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Westboro Baptist Church To Picket 'The Laramie Project." Again.

Fred Phelps and the rest of his band of wacky members from the Westboro Baptist Church plan to show up at the Lake Tahoe Community College in California later this month to protest a production of “The Laramie Project." The Church notes the planned protest on it's Website and refers to the play, which they have picketed countless times before, as a "god-awful pail of pig slop." The school is preparing for the group's arrival and even the local police are offering this advice to those who get offended by their protests: "Don't get physical with them, period. If they create a disturbance and we're not there, call us.”

An Associated Student Council member of the school adds: “Every time I hear about someone protesting their protest, I don't encourage that because it stoops down to their level. The best way to get back at them is have many people show up and not say anything but walk in with their heads held high.”

One interesting (and sad) thing of note: the Westboro Baptist Church has participated in 42,821 hateful demonstrations times since 1991.

News: Gay Spring Break, Morrissey, Peru, Princess Diana

road.jpg American Family Association unleashes attack dogs on Sears for running pro-gay ad on LOGO.

Welchroad.jpg Guys Gone Wild: Gay Spring Break to get official welcome in Key West. Photo from Nathaniel Welch's Spring Broke available in our gift store...

road.jpg USA was bugging Diana's phone on the night of her death, according to a report by former Metropolitan police commissioner Lord Stevens: "In a move that raises fresh questions over transatlantic agreements on intelligence-sharing, the surveillance arm of the US has admitted listening to her conversations as she stayed at the Ritz hotel, but failed to notify MI6. Stevens is understood to have been assured that the 39 classified documents detailing Diana's final conversations did not reveal anything sinister or contain material that might help explain her death."

road.jpg University of Vermont suspends fraternity for anti-gay hazing: "Phi Gamma Delta is accused of serving drinks to underage students and making prospective members wear cowboy outfits while they were taunted with homophobic language during a party that had a theme based on the gay-themed movie 'Brokeback Mountain'."

Morrissey_3road.jpg Morrissey can still pack em in at Wembley.

road.jpg Peru sees first same-sex union under auspices of British embassy: "Although the legal union between two adults of the same sex is not permitted in Peru, the couple was able to legally validate their partnership under British law. Peter Goad, a British citizen, and Marco Bretoneche, his Peruvian partner, both 42 years old, were wed last Thursday according to Mhol. 'Let this marriage serve as a precedent to Peru and let our union be recognized under the eyes of Peruvian law. We have the right to happiness, respect, and legal equality,' stated Bretoneche in a statement released by Mhol."

road.jpg Lake Tahoe wants to see gays on the slopes, money in the bank.


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