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Zac Efron Jumps for GQ


Fresh from having his toes nibbled by Jason Sudeikis, Zac Efron continues his promotional blitz with a visit to the cover of GQ and this inside shot of the actor as a shirtless flag.

The profile touches briefly on how High School Musical exists in the closet:

"And the weird thing is that this, basically, ironically, is the plot of the movie that made Efron who he is today. High School Musical is about a young man struggling to choose between high school sports and the temptation of musical theater, and finding the courage to do something his buddies think is totally gay, except it’s a Disney movie and therefore it takes place in a universe where being gay does not exist, so Troy’s buddies just say things like 'You ever think LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal auditioned for their school musical?'

“'It was the worst possible thing you could do in high school,' Efron agrees. 'Kids who are in musical theater tend to be self-confident in a quirky kind of way, and when kids who are really self-conscious see somebody doing that kind of thing, they try to bring them down. I used to do random things, man. When I was a kid? I dyed my hair silver, to look like SisQó in the 'Thong Song' video. I just didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t care.'”

Cover image, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Kay Hagan, UFO, Sean Hayes, Sex Education, Diddy

road.jpg The Human Rights Campaign has released its annual scorecard, measuring support for equality in the 110th Congress.

Phelpsroad.jpg Michael Phelps to get his own reality show?

road.jpg Backstage war on The View over Elisabeth Hasselbeck's pro-McCain T-shirt: "If you do that again I will burn you down."

road.jpg Researcher: HIV can lie dormant in a single cell.

road.jpg Diddy goes "Black on Black" for L'Uomo Vogue.

road.jpg After uproar over Roger Ebert's review of gay indie film Tru Loved (because he wrote it after only watching 8 minutes of it), Ebert goes back and reviews the whole thing: "A good number of my blog commenters pointed out that I picked on a small indie film. They are right, and I wish I hadn't. I discuss this in the new blog entry posted today, 'Definitely read me second!' Here I want to observe that it's a miracle any film gets made. Millions of tiny pieces have to come together. It takes courage and resolve to pull it off, especially on a limited budget. Stewart Wade, the writer and director of 'Tru Loved,' has achieved that miracle. Attention must be paid."

road.jpg Filming to commence on Big Gay Musical.

Haganmailerroad.jpg Anti-gay offensive launched against North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan by NC Republican Party: "A new mailer in support of incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole claims that Hagan's agenda, with the help of 'liberal judges,' will be to advance a 'radical homosexual agenda' which includes same-sex marriage, removing 'Under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance, and forcing the Boy Scouts to accept gay and atheist troop leaders."

road.jpg Sean Hayes and Anne Hathaway hold secret reading, may be headed to Broadway in a revival of Promises, Promises: "Craig Zadan and Neil Meron opened the reading by introducing their producing partners John Gore and Beth Williams (Broadway Across America) and Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Assuming the show moves forward, this will be Zadan and Meron's Broadway producing debut after making the hit movies of Chicago and Hairspray. The production will also be a re-teaming with the infamous Weinsteins after they all worked together on Chicago during the Miramax days...We're told that Hayes and Hathaway stunned the audience with their performances (both singing and acting) and that they garnered many huge and consistent laughs throughout--as well as a few tears."

Pinkcloudroad.jpg Tabloid: Pink cloud baffles Londoners.

road.jpg UFOs over Turkey!

road.jpg Yeti footprints!

road.jpg Ugliness on the set of Ugly Betty.

road.jpg Gay former Vallejo Councilman Gary Cloutier talks to high school students a year after his failed mayoral bid: "Cloutier, who delved into local politics in 1999, said he's always embraced his sexual orientation in office, but said that never defined him as a politician. He also criticized the media for paying too much attention during the mayoral campaign to his gay identity and Davis' race. The contest was often framed by some news media as a first for Vallejo no matter what - either the city would get its first openly gay mayor or first African-American mayor."

road.jpg Lucas Grabeel's character in High School Musical 3 still coded gay.

road.jpg Sex education to be made compulsory in primary and secondary schools in the UK: "Children will learn about body parts and the fact that animals reproduce from the age of five, puberty and intercourse from the age of seven and contraception and abortion from the age of 11. Schools will not be allowed to opt out of the rules but the government is promising separate guidance to faith schools, which could find elements of the new curriculum at odds with their spiritual beliefs. The schools minister, Jim Knight, said they would still have to teach the curriculum - which includes contraception, abortion and homosexuality - but will separately be allowed to continue to teach religious beliefs about sex."

News: Marriage Language, Jupiter, Harvey Milk, Bahrain

road.jpg California marriage ballot measure language changed: "Proposition 8 on the November ballot had been described as a measure to limit marriage between a man and a woman. But the Secretary of State's office says that description was changed to reflect a May 15 California Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. The ballot title and summary now describe the initiative as a constitutional change to eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry. The revised language also says California could lose several tens of millions of dollars in sales taxes if same-sex marriage were banned. Critics of the measure say the change accurately shows the initiative would take away a current right of Californians."

