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Kenyan PM Raila Odinga Calls for Arrests of Homosexuals


Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga called for gay people to be arrested at a rally on Sunday, the Daily Nation reports:

Addressing a rally at Kamukunji grounds in his Langata Constituency, the PM said their behaviour was unnatural.

“If found the homosexuals should be arrested and taken to relevant authorities,” Mr Odinga said.

The PM thrilled the crowd when he asserted that the recent census showed there were more women than men and there was no need for same sex relationships.

He said it was madness for a man to fall in love with another man while there were plenty of women and added that there was no need for women to engage in lesbianism yet they can bear children.

Said Odinga: "We will not tolerate such behaviours in the country. The constitution is very clear on this issue and men or women found engaging in homosexuality will not be spared

David Kuria, a prominent gay activist in Kenya, told the BBC that Odinga's were surprising:

"It was believed to be the first time he has made such comments. Mr Kuria told the BBC's Network Africa programme that he did not know why Mr Odinga made the comments. He said most African leaders who condemned homosexuals were trying to gain political leverage but he said Mr Odinga was already popular so his statement was 'surprising'. An MP in neighbouring Uganda last year tried to introduce the death penalty for some homosexual acts, sparking international condemnation. The BBC's Caroline Karobia in Nairobi says gay people are largely left alone in Kenya as long as they do not draw attention to themselves. The city is home to some well-known gay pubs, she says."

Kuria warned that gay "people will succumb to extortion, blackmail and violence" because of the remarks.

News: Wonder Woman, Eddie Long, Serbia, Kenya

 road In today's sermon, Eddie Long said that he is "not going to be pulled into a street fight" and that "In times of challenge, there are several things that come out."

Ww  road David E. Kelley plans to bring Wonder Woman back to television. Let's hope he doesn't turn Diana into an Ally McBeal-type.

 road Does this mean that Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries believes in aliens? "If a Martian sat down and watched TV for a week during this new season, he would conclude that Americans worship sex, not God, that a large segment of the population is homosexual, and that our attention spans are about three seconds."

 road 18,000 march for gay rights in Johannesburg: "We are aware of the fact that LGBT people across Africa are being arrested, their human rights are under threat and it's a growing phenomenon on the continent. South Africa having an enlightened constitution, we have a responsibility to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Africa."

 road Former Atlanta police gay liaison and intersex officer claims she's being blackballed.

Jg  road Jake Gyllenhaal gets scruffy again.

 road Civil Rights Defenders have written a letter to Serbian police about this week's gay pride parade in that country: “We welcome positive steps taken by the Serbian authorities, as well as the promises given by MUP (Serbian police). Because of all this we expect that all given promises will be put into effect.”

 road David Beckham teaches his son how to bend it.

 road 74 churches in Kenyan have complained to that country's president after Cabinet Minister Esther Murugi voiced her support for the gay community: “We have observed Hon Murugi Transforming herself to becoming a trouble shooter and one who makes statements focused on demeaning and antagonizing the faith community in Kenya."

 road Facebook helped The A List's Mike Ruiz get his job on the show.

 road Cathy the comic strip utters its final "ack."

Watch: CNN Covers Gay Rights in Cuba, South Africa, the UK, India, Germany, and Kenya


CNN takes a quick survey of several countries around the world — Cuba, South Africa, the UK, India, Germany, and Kenya — and where they stand on gay rights issues. 


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News: Elton John, South Korea, Desmond Tutu, Call Bear

 roadNut arrested for death threats against Elton John. Threat video.

 roadAIDS clinic, gay leader targeted in Kenya: "The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) clinic had been threatened with attack on Christian radio station Baraka FM with a closure deadline of today, 12 March. Their broadcasts said: 'homosexuals are not human beings and should be treated as such'."

Tutu  roadArchbishop Desmond Tutu in the Washington Post: "Hate has no place in the house of God. No one should be excluded from our love, our compassion or our concern because of race or gender, faith or ethnicity -- or because of their sexual orientation. Nor should anyone be excluded from health care on any of these grounds."

 roadWay better than the Twilight: Eclipse trailer.

 roadRoverta Boen, opened first gay bar in northeast Florida, dies.

 roadFormer Marilyn Musgrave staffer now a gay rights supporter.

 roadConfessions of a Las Vegas Call Bear: "So, yes: I'm a Las Vegas call bear. But don't be fooled into assuming that all my clients come from the world of the bears. Far from it. The men who hire me run the gamut from 18-year-olds who want their first male-male experience to be with a man who knows what he's doing to men in their 80s who just want to be held by a lumberjack type for an hour. They might be fat, they might be average, or they might have bodies so perfectly sculpted they should be underwear models."

Satc2  road New promo photos for Sex and the City 2.

 roadHeeeeere's Johnny: Best cuckoo clock ever.

 roadDisney refuses to add "ex-gays" to its anti-discrimination policies: "Greg Quinlan, director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), presented the resolution at the recent annual shareholders meeting in San Antonio. But he explains that Disney board chairman John E. Pepper 'responded in saying that the current policies were very inclusive and were very broad and that they could not lift every possible nuance to come.'"

 roadThe Absolut Hunk is now the Charisma Bath Towels Hunk.

 road'Shades of Yellow': The first Hmong LGBT support group in the world.

 roadTracy Young coy about relationship with Kim Zolciak: "I’m not at liberty to say all the personal details, but we have a lot of similarities and a very strong connection. She’s a great friend and I adore her, but it’s kind of complicated."

