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News: Episcopal Support For Gay Marriage, Rugby, Omar Sharif Jr., Gay CEOs

Jesus RoadAwesome counter-protest at Chicago Pride.

RoadA guy in Britain had his already well endowed member made girthier thanks to plastic surgery.

RoadChris Colfer tweets he was let go from Glee; reps then say his account was hacked and the actor will in fact be returning to the show.

RoadThrowback Thursday: TRL returns for one day only.

RoadThe Episcopal Diocese of St. Louis announces support for challenge to Missouri's same-sex marriage ban: "Bishop George Wayne Smith said in a statement that he 'supports St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and City Counselor Winston Calvert in their challenge to Missouri law prohibiting same-sex marriage. Even as the Episcopal Church works to clarify our theological understanding of and pastoral practices around same-sex blessings, I believe that it is not the place of the State of Missouri to deny the privileges and responsibilities of marriage to anyone, basing that denial solely on the gender of the couple.'”

RoadJessica Chastain played Juliet in NYC's Shakespeare in the Park.

RoadFault in Our Stars star Ansel Elgort to play gay pianist Van Cliburn in biopic.

RoadFirst official image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Henry RoadPennsylvania High School won't allow production of Monty Python's Spamelot because play features gay wedding: "Dawn Burch, director of the school’s drama department, told WNEP news that Principal Jesse Smith wrote an email to her informing her that homosexuality does not exist in a conservative community such as South Williamsport. Smith did not respond to a ThinkProgress inquiry regarding these specific comments."

RoadApparently, there were some fireworks on the set of The Notebook. Hate and love are the closest emotions.

RoadAustralian rugby team Sydney Convicts are first gay team to play on professional level: “The Sydney Convicts are very excited and proud to be the first gay and inclusive rugby team to be invited to play as part of an elite level rugby match," [The president of the Convicts, Dave] Whitaker told the Gay News Network. “We hope this game helps to challenge these misconceptions while also raising awareness that homophobia in sport is still a major issue and gay people often still feel unwelcome.”

RoadHorrible Bosses 2 trailer released.

RoadOmar Sharif Jr. one of People's hottest bachelors.

RoadBrothers & Sisters alum and out actor Luke MacFarlane to play gay service-member on NBC's Night Shift

RoadRussian conductor Valery Gergiev, known for being close with Russian President Vladimir Putin, says Russia's anti-gay propaganda law isn't anti-gay: “It’s not anti-gay… Nothing to do with gay. It’s about propaganda in schools, in schools, what they call ‘non-traditional’. I don’t understand all these things; I also don’t understand the campaign [of protests against his performances].” He went on to claim that the impacts of the law are exaggerated by western media, saying: “I didn’t know about this law. I learnt about this law in the west. Nobody knows about this law in Russia because [the] law is never applied. No one is put in prison, no one is killed, no one is arrested. We have no idea what is this law in reality to do with our lives here. No idea. Nobody here is about this at all.”

RoadGay CEOs reluctant to come out? "'Of course there are gay CEOs and I reached out to many of them and got an extremely cool reception,' said New York Times columnist Jim Stewart on CNBC, 'Not one would allow to be named for the column.'"

News: Jennifer Hudson, Nike, Luke Macfarlane, Dorota, Syphilis

road.jpg Saving the elephants.

Macfarlaneroad.jpg Brothers and Sisters star Luke Macfarlane to flex his stage chops in The Jazz Age.

road.jpg Idol fail: Ryan Seacrest tries to high-five a blind contestant.

road.jpg Barack Obama dines with conservative members of the media: "As you may have heard, Barack Obama did some socializing in Maryland last night. His host: conservative columnist George Will, who brought out some of the biggest stars in the right-wing media establishment for dinner, wine, and restrained hostility collegial conversation. David Brooks was there, as were Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Rich Lowry, and the always perspiring Bill Kristol." Then, Obama meets with liberal members of the media: "The group included the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson, the Wall Street Journal's Gerry Seib, National Journal's Ron Brownstein, the New York Times Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, among others."

road.jpg Lance Bass debuts new hair: faux-hawk with racing stripes.

road.jpg Gay mayor of Nyack, NY and member of the Nyack 10, John Shields, won't seek re-election. He's also dropping his affiliation to the Democratic Party. Shields: "I don't think either party is serving the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community."

