Party 
dated 'Aug 02 1982' (on the reverse) 
unique gelatin silver print 
10 x 8 in. (25.4 x 20.3 cm.) 

Executed in 1982.
Estimate:  $2,000 – 3,000
© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Coinciding with the celebration of Pride this month, Christie's has announced an online-only auction of 200 photographs, prints and drawings by Andy Warhol that focus on the male nude. The pieces are available to bid on now through June 27 online (warning: link work-unfriendly). 

From Christie's:

"Throughout his career, Warhol depicted male nudes through photography or drawing, often using gay underground culture as his backdrop. His visual explorations of the complexity of sexuality and desire chronicle the momentous changes within the gay community in the late 20th century,when many young men were flocking to urban centers such as New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans from their suburban and rural hometowns. With the anonymity of the city came the opportunity for a subculture that was both self sustaining and self defining. Warhol himself moved from Pittsburgh to New York in the summer of 1949, and witnessed first hand both the blossoming of the gay community in the 1970s and the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic that battered the community in the 1980s."

Check out a few more images of works (a preview exclusive to Towleroad) that are up for auction AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Avatar, Keith Haring, Cyberbullying, Iowa, Justin Timberlake

 roadNYers, One Life to Live's Scott Evans is set to be auctioned off for the NY gay dodgeball league tonight at the Jockathon. Bid him up!

Lambert  roadLambert talks fashion in Vman.

 roadWoman bites it during Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right.

 roadAvatar breaks Titanic world record: "Distributor 20th Century Fox said the James Cameron mega-budget blockbuster's worldwide cume -- excluding Puerto Rico -- was through the weekend just $2 million shy of "Titanic's" global boxoffice record of $1.843 billion. The distributor confirmed that "Titanic's" historic benchmark fell as of early Monday."

 roadStop cyberbullying (watch the whole thing).

 roadScientists hope to resurrect extinct Galapagos tortoises: "Researchers theorize that the nine identified living descendants of the vanished species are the grandchildren of lucky elephantopus survivors which may have been taken by whalers as future meals but then thrown overboard. Those last heroic survivors then must have come ashore to nearby islands and mated with the native species living there."

 roadGay All My Children actor James Mitchell (Palmer Cortland) has died at 89.

Gillibrand  roadGillibrand to step up attacks on Harold Ford, Jr.: "The onetime Albany-area congresswoman has begun to mix it up in recent days, but her penchant for measured responses and attacking Ford through proxies hasn’t impressed many in a tabloid media market that rewards the brash and punishes the bashful. Several Democratic sources told POLITICO that Gillibrand and her team get it — and are now seeking to augment her communications team with a consultant who will more aggressively target Ford..."

 roadTickle Me, Hugh Jackman.

 roadGay Indiana businessman to be guest at State of the Union.

 roadIndiewire goes inside the screening of 8: A Mormon Proposition.

Haring  roadDesigners who accidentally leased Keith Haring's Broome Street apartment pay tribute to the street art master.

 roadGrooved hills captured on surface of Saturn moon Titan.

 roadJamaican shopkeeper won't sell to people with HIV: "Stone responds that many Jamaicans believe that any contact, not only with someone who has HIV, but even touching something they have touched, would lead to infection."

 roadUK travel agencies want you to visit Brighton.

 roadLady Gaga and Marc Jacobs were seen spraying each other with Champagne at NYC's 1 Oak following her closing show last night.

Gosling  roadRyan Gosling takes a ride on a tube.

 roadJustin Timberlake to be feted by Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club.

 roadIowa Governor Chet Culver to declare Wednesday Gay-Straight Alliance Day in the state: "The day, organized by Iowa Pride Network seeks to honor student GSA groups in high schools and colleges that work to end violence and harassment of students including those that are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender."

 roadScientology recruiting star leaves the church: "He says the church failed to deliver the spiritual gains it promised. He also wants his money back, nearly $120,000 he says he prepaid for services never taken. A church policy says parishioners can get repayments, but if they do, they cannot come back. Eleven months ago, Anderson met with Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis to discuss his request for repayment."

News: Michael Jackson, Argentina, Jenny Durkan, Barbie, Coyotes


Rex Wockner: 8,000 volunteers working in Maine, and more needed...



Mario tries to find the right shade.


Joe Jackson on the King of Pop: "He's worth more dead than he was alive."


