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Steeler Joey Porter Blames Media for Outrage Over Gay Slur

JoeyporterJoey Porter is mad the NFL fined him for calling another player a "fag" on camera so he's blaming it on the media. He tells ESPN:

"I just don't understand how you can get a DUI or fail a drug test and nothing happens. You say something, you get fined. That just don't make any sense. You'd think if you get a DUI or something, you should get fined. If you fail a drug test, you should get fined. But for saying a word, you get fined. That's kind of backward to me. There was enough publicity about it. Y'all keep talking about it. Y'all going to make them do something. If y'all wouldn't have just kept talking about it, [the fine] wouldn't have happened. Y'all need a story so you keep talking about it. So they say, all right, let's fine him then because everybody seems to be upset about it."

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Steeler Joey Porter Slapped with $10K Fine for Gay Slur

Porter_1One week after Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter called Cleveland tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr. a "fag" in comments to media outlets following a game, the NFL has hit Porter with a $10,000 fine.

Porter "apologized" on Tuesday saying he didn't mean to offend anyone — except Winslow: "You know, that was probably a poor choice of words. So if I offended anybody, I apologize for that...I don't know ... I guess because how we used that word freely, me growing up using that word, I didn't think anything of it. Like I said, I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I didn't mean to offend anybody but Kellen Winslow."

It's the second fine this year for Porter. He was fined $15,000 earlier in the season for running at the mouth about an official during a game.

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Pittsburgh Steeler Joey Porter Calls Opponent a Fag

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter is expected to apologize for referring to Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. a "fag" following a game last Thursday night.

In a post-game interview, Porter commented on opponent Winslow: "He's a fag. He tried to dap me up before the game. He's soft though. I don't pay attention to him."

Porter was apparently miffed about a hit he had taken from Winslow during the game: "It was late. That's what fags do. He's soft. He wanna be tough but he's really soft. He tried to give me a handshake before the game. He's not my friend, he don't know me. What you trying to shake my hand for? He talk too much and he hadn't done nothing. He threw a cheap shot. He's weak. He's for real weak. He's soft. He might want to play receiver because he don't want to play tight end. He's not gonna block nobody."

During a news conference yesterday coach Bill Cowher called Porter's comments "inappropriate" but no apology has been forthcoming from Porter and the NFL has not yet laid down a fine.

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