Msross  roadShe's coming out: Diana Ross announces North American concert tour dates.

 roadGay servicemembers have a hang-out in South Korea: "This cluster of trendy bars, with names like 'Queen' and 'Always Homme,' is a 10-minute walk from Yongsan Garrison, the U.S. military’s flagship base in South Korea. The Hill is one of the few places gay and lesbian U.S. servicemembers can be somewhat open about their sexuality while stationed in the country."

 roadAdam Lambert to release make-up line?

 roadGLAAD President Jarrett Barrios speaks out against cancellation of gay storyline on One Life to Live: “Last summer, One Life to Live brought a ground-breaking relationship into the homes of millions with Kyle and Fish’s story, one that built acceptance and understanding of gay people,. While we understand that the close of storylines is a frequent occurrence on daytime dramas, canceling this story just as it gains momentum is a step backward in ABC Daytime’s representation of the lives of gay Americans.”

News: Wolverine, Alexander McQueen, Bullying, Evan Lysacek, Salt

 roadSF LGBT Center makes $1 million SOS request to city.

 roadUganda "kill the gays" bill to be featured on Nightline tonight.

Wolverine roadThe first wolverine caught on camera in California in 90 years was caught humping a tree.

 roadNYC to prohibit use of salt by restaurants?

 roadRep. Stephen Lynch praised for "hands-off" approach to oversight of D.C. marriage equality: “Stephen Lynch is a wonderful example of a legislator who has evolved,’’ said Arline Isaacson, cochairwoman of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, which endorsed one of Lynch’s opponents in his first campaign. “It makes a huge difference to have a legislator who comes from such a conservative background be on our side.’’

 roadThe Montana brothers, Nick and Nate, hit the beach.

 roadWho had the "first same-sex marriage" in D.C. (and does it matter?): "But while the three weddings at the HRC building drew most of the media spotlight, two other same-sex weddings Tuesday morning held at the D.C. Superior Court building are believed to have been the first such marriages to take place under the city’s Religious Freedom & Marriage Equality Amendment Act."

 roadEvan Lysacek discusses his lightning bolt shoulder pads.

Bully  roadTen-year-old UK boy put on "hate register" at school for calling fellow student "gay boy". Mum: “He doesn’t even understand about the birds and the bees, so how can he be homophobic?”

 roadMassachusetts Senate to debate broad anti-bullying bill.

 roadAnti-gay City Council candidate in San Diego Lorie Zapf poses threat.

 roadObama and Chief Justice John Roberts in war of words.

 roadGrindr competitor West Fourth launches. Co-founder Eric Silverberg: "Let's face it -- every other gay social site, mobile or not, is trashy. West Fourth is the first site that I wouldn't be embarrassed to admit I'd met my boyfriend on."

 roadReichen Lehmkuhl to act off-Broadway in My Big Gay Italian Wedding.

 roadOUT magazine a finalist in 2010 ASME National Magazine Awards for 'Out 100' portfolio.

Mcqueen roadAlexander McQueen's final collection.

 roadSpartacus star suffering from non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

 roadChristian radio station in Mombasa, Kenya continuing to broadcast threats against gays.

 roadGay couples find surrogate mothers in India.

 roadYes Men: Group plays anti-gay hoax on Utah. "A phantom blog posting and Facebook page announced that a group called "Patriots for a Moral Utah" were holding a press conference to unveil a resolution that would call for the removal or relocation of all gay people in Utah."

 roadGay powerlifter Chris Morgan wins British Deadlift Championships.

 roadPope's brother abused kids.

 roadUtah's second-largest city to consider LGBT discrimination protections? "On Tuesday, the West Valley City Council plans to discuss whether it ought to adopt ordinances similar to those passed with unanimous support -- and a rare LDS Church endorsement -- in Salt Lake City last fall. Freshman Mayor Mike Winder urged the council, during a planning retreat in January, to take up the issue in 2010."

Watch: Video of Anti-Gay Mobs in Kenya and Malawi


Last week I posted about the arrests of gay men in Kenya and the bloodthirsty mobs that called for them to be burned. Here's a news report with some very frightening video footage of those mobs, as well as the mobs that have been taunting Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga in Malawi.

In the screenshot above, a man clings to a building as police drag him outside where the mob waits. In another shot, the Malawi couple are hurried away in the back of a lorry.


The NYT reports that the recent attempts at marriage in Kenya and Malawi have stirred fears that a "homosexual agenda" is being imported from the West:

"Much of Malawi is riveted by the case. This is not just a matter of the state versus a same-sex couple; many here believe it is a matter of Malawi against the developed world. How else, they ask, could 'gayism' have crept into a place where it never before existed? 'These immoral acts are not in our culture; they are coming from outside,' said Leckford Thotho, the minister of information and civic affairs. 'Otherwise, why is there all this interest from around the world? Why is money being sent?' The clergy, especially, has accused foreigners of infecting Malawi with sexual Satanism. The Rev. Zacc Kawalala, the leader of the Word Alive Ministry and a member of the national human rights commission, said: 'The West has its gay agenda. It wants to look at Africa and say, ‘If you don’t accept homosexuality, you are primitive.’ But we’re not as wicked as the West.'"

More likely it is the American evangelists who have come to Africa to stoke and encourage this hatred against gays, an enemy perhaps many of these people didn't know they had until they were taught it by their Anglican pastors.

Watch the clips, AFTER THE JUMP...


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