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road.jpg Who murdered Robert Wone?

Depressionroad.jpg As recession thrives in NYC, so does gay nightlife.

road.jpg Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick live in filth.

road.jpg Defamation suit brought by Obama accuser Larry Sinclair against three people who anonymously criticized him on the internet is dismissed.

road.jpg Michigan TV station debates airing anti-gay Christian infomercial: "A controversial one-hour paid program on the 'radical homosexual agenda' scheduled for WOOD-TV is delayed for the second time as partisans on both sides debate its merit. Opponents decry it as verging on hate speech, as they press WOOD-TV officials to cancel a special funded by the American Family Association. But backers are just as passionate in their belief it should air, adding heat to an issue that has long divided West Michigan."

road.jpg Sirius XM to file for bankruptcy?

road.jpg Shark attacks Navy diver in Sydney Harbor, leaves him with severe injuries: "Paramedics said they went to Woolloomooloo Bay about 6.50am after someone reported a man had been bitten by a shark. They arrived to find the man, a diver with the navy, with severe right hand and leg injuries, an ambulance spokesman said. The man's leg injuries extended from his buttocks down to his knee, he said."

road.jpg Britney Spears rocks 50's look for "If U Seek Amy" video.

Jackmanroad.jpg Hugh Jackman ready for his Oscar close-up.

road.jpg Madonna and Demi Moore to co-host second post-Oscar bash at Guy Oseary home.

road.jpg Texans spent $1.4 million on Prop 8: "Texans spent more on the fight over same-sex marriage in California last year than they did in their home state in 2005, according to campaign filings released last week. And more than three-fourths of the money from Texas went to groups supporting Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage that was approved by voters in November. The campaign filings from the California secretary of state cover the period from Jan. 1, 2007 through Dec. 31, 2008."

road.jpg Lily Allen's "Fear" remixed.

road.jpg After paper's inquiry, Portland Mayor Sam Adams' staff reopens old website that was live when Adams first met Beau Breedlove: "The public could again see Adams' 2007 open letter in which he denied having sex with...Breedlove. Blogs and others linked to that letter after Adams acknowledged in January that he had lied about his relationship with Breedlove, nearly 24 years his junior."

road.jpg Katy Perry in a washboard ab sandwich.

road.jpg Billy Joel and Elton John to play Chicago's Wrigley Field, together: "The singer-songwriters will perform duets playing twin pianos and trading vocals. Each will play a set with his own band, followed by both bands joining for a finale."

road.jpg A pecker for your pecker.

Tornadoroad.jpg Why does God hate Sally Kern?

road.jpg Waynesboro, Pennsylvania school board votes 6-3 in favor of gay-straight alliance: "The decision was made Tuesday night before dozens of members of the community who came out to voice their opinions on the club. The school board voted six to three in favor of the club. Five of the members who voted 'Yes' cited the law as their reason why. The American Civil Liberties Union had written a letter to the board saying based on the Equal Access Act of 1984 they had to approve the Gay-Straight Alliance. The Equal Access Act states that if the school allows any non-curricular group whose purpose is not related to the school's curriculum that cannot deny that access to another group. More than a dozen community members addressed the school board. The majority of them were against the club's formation."

News: Ian McKellen, Cher, The Onion, Larry Sinclair, Gay Androids

road.jpg Supreme Court rules in favor of right to bear arms.

Mckellenroad.jpg Sir Ian McKellen made a Companion of Honour by the Queen.

road.jpg Cher has a stalker who tried to grab her by the wrist in Nashville.

road.jpg Obama-accuser Larry Sinclair, who was arrested last week when his criminal record caught up with him following an appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., is being defended by some as a "political prisoner".

road.jpg Remember Britain's Got Talent's angelic bullied choirboy Andrew Johnston? He didn't win, but he did just get a £1 million deal with Simon Cowell's record label.

road.jpg Houston-area homes and vehicles targeted by spray paint vandals using racial and homophobic slurs: "Fort Bend County Sheriff's detectives are investigating more than a dozen incidents of theft and vandalism involving racist and obscene words spray painted on homes and vehicles. The incidents were reported about 7:30 a.m. Sunday in the New Territory development, said sheriff's spokeswoman Terriann Carlson. 'It appears that white spray paint was used on all of the vehicles and the residences and racial and derogatory slurs such as the swastika symbol, and male body parts,' Carlson said. The slurs also targeted homosexuals, she said."