Nikeroad.jpg Nike: Because ballet is so gay. UPDATE: It's a student ad made without Nike's involvement.

road.jpg Puerto Rico Civil Code shifting in committee: "...language that would have given same-sex couples access to all rights available to married heterosexual partners in Puerto Rico will be eliminated and, in exchange, they will only be given a few rights."

road.jpg Proposition 8 kills gay ski week for Utah.

road.jpg Transgender activist murdered in Honduras.

road.jpg Carphone Warehouse customer referred to as "big gay" on his repair form.

road.jpg John Barrowman writing Torchwood comic strip.

road.jpg Sexually-transmitted disease rates soar: "Syphilis has increased each year since 2000 -- its rate is up 81 percent -- with gay and bisexual men representing 65 percent of cases, the CDC said. Douglas said many cases are occurring in HIV-positive men who are choosing other HIV-positive men as sexual partners. 'Within that relationship, they are less concerned about the transmission of other conditions. They're not using condoms. They believe that their partner already has got the worst they can get -- they've got an HIV infection,' he said."

road.jpg Prominent Australian LGBT journalist Iain Clacher dies.

Roddickroad.jpg The shirtless tennis showcase begins in Melbourne.

road.jpg Jennifer Hudson to be in spotlight at Super Bowl.

road.jpg Dinners with Dubya: "Before I know it, I have a Heineken in hand, and the president of the United States has a 'non-beer' in his, and we begin an unscheduled tour of the White House residence. He continues to address me as Smitty, a name I haven’t been called since Little League."

road.jpg Drunken Golden Globes guest approaches Brad Pitt to tell him he's ugly.

road.jpg New category for trans- and homophobic attacks considered in Scottish parliament: "Creation of a new category of aggravated offence for attacks on gays, lesbians and transgender people would probably result in an initial increase in the number of reported offences, it was claimed yesterday. But they said proposed legislation would encourage more people to come forward and change the climate in the long-term."

road.jpg Dorota, the beaten down maid of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, has her own Facebook page.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #361

WANDA SYKES: Talks to Jay Leno about the bailout and Sarah Palin.

BRAZIL GAY UNION: First in the northern state of Paraíba took place last weekend.

JEFF ARNDT: Former boyfriend of McCain Chief of Staff Mark Buse calls Buse a "raging queen."

BROTHERS and SISTERS: Sneak peek at a Kevin and Scotty scene from the upcoming season premiere.

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News: Syrian, Luke Macfarlane, Batman, Seattle Opera, Outfest,

road.jpg Killer of Daytona Beach cross-dresser sentenced to life in prison.

Sharpieroad.jpg Becks is a Sharpie in new print campaign.

road.jpg Gay Syrian Jojo Jako Yakob to be deported from Scotland: "It has now emerged that an immigration tribunal has turned down his request to stay in the UK, despite accepting that Yakob is gay and that Syria criminalises and represses homo– sexuality."

road.jpg He came out shirtless: Matthew McConaughey has a child.

road.jpg Kenyan bishop threatens to quit over gay marriages: "The Reverend Thomas Kogo, a bishop at the Eldoret ACK Diocese, has issued the quit notice, saying he could not support a church that condones homosexuality. Kogo, who has just returned from a pilgrimage in Israel, said the faithful must uphold the sanctity of the Anglican family. He said those advocating for gay marriages were driven by desire for money and wealth. 'God recognises marriage between man and woman, and there is no way we will accept homosexuality and gay marriages. The Bible is very clear on the matter,' he said."

road.jpg Boy George speaks to Newsweek about denial of visa: "I am hardly a threat to national security. I am just a performer trying to do his job. I have called America home at different times in my life. I love America, and the American people have always treated me with love and kindness since I went there as a 19-year-old boy with my band Culture Club."