Jupiterroad.jpg Close up on Jupiter.

road.jpg Bunny boiler: Tricia Walsh-Smith puts another hit out on Kathie Lee Gifford, sells husband's condoms on eBay.

road.jpg SF Mayor Gavin Newsom weds in Montana.

road.jpg UK Survey: 4 of 5 Protestants say gay sex is a sin.

road.jpg Shia Labeouf crashes car, arrested for DUI.

road.jpg 'Harvey Milk Day' bill awaits action in California senate: "Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken no position on the bill, which awaits action in the Senate after passing the Assembly, 45-28, with most Republicans voting no. Randy Thomasson, of Campaign for California Children and Families, which opposes AB 2567, said the bill is a new tactic in a long push to portray homosexuality in a positive light to kids. 'Harvey Milk Day is the equivalent of having Gay Day at every school in the state,' he said."

road.jpg Bahrain MP: No homosexuals allowed.

road.jpg Play about gay Christians offered up to bishops at the Anglican Lambeth Conference.

road.jpg Lucas Grabeel on shooting Milk: "No one told me how great I was. The director hardly spoke to me. I was just doing my thing and talking to these amazing actors. In the beginning of shooting, I thought, 'You guys must hate me. I must be the worst actor. I don't know what to do' and they were like, 'You were hired to do the job. That's why he hired you.' It was an amazing epiphany."

Marioroad.jpg Mario Lopez immortalized in oil.

road.jpg UK activist Peter Tatchell slams Northern Irish homophobic politicians: "It is particularly hypocritical for unionist politicians to play the homophobic card when their hero, William of Orange, had male lovers."

road.jpg Anti-gay New Jersey group National Organization for Marriage stepping into California gay marriage battle: "NOM, a taxable political advocacy group that can raise money without contribution limits, has quickly built up some fundraising muscle. It started a California chapter in January. By March, the group had raised just over $775,000, according to campaign finance filings. Only the California umbrella group has raised more for the cause. While NOM's biggest chunk in California _ $250,000 _ came from the Knights of Columbus, the group has also raised smaller amounts from individuals. The group says it has now raised more than $1 million in California and more than $2 million overall."

Nakedcowboyroad.jpg Naked Cowboy cuffed, mocked in SF.

road.jpg Matthew McConaughey takes 20-day-old son surfing.

road.jpg Washington Post looks at the transgender homeless: "It's hard to explain -- just as the spectrum of gender is hard to explain. Parents' and society's rejection of children who don't fit the norm is hard to explain, too. But most confounding of all is the forbearance these young people have in the face of intolerance and cruelty. They go -- like the definition of trans-- 'across, beyond and through' preconceptions. They are unlike anyone I have encountered before."

road.jpg Director of Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival fires director Carol Coombes: "'Carol is British and in 60 days she might have to leave the country,' said Harvey Burstein, a festival founder and former board member. He said Coombes' visa requires she be employed in the film industry and that she was to get her permanent residency or green card in November. Coombes, fired on Friday, joined the festival in 2001 and became director a few years later. She declined to comment. 'It's a very unfortunate complication of a very heartfelt, thought-out decision,' said festival board member Mark Gilbert."

News: Michael Jackson, Presbyterians, Michelle Obama, Unicorn,

road.jpg How gay is your Shul? "In June, Jewish Mosaic and their partners will start surveying nearly every congregation in the U.S. on their policies and practices of inclusion—for example, whether they offer same-sex spousal benefits, follow a written nondiscrimination policy regarding sexual orientation, or use nonexclusive language on membership forms. When the survey concludes later this summer, Jewish Mosaic will use its findings to create a "resource guide to best practices" on LGBT inclusion for synagogue leaders, who have few places to turn for help with questions on sexuality and gender."

Unicornroad.jpg Unicorn discovered in Italy!

road.jpg Gee, thanks: Bakersfield, California police say they won't arrest couples getting married outside the county clerk's office. "The Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County, told The Chronicle on Tuesday that the police would not allow them to conduct the ceremonies there. On Wednesday, Tetzlaff said it had been a misunderstanding."

road.jpg Two men punched to pub floor in homophobic UK assault. Police seek witnesses.

road.jpg Michael Jackson designing clothing line.

road.jpg The impossible divorce: Rhode Island Superior Court judge refuses to hear case of lesbian couple "but questioned whether the law that barred the women from ending their marriage unconstitutionally denied them a right enjoyed by heterosexual Rhode Islanders."

road.jpg Police chief in Budapest, Hungary bans gay pride: "Budapest police chief Dr. Gábor Tóth has banned the Gay Pride March, it emerged last night. The march, which Dr. Tóth said would disrupt traffic in the city, was scheduled to take place on Saturday July 5 on Andrássy, one of Budapest’s main streets."