Transgenderhearingsroad.jpg HRC President Joe Solmonese on the first congressional hearings to educate members about gender identity issues. More on the hearings from Pam.

road.jpg International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: HIV/AIDS infection rates for drug users, prostitutes and gay men around the globe are on the rise. "'HIV is a long-term and complex disaster on many levels ... For marginalized groups across the world — injecting drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men — rates are on the increase,' said the Geneva-based humanitarian agency. Those groups, living on the fringes of society in many countries and especially in the developing world, 'often face stigma, criminalization and little, if any, access to prevention and treatment services,' it added."

Tararoad.jpg West Hollywood's historic 'Tara' mansion may get new life as a same-sex wedding location.

road.jpg The Onion celebrates Gay Pride.

road.jpg Lesbians in Vancouver claim comedian crossed homophobic line during routine: "Ms. Pardy alleges that she and her same-sex partner were subjected to a tirade of homophobic and sexist comments by Mr. Earle. Mr. Earle denies that he discriminated, while admitting that his interactions with Ms. Pardy and her partner were heated."

road.jpg A Cristiano Ronaldo fix for you.

Quinceroad.jpg 18-year-old gay Boston drop-out Alex Quince triumphs with perfect score on the GED reading test: "A quiet teenager making A's and B's, he ran away from home, dropped out of school, and tried everything from marijuana to heroin. He struggled with his sexual orientation. When his mother called his cellphone, sick with worry, he responded with a text message. 'I'm gay,' it said. 'I'm not coming home.'"

road.jpg Hugh Jackman has left the beaches of Sydney and is now stunning onlookers in St. Tropez.

road.jpg Does everyone in the world have a sex tape?

road.jpg A police force of 2,000 guarded today's gay pride parade in Jerusalem. If numbers are correct, that's one officer for every person who took part.

road.jpg Gays in Oregon question commitment of Senator Gordon Smith. HRC's David M. Smith: "Our view of Gordon Smith is, he has been a leader on a number of our issues. His record is strong and he is very clear about it, and we appreciate everything he's done and continues to do. [But] we will not be endorsing him."

road.jpg With Wall-E on the verge of release, Radar posts a brief history of gay androids.

road.jpg ABC: Barack and Michelle Obama putting mark on the fashion world.

Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Arrested After DC Press Conference


Earlier today I posted about a press conference that Larry Sinclair was holding at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. as well as his prior criminal record, which had been unearthed by the website Politico.

Sinclair2At the end of today's press conference, some of which I've posted AFTER THE JUMP, Sinclair apparently rushed out of the room without taking any more questions. Turns out, the police were there to arrest him:

"Sinclair was arrested by DC Police after 2 US Marshalls showed up and presented a warrant from the State of Delaware for Sinclair’s arrest. Montgomery Blair Sibley, who’s had his law license suspended by the District of Columbia and Florida, and who was previously Sinclair’s attorney, reviewed the warrant and then Sinclair was led away.] Speculation is that the arrest stemmed from a Delaware warrant, although there is also an outstanding felony warrant out for Sinclair from the Pueblo County (CO) Sheriff’s Department."

More at Reason, DailyKos, and Politico.

And AmericaBlog wonders if there is a McCain connection?

A clip of the press conference, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Criminal with Seedy Obama Claims Takes Stage in D.C.


You may remember Larry Sinclair, the limo-riding Obama accuser whose YouTube video got some attention a while back for its claims about the then Illinois lawmaker, as well as his subsequent attempts to prove he was telling the truth (he failed).

The National Press Club is giving him a platform today in Washington, D.C., reports Politico, which today also reports on Sinclair's mile-long rap sheet:

"Public records and court filings reveal that he has a 27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit. The record includes forgery charges in two states, one of which drew Sinclair a 16-year jail sentence. The Pueblo County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office also has an outstanding warrant for Sinclair's arrest for forging an acquaintance's signature and stealing her tax refunds. 'It is what it is,' said Sinclair's spokesman, Montgomery Blair Sibley, of his client's criminal record. 'He's not hiding from it, he's not denying it.'"

