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Larry Craig Men's Room Losing Appeal as Tourist Destination


Earlier this month, Larry Craig lost his appeal in the Minneapolis men's room sex sting case, and now it appears that the transportation tearoom where it all took place is suffering the same fate:

"'We're getting there,' said Patrick Hogan, director of public affairs for the Metropolitan Airports Commission. 'I think we'll all be glad when there's no special interest in that restroom.' ... One person had offered to buy the restroom stall for $5,000, Hogan said, but airport officials 'don't sell fixtures for novelty purposes.' Though tourist interest has withered, the surge of publicity from Craig's arrest helped end the type of activity in the restroom that had prompted lewd-conduct complaints, he said. Plans to modify the restroom to prevent occupants from passing signals were scrapped because complaints dropped."

Photo above from this blogger's tourist visit last Christmas.

And, the best Larry Craig quote of 2008, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Larry Craig Loses Appeal in Men's Room Sex Sting Case


First Florida's Bob Allen, now Larry Craig. The courts aren't giving these guys any bathroom breaks.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled today that Idaho Senator Larry Craig cannot withdraw his guilty plea in the disorderly conduct conviction surrounding his solicitation of an undercover cop for sex in the Minneapolis airport men's room.

The Minnesota Independent reports:

"That means Craig is stuck with having copped in District Court to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for allegedly signaling an interest in engaging in sex via foot taps from one restroom stall to another in which a undercover police officer was staked out. The decision’s 'unpublished' status means the court doesn’t want their ruling used as precedent in future cases — interesting, in view of charges that Craig sought special treatment or was being singled out for preferential or especially harsh treatment because of his status as a U.S. Senator."

Larry Craig issued a statement: "I am extremely disappointed by the action of the Minnesota Court of Appeals. I disagree with their conclusion and remain steadfast in my belief that nothing criminal or improper occurred at the Minneapolis airport. I maintain my innocence, and currently my attorneys and I are reviewing the decision and looking into the possibility of appealing. I would like to thank all of those who have continued to support me and my family throughout this difficult time."

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News: Montana, Hugh Jackman, Parasites, Ig Nobels, Tuna

road.jpg Montana woman files appeal over historic Montana same-sex partner custody ruling.

Tunaroad.jpg Where did Charlie go when he was young? Tuna kindergarten.

road.jpg Interested in what Shrek the Musical sounds like? Download a free tune.

road.jpg Gold-winning gay Aussie Olympian hires "the man who helped turn Ian Thorpe into a multimillionaire, David Flaskas, to manage his career away from the dive towers." Mitcham has yet to score a major sponsorship - is homophobia to blame?

road.jpg Canadian candidate who told a high school assembly gays should be executed is banned from future debates.

road.jpg Senator Larry Craig gives farewell speech to empty chamber. Crapper goes unmentioned in colleague Mike Crapo's good-bye lauding the accomplishments of his retiring colleague : "It has been a privilege for me to serve with Senator Craig during my time in Congress. My wife, Susan, and I wish him and his wife, Suzanne, well as they begin a new chapter in their lives."

road.jpg Police looking into violent gay bashing outside club in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: "The victim was treated in hospital. Shortly afterwards a man appeared at hospital with injuries to his hand. Police say the man bragged about his assault at the Embassy Club."

Jackmanroad.jpg Hugh Jackman lookin' spiffy.

road.jpg Catholic churches in Michigan town of Hamtramck urge voters to reject town's anti-discrimination that includes protections for sexual orientation: "We have to keep the morals and have the regular families and bring up children according to God's law. Keep it the way it was from the beginning."

road.jpg Equality Maryland to honor transgender model Isis.

Parasitesroad.jpg Alien parasites killing sharks off the coast of Oregon. Damn, those things look nasty.

road.jpg I'm very sorry to report the passing of Rupert, the cutest deer ever.

road.jpg Facebook censors gay men's retailer Priape: "Michael Ain, Priape's director of marketing and sales, says Facebook is treating Priape differently than it does similar pages aimed at heterosexual audiences."

road.jpg Duke University to host Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson: "Janie Long, director of the Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Life-which organized Robinson's visit-said she hoped his appearance would help to open a campus conversation on faith and identity. 'This is something that I deal with with students quite frequently,' she said. 'And because I very much want students from all kinds of faith backgrounds-it's not students that are Christians, it's really all faith backgrounds-it's a chance for those students to be exposed to someone who I think is really an excellent role model in terms of balancing different parts of identity.'"

road.jpg Madonna and A-Rod reportedly dine together in NYC.