Wrestlingroad.jpg Turkish oil wrestling!

road.jpg SAS Scandinavian Airlines launches dedicated gay website: "The website is unique in its personalised aspect, providing a ‘gay’ counterpart to the popular SAS crew tips, offering tips from SAS’ own gay crew members on the best offerings in Stockholm and Copenhagen."

road.jpg Gay and lesbian Christians to protest Pope Benedict's arrival in Sydney: "The protest, calling for equality for gay and lesbian followers, will take place at the Pitt Street Uniting Church this Sunday, coinciding with Pope Benedict XVI's arrival in Sydney. Catholic writer and educator Michael Kelly said gay and lesbian people had been marginalised and condemned by mainstream churches, particularly the Catholic Church. He labelled the 'version of Christianity that is coming to Sydney' as propaganda. 'We call on gay and lesbian Christians ... to join us in standing up for the goodness of being gay, and not allow right-wing religious propaganda to silence our faith, hope and love,' he said."

Baleroad.jpg Batman refuses to work with Robin.

road.jpg Brothers and Sisters' Luke MacFarlane interviewed at the Rome Fiction Festival.

road.jpg L.A.'s Outfest film festival begins tomorrow. Here's the official site. It's opening with the gay hockey film Breakfast with Scot. Also, here's a new piece from indieWire on the state of queer cinema...

road.jpg Indian actor walks off talk show after being asked about sexual orientation: "What sort of a question is that Sajid? First you call me for your chat show, and then ask me such stuff!"

road.jpg American Idol's 'gay stripper' David Hernandez spotted sucking female face in San Diego.

road.jpg Seattle Opera announces three LGBT nights for upcoming season: "At these designated performances, patrons may pay $100 for discounted main-floor orchestra seating, private intermission receptions (with wine, hors d'oeuvres and desserts) and admission to preshow lectures. The inaugural event — an Aug. 22 presentation of 'Aida' — will be hosted by Seattle Opera trustee JJ McKay and Washington state Sen. Ed Murray. Tickets for the evening are on sale now." (site)

Brothers and Sisters: The, Commitment



As promised, last night's Brothers and Sisters featured the commitment ceremony between Kevin and Scotty that all the cast members were gabbing about on Friday, preceded by an uncomfortable visit to Scotty's parents, who refused to attend. I've clipped that scene below.

I clipped the commitment ceremony, AFTER THE JUMP...

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A Brothers and Sisters Gay Union Preview


That's one fine looking couple.


USA Today visited the set of the big Brothers and Sisters commitment ceremony and collected quotes from some of the regulars.

Matthew Rhys, on the wedding cake topper: "Is it a man and a woman? Oh, it's two men. Fantastic. There were jokes made that they wouldn't be able to find two men, so they'd have to doctor the woman by adding a moustache. It's all very progressive, evolved and about time."

Rhys on the ceremony and wardrobe: "Luke and I were rehearsing who was to stand where, which would put one of us in the woman's position, and a few comments were made. And neither of us was going to wear a white suit while the other wore black."

Calista Flockhart: "It's a milestone, and I was really quite pleased that I got to be a part of it."

Rob Lowe: "It's pretty romantic in there."

Chad Lowe, who was visiting the set: "I'm here to witness history."

Balthazar Getty on Dave Annable's character being best man: "Dave's been locked in his dressing room, crying."

Annable: "Balthazar couldn't handle not being best man."

And here are some additional SPOILERS: "the liberal-leaning show does attempt to recognize those who oppose gay marriage by introducing Scotty's disapproving parents, who skip the ceremony. That volatile relationship is expected to be explored in Season 3. Another possibility: children.

Luke Macfarlane: "Kitty makes a speech about Scotty and Kevin building a family, which hopefully is foreshadowing."

Executive producer Monica Breen: "They will be a family. Kevin deserves a stable relationship in the same way that Kitty, Sarah and all the others deserve it. He will be facing many questions in his life — but now he has someone to share that with."

And if you missed it, last week's proposal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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