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News: Gay Penguins, Matt Drudge, Owen Wilson, Lightsaber

road.jpg Miss Teen South Carolina says she "misunderstood" and "drew a blank" when asked about Americans and geography at the recent Miss Teen USA pageant. To say the least.

Lukewilsonroad.jpg Luke Wilson: bear?

road.jpg New Jersey church advertises "Help for the Homosexual".

road.jpg Gay penguin book And Tango Makes Three tops annual list of most "challenged" books: "The ALA defines a 'challenge' as a 'formal, written complaint filed with a library or school requesting that materials be removed because of content or appropriateness.' For every challenge listed, about four to five go unreported, according to the library association. Krug said 30 books were actually banned last year. 'Books aren't banned nearly as much now as they used to be, because communities are much more active in fighting that,' Krug said about the bans, which can lead to books being removed from both school and public libraries."

road.jpg New York magazine hunts for Matt Drudge: "Who is the man behind the Website? The more power Drudge has attained, the more reclusive he has become. Drudge seems to despise his own fame with a Kurt Cobain–like intensity. On radio he speaks of himself as a nobody and has referred to his fans as “psychic vampires.” He has utterly compartmentalized his life, separating the personal and the public. Acquaintances describe very brief, formal encounters, and even friends of Drudge’s, if there is such a category, generally communicate with him by IM. He’s said by some to be gay, but he has thrown water on these speculations."

road.jpg Luke Skywalker's lightsaber to take trip into space.

Red_2road.jpg Reichen and Ryan in Red.

road.jpg Injured Iraq War vet discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Miller, an Iraq war vet, was injured during a parachute jump in Iraq when his chute got cut away and his reserve chute didn't fully open. He fell 900 feet - and walked away - but later learned torn the meniscus in his left knee and damaged his right ankle. The military, however, didn't dismiss Miller because of his injury. They dismissed him because he is gay. 'In Miller's case, he said he was in a known gay bar minding his own business when a male soldier made him a sexual proposition, which he rejected,' The Record reports. 'The rejected soldier reported Miller to a superior, and Miller was subsequently called in. He didn't lie. He admitted he was gay.' In short, Miller became the latest victim of a law that has become known within the armed forces as a most effective weapon of vengeance."

road.jpg Lance Bass and New York magazine at odds.

road.jpg Owen Wilson's suicide attempt confirmed.

Luke and Owen Wilson: Choosing a Butt Double

According to Hollywood Rag, portions of the budget for recent films You, Me and dupree and My Super Ex-Girlfriend went toward butt doubles for Owen and Luke Wilson, respectively. That would be "$500 for an eight-hour day, with an extra charge for naked cheeks."

WilsonsLuke described the process of choosing one's butt double as such: "What they do is they give you photos of different guys' backsides and have you pick one out. I found myself poring over the Polaroids and saying, 'I like that one but it doesn't have quite the pizzazz I want for this scene.' Or, 'This one's good, but it's too muscular.' I've got a little bit of damage back there. As you get a little older, you get little dents and indentations. You want to act cool about it when you eventually say, 'I like this guy's a**.'"

Owen had no comment, but his Dupree co-star Matt Dillon has been inspired to speak on the topic. Said Dillon: "I don't know what's wrong with [Owen's] butt because I didn't pay any attention to it. I truly don't know what that was all about."

Of course, nothing slightly homoerotic ever crosses the mind of Matt Dillon. He recently revealed his shock and repulsion upon finding a friend getting off with one of his socks: "I did have a friend who did that. That's just disgusting. My f***ing sock! They were disposed of immediately, the whole damn drawer of them."

Let's hope Dillon's butt stays tight and youthful so he never has to go through the really gay process of choosing a double for it.


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