Dartmouthroad.jpg Out Dartmouth runner Jamal Brown shares his experiences as an openly gay college athlete.

road.jpg There are two out gay men on this season's Top Chefmeet them.

road.jpg Broadway's Hairspray to close.

road.jpg Annual Ig Nobel Prizes awarded.

road.jpg CBS in trouble for Survivor peen moment that nobody saw.

road.jpg A new comedy TV series based on the childhood memoirs of Simon Doonan by the writer of Beautiful Thing comes to the BBC: "This glittering and hilarious series delves inside Simon's youthful memories and his desire to escape suburban Reading and live amongst the 'beautiful people' - from his perspective as a window dresser in a New York department store."

road.jpg CDC: 1 in 5 unaware they are infected with HIV.

road.jpg Building in Bangkok's gay area collapses: "The collapse happened on Tuesday in Bangkok's Silom Soi 4 at around 4pm local time (10pm NZ time), when the Soi is largely unattended. There are no reports of fatalities or injuries. The four-story building, currently under renovation and operating as Roxy Club, partially fell to the ground, crushing motorcyles and furniture, leaving the street covered in large pieces of concrete and other debris."

Senator Larry Craig to Tap 'Fund for Justice' to Clear His Name


Senator Larry "not gay" Craig will never give up.

After receiving a "Public Letter of Admonition" from the Senate Ethics Committee in February for using leftover campaign funds to finance the quest to have his guilty plea overturned in the Minneapolis airport gay sex sting case, Craig began the formation of a fund to replace it.

The Idaho Statesman reports: "Sen. Larry Craig says the Senate Ethics Committee has cleared him to form a legal expense fund to back his year-long effort to reverse his guilty plea for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Craig calls the new fundraising committee the Fund for Justice, according to Congressional Quarterly. Craig told CQ on Thursday that he's soliciting donations. 'I'm working at it now,' said the Idaho Republican who is retiring in January after 28 years in Congress."

Craig is required to file a public report disclosing activity, including names of contributors, to the fund in mid-October.

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Larry Craig Men's Room Sex Case Back in Court Today


Arguments are to be heard today in court in St. Paul, Minnesota regarding the appeal of U.S. Senator Larry Craig's disorderly conduct conviction surrounding his solicitation of an undercover cop for sex in an airport bathroom, the Star Tribune reports:

"The case will be heard in St. Paul by Court of Appeals Judges Thomas Kalitowski, Natalie Hudson and Louise Bjorkman. The judges generally take cases under advisement and issue written rulings within weeks. Craig is asking to withdraw his guilty plea in the case stemming from his arrest in the summer of 2007 in a men's room at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Hennepin County District Judge Charles Porter already has rejected Craig's request to withdraw the plea."

Wonder how Craig's tell-all book is coming?

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road.jpg Civics Quiz — Ted Stevens vs Larry Craig: "In Congress which is worse: being corrupt or being gay? Time is up. Pencils down. If you answered being gay, you've been paying attention, class. Of the 10 Commandments, it is much better to break the one about stealing than the one about sex."

Shoes_2road.jpg John McCain's $520 Ferragamo shoes. The Nation's Christopher Hayes: "If I were a right-wing blogger, and I found out that Barack Obama was wearing Ferragamo loafers that cost $520, I would spend about 50% of my waking hours making sure everyone knew this. I would mock him for being an out-of-touch elitist and make jokes like, 'If you think that’s a lot, you should see how much his purse costs!' I would send the link to Drudge and wait for Instapundit to pick it up, and then watch gleefully as Fox News ran segments about how Barack Obama’s $500 loafers vitiate his entire economic platform."

Candy_2road.jpg Guy Ritchie says Hard Candy worse than cocaine: "Sugar kills. Think of the calories in sugar. Fat kills more people than anything else. Sugar is responsible for a lot of deaths, arguably more than crack cocaine."

road.jpg Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blames West for AIDS.

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Purpletieroad.jpg NYT: Purple ties may be the new neutral but what about lavender pants?.

road.jpg Catfights underway on Sex and the City sequel.

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road.jpg Booted from Facebook, makers of Scrabulous launch new 'Wordscraper' game: "Developers Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla launched Wordscraper worldwide less than 48 hours after being forced to take their original creation, Scrabulous, offline in the US and Canada in response to a lawsuit from Hasbro. The brothers voluntarily closed Scrabulous to North American users on Tuesday following a claim of intellectual property infringement by games manufacturer Hasbro, which owns the online rights in the US and Canada. They have now launched Wordscraper, with significant changes to make the game less like Scrabble."

Xtinaroad.jpg Christina Aguilera hairdo scares the pants off someone.

road.jpg British men banned from football grounds over homophobic chanting.

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road.jpg HORROR: One man beheads another on Greyhound bus in Canada.

road.jpg Barney Frank wants an end to arrests for marijuana possession: "The vast amount of human activity ought to be none of the government's business. I don't think it is the government's business to tell you how to spend your leisure time."

road.jpg Simon Lee, musical supervisor of the upcoming Toronto production of The Sound of Music fired after alleged assault and imprisonment of 24-year-old man at hotel: "Simon is a very talented person who is extremely important to us. However, on this occasion we felt it was necessary to seek the termination of his engagement on The Sound of Music in Toronto. The alleged events are subject to legal proceedings and, therefore, we can't comment further."


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