As far as the Press Club goes, "Press Club President Sylvia Smith said Sinclair had rented space at the club, which doesn't censor speakers. 'I'm not aware that we've ever turned anybody away for content,' she said, adding that Sinclair's allegations 'don't seem very credible.'"

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News: Eric Bana, Puddle, Steve-O, 90210, John Gibson, Jamaica

road.jpg International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association condemns Jamaica: “We call immediately on Jamaica’s community leaders to cease their oppression. We will continue to speak up and to spotlight these cruel and bigoted actions before tourism and business leaders everywhere. IGLTA is in complete solidarity with Jamaica’s own LGBT leadership, J-FLAG. Therefore, like J-flag, it is not our intention to provoke reprisals or political condemnation in Jamaica by supporting a global tourism boycott. We understand this step could be counter-productive to making true progress in that Caribbean nation, and instead we will focus on education, publicity and market competition to highlight and help curb these terrible abuses."

Puddleroad.jpg A sweet little blog about a puddle.

road.jpg Steve-O from Jackass has really gone off the deep end.

road.jpg John Gibson, the FOX radio host who mocked Heath Ledger following the actor's death, has lost his TV spot: "The network confirmed this week that 'America’s Election HQ,' a program that displaced 'The Big Story' temporarily last month, would continue indefinitely. The program’s hosts, Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly, also anchor the network’s mid-morning newscast and are seen as rising stars on the channel. The change was first reported by the blog John Gibson, the longtime host of 'The Big Story,' will continue to have a role on television, the network said, although it appears that his future for now lies mostly on radio. For two years Mr. Gibson, a conservative commentator, has been the host of a three-hour program for Fox News Radio immediately following his television show."

Planetroad.jpg The case for another Earth-sized planet in our solar system, beyond the orbit of Neptune: "A newly released paper shows that may very well be the case. A team of scientists ran a whole mess of simulations, and found that a small planet (in this case, around half the size of the Earth) could have formed inside Neptune’s orbit (where there was plenty of material in the early solar system), gotten tossed into a bigger orbit by Neptune, and then knocked around the orbits of the iceballs, distorting their orbits and creating the Kuiper Cliff."

road.jpg Noosa mayor rejects claims that his town is the "gay capital" of Australia: "Let me answer the question Joe, let me answer the question, I am not the champion of the gay capital of Australia. Noosa is not the gay capital of Australia. Noosa gets many gay visitors after the mardi gras, they are welcome like every other Australian, Joe. I am not a bigot and I am not closed of mind."

road.jpg Tom Brady and Eli Manning: no hard feelings.

road.jpg Obama oral sex and drugs accuser Larry Sinclair files $3 million defamation lawsuit against TubeSockTedD, mzmolly and OWNINGLIARS for calling him a liar.

road.jpg Spin off of Beverly Hills 90210 in development.

Militaryroad.jpg A whole bunch of photography firsts.

road.jpg has launched Obama in 30 Seconds, a contest for supporters interested in producing their own ads for the candidate: "We're counting on you to make amazing ads in the next three weeks. Then, MoveOn members and the public will rate the ads, and a panel of top artists, netroots heroes, and filmmaking professionals will pick the winner from among top ads. We'll air the winning ad nationally, and the winner will receive a gift certificate for $20,000 in video equipment." MoveOn has collected a gaggle of celebrities to judge the spots, including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Legend, Moby, James Schamus, Rory Kennedy, and Michael Franti.

road.jpg Eric Bana is the king of codpieces.

road.jpg The tale of Spitzer's call girl Kristen.

road.jpg Northern Irish councillor calls opening of gay bar 'foolish': "A veteran Strabane councillor has said he believes there is 'not a need' for a gay bar in the town. James O'Kane, an Independent member of Strabane District Council, claimed it would be 'very foolish.' The North West gay community has widely welcomed the annoucement of Strabane's first gay bar. However, speaking to the 'Journal,' Councillor O'Kane said: 'My own assumption is that it would be very very foolish to open it, it wouldn't be welcome. I'm a pioneer myself so I would not be frequenting these places anyway but I couldn't see it operating in the town. In this day and age we are all liberal but I can't see a need for it, I suppose only time will tell,' Colr. O'Kane said."


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