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Jurors Say Brandon McInerney Deserves Leniency Because Larry King was the Bully

More jurors from the Brandon McInerney trial are speaking out with one saying McInerney got "a raw deal".

Kingmcinerney The L.A. Times adds:

One juror, identified only as Lisa S. because she did not want her whole name used, said many jurors came to believe that King was bullying McInerney by making unwanted sexual advances.

"This wasn't about him being gay,'' she said. "This was about bullying. There was a ton of evidence that Larry was acting inappropriately with other kids at school, and they didn't do anything to stop him."

As for the new case, she added: "It was overcharged and an abuse of power, and I don't think a new jury will see it any different."

I'd say getting shot in the head point-blank and killed by your classmate is a "raw deal" but that's just mho.

Brandon McInerney to Be Retried for Murder; Hate Crime Dropped


Brandon McInerney will be tried for the murder of his gay classmate Lawrence King, prosecutors announced today. McInerney will again be tried as an adult, the AP reports:

The decision was announced Wednesday in Ventura County Superior Court and Judge Charles Campbell set a Nov. 21 trial date for defendant Brandon McInerney. Campbell declared a mistrial last month after jurors couldn't agree on the degree of McInerney's guilt for killing 15-year-old Larry King. McInerney was 14 at the time of the shooting in a classroom at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard. Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox says McInerney will be tried again as an adult."

The hate crime charge has been dropped.

A group of jurors in the mistrial told Nightline in an interview aired last night that they believed McInerney should never have been tried as an adult. None of those interviewed were convinced it was a hate crime.

'Nightline' on the Lawrence King - Brandon McInerney Case: VIDEO


Nightline covers the murder case of Lawrence King and the trial of Brandon McInerney. The jury and McInerney's mother speak to Juju Chang in Nightline's Crime and Punishment series.


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Brandon McInerney Trial Jurors Speak Out About the Mistrial: VIDEO


Two jurors in the trial of Brandon McInerney, charged with the murder of gay teen Lawrence King, discuss the deliberations over the case, which ended in a mistrial.

Said Karen McElhaney: "I saw a very damaged young man. I saw I think he is a very intelligent young man and I think he would give anything to take that day back...Yes he knows right from wrong but he was only fourteen. His coping skills... 14-year-olds especially young men are not known for their good decision making...It's very emotional. A child died. Another one... his life is over basically. Let's face it. It's such a horrible thing, especially with all the evidence testimony, it could have been prevented thats the worst part."


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Brandon McInerney's Team Speaks About the Mistrial: VIDEO


L.A.'s local news station KTLA heard from Brandon McInerney's team after the jury was unable to reach a verdict in his murder trial, leading to the shocking mistrial we reported on yesterday.


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