Schwarzenegger says "fuck you" letter was a complete (8 billion to one) coincidence.


Damn: Elton John is spry.


Gay City News interviews Kirsten Gillibrand: "a new advocate emerges..."


32 LGBT organizations issue joint statement on hate crimes passage: "This week, we call upon lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, families and allies to take this opportunity of increased media and public attention on hate crimes to educate co-workers, classmates, neighbors, family members and friends about our lives, and about why we need not only their friendship and love, but their vocal support for a more just and equal America for LGBT people."


WATCH: clip of Britney Spears' "3" music video.



First openly gay U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan begins work...


GLAAD board member dies on Atlantis vacation: "According to sources on board, Spencer Yu, a Los Angeles attorney, suffered cardiac arrest October 21 while on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, which was chartered by Atlantis for a seven-day trip along the Mexican Riviera. A medical team attempted to resuscitate Yu for 45 minutes before he was taken to a Puerto Vallarta hospital, where he showed no brain activity. Yu was later taken off of life support. "


How often do you hear of anyone being hunted down and killed by coyotes? This is terribly sad.


Inside Candis Cayne's closet.


The Keith Haring documentary Drawing the Line is broadcast on Ovation this weekend.


Perhaps the most profitable and overrated flick of all time.



Introducing, the Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll.


Argentina considers same-sex marriage: "'We can't expect social equality if the state is legitimizing inequality,' said Maria Rachid, president of Argentina's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Federation. 'We now have the social and political context necessary to change the law.' ... Rachid said more than 20 lawmakers have signed on as supporters of same-sex marriage, and they believe they have enough votes in committee for a full vote in the lower house. It would then go to the Senate."


Arjan chats with Blake Lewis.


Boston gay bashing case to go to trial: "Darren Morgan, 46, and Howard Rice, 50, are charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct and civil rights violations, said Conley. Both men will appear in Boston Municipal Court on Dec. 10. The charges are the result of an incident on June 15, according to Boston police. Morgan and Rice were on Washington Street when the victims walked towards them from a bus stop, police said. The pair allegedly began to verbally abuse the two men, targeting them on the assumption they were gay, said police."

News: Tori Spelling: Lambda Literary Awards, Fred Hochberg, PSB


Lambda Literary Awards handed out in New York.



Quincy, Massachusetts Church of the Presidents has its rainbow flag stolen for the fourth time in nine months: "The flag was stolen last August, and again last September. Two months later it was burned, and this week it was stolen yet again. It’s a symbol of the congregation’s support for equal rights for [GLBT] persons."


Candy Spelling: Tori Spelling killed my husband.


Mixner: On becoming a civil rights movement.


Get a new free Pet Shop Boys song here.


St. Petersburg, Florida vetoes unmessaged rainbow flag: "They say the flag does not meet St. Petersburg's street banner policy, which states all banners must carry a written message."


Orlando Bloom celebrates Burberry Day!


New Yorkers plan weekend rally to pressure state senator George Onorato, who continues to refuse to meet with his constitutents on same-sex marriage.


T.R. Knight done with Grey's Anatomy? Looks that way.



Mom saves the day.


British soap EastEnders to feature gay Muslim storyline.


Gay Times: Cristiano Ronaldo is the sexiest man alive.


Pennsylvania court rules in favor of an accountant whose license was revoked following a hate crime conviction: "The panel, in a 2-1 ruling, ordered the board to impose a lessor punishment on Kevin Allen Ake, who was convicted of a felony in Chicago for leaving messages on the answering machine of a lesbian he believed had him kicked out of the YMCA for trying to start a Bible program."


Fred Hochberg sworn in as 23rd president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.



Porn actors Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho get married.


Senator David Vitter does not support the Uniting American Families Act.


Once Upon a Time: A significant Keith Haring mural turned 20 this week.


7 unanswered questions in the Angie Zapata murder case.


Harrah's Casino hopes you don't boycott Nevada because of its Domestic Partner bill-vetoing governor.


Schwarzenegger parole board appointee rejected for anti-gay comments: "Douglas Drummond, a former Long Beach City Council member, had been censured by the council for voicing support of Fidel Castro's sequestering of gays in Cuba, applauding the fact that same-sex couples don't reproduce and saying about gay political activity: 'How do we deal with it short of killing them?'"

Haring's World


For your evening viewing, The Universe of Keith Haring, with Dutch subtitles,

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