Bullyroad.jpg Presbyterian church of Wales in harassment and discrimination lawsuit: "Giving evidence on Tuesday, Mr Price, who is openly gay, said he worked alongside Ms Jones at the church's 250-year-old Trefeca centre, a 37-bed retreat near Brecon, Powys, visited by church groups from around Britain. He told the hearing he was forced to quit as the assistant manager because of Ms Jones's ceaseless comments about sex, which included calling him a 'stupid poof'."

road.jpg Pittsburgh Presbyterian minister remains under fire for conducting same-sex union ceremonies: " A Presbyterian minister from Pittsburgh still faces two charges that she conducted a prohibited gay wedding ceremony. But the Rev. Janet Edwards will not face charges for performing the ceremony improperly when her church trial resumes in October. Church officials have dropped charges alleging Edwards committed errors when she omitted Bible readings and references to Christian traditions in the ceremony. Edwards made the changes because one of the lesbians she married in 2005 is Buddhist."

road.jpg Oprah tops Forbes' richest celebrities list — again.

Hsmroad.jpg High School Musical stage production outs character that was "coded gay" in the films. Playwright: "I wanted to present Ryan as something from my own past, a version of me, I guess — though he's a lot better dancer than I ever was! In the movie, the character has a gay tint. But in the stage version, I wanted to more fully articulate that tint and say, hey, this kid is who he is. Yes, I consider him a young gay guy without ever having to say it. I’d rather say it with behavior and action. And we do." Film role was played by Milk's Lucas Grabeel.

road.jpg Matt Damon to play rugby captain in new film.

road.jpg FOX calls Michelle Obama "Obama's Baby Mama".

road.jpg TIME: California's Gay Marriage Rush. "A report released by the Williams Institute at UCLA law school says fully half of the state's 102,000 gay couples could wed in the next three years. UCLA law professor Brad Sears told TIME that the number is in keeping with experience in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is also legal, and Vermont, which permits civil unions. Another 67,000 or so are expected to arrive from other states, says Sears, the report's co-author."

Lucas Grabeel: Milk Role 'Changed My Life' — Also, I'm Not Gay

In a posting to his official site, 23-year-old High School Musical actor Lucas Grabeel writes about acting in Gus van Sant's Milk.

GrabeelIn Milk, Grabeel plays Dan Nicoletta, Harvey Milk's close friend and supporter who worked as a clerk at the Castro street camera shop which later became Milk's campaign office. Grabeel is pictured, in costume, below.

While Grabeel trumpets that acting in the film about the gay civil rights leader who struggled to break down closet doors "changed (his) life," the actor then posts a disappointing paragraph explaining to his fans that just because he's playing someone who is gay, it doesn't mean that he is.


Via (sic):

"Earlier this year I was in a movie that changed my life... Milk. I shot for a month in San Fransisco with one of my favorite directors, Gus Van Sant, and a hugely talented cast that exposed me to a completely new realm of film making. It will also be a movie that is completely different that anything else I've done. The story is about a very important man, Harvey Milk. (google him) He was the first openly-homosexual elected political official in the United States, in 1978.

"Things were a lot different then... Before all of you were around...hehe... People were still very prejudice against minorities in the seventies and it was a very difficult time for someone who was "different" than the average white male". You guys have no idea that any of this existed; I'm sure your parents haven't told you about oppression in the seventies, but it was a real issue. People were KILLED without questions for just being "different". Harvey Milk tried to stop all of that. In his tough struggling rise to political power he encountered many obstacles that seemed to only inspire him more to change the minds of people all across the country. People at that time thought that being a homosexual meant that you were sick and needed to be healed before you were viewed as a normal citizen. He gave people hope for a bright future of equality by inspiring everyone he encountered. The movie also shows that in 1978 someone was so afraid of change and new hope, that they walked into his office one morning and killed him and the Mayor of San Fransisco. Crazy, Huh?

Milk"Well, I really hope that this movie is going to be awesome and I can't wait to see it myself. It comes out November 26 in theatres... Now, your parents may not let you see this movie because it's rated R and has many very adult themes.

"I know that a lot of you will not understand (until you're older) that in the film industry, as an actor, you play roles. What that means is you completely embody another person and become someone you are not. I'm NOT Ryan Evans. I'm NOT Kelly Kuzio from Veronica Mars, I'm NOT Lex Luthor... I'm Lucas. But when I go to WORK (just like your parents go to work everyday) I assume the character of whom I'm playing and create a story for people to enjoy. In the movie Milk, I PLAY a homosexual... that doesn't mean that I am gay. Sean Penn, one of the greatest actors of our generation is playing Harvey Milk, a gay character... but He is married to Robin Wright-Penn.(Princess Bride... if you haven't seen that movie see it!!!) Most people in this movie are straight men playing gay men.... Emile Hersch, James Franco, and Diego Luna are just a few....


Now, perhaps Grabeel is reacting this way because of speculation among fans or in media about his sexuality. I don't know. But he could certainly learn a few things from his High School Musical castmate Zac Efron, who in his Details cover story and interview handled the same situation better than most actors I've seen.

In any case, I'm still looking forward to seeing Grabeel and Milk later this year.

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