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Adam Levine Strips Down for 7 Hollywood: VIDEO


Adam Levine appears on the cover of 7 Hollywood this month, along with a few other clothed "icons".

Watch his behind-the-scenes video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Barack Obama is TIME's 'Person of the Year'

Obama 2_obama

Barack Obama has again been chosen as TIME's 'Person of the Year'.

From the profile:

Ever since the campaign computers started raising the odds of victory from near even to something like surefire, Obama had been thinking a lot about what it meant to win without the lightning-in-a-bottle quality of that first national campaign. The Obama effect was not ephemeral anymore, no longer reducible to what had once been mocked as “that hopey-changey stuff.” It could be measured — in wars stopped and started; industries saved, restructured or reregulated; tax cuts extended; debt levels inflated; terrorists killed; the health-insurance system reimagined; and gay service members who could walk in uniform with their partners. It could be seen in the new faces who waited hours to vote and in the new ways campaigns are run. America debated and decided this year: history would not record Obama’s presidency as a fluke....

...When he talks about the campaign, he likes to think about the generational shift the country is going through on topics like gay marriage — an issue on which he lagged, only to reverse himself last spring. He connects it to the optimism he felt as a young man, the same thing he always talks about with staff in the limo or on the plane after visits with campaign volunteers. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” reads one of the quotes stitched into his new Oval Office rug — an old abolitionist cry that Martin Luther King Jr. repurposed while marching on Selma, Ala. Obama believes in that, and he believes he is more than just a bit player in the transition. “I do think that my eight years as President, reflecting those values and giving voice to those values, help to validate or solidify that transformation,” he says, “and I think that’s a good thing for the country.”

Read the full story here.

TIME chose photographer Nadav Kander to take the President's portrait:

As managing editor Rick Stengel writes in his editor’s letter, “We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America.” To capture that magnitude, TIME commissioned Kander, whose signature style is defined by his exquisite lighting and almost painterly touch, to make a historic cover. The last time he photographed the President was in 2009 for The New York Times Magazine.

“When photographing such a high profile individual, it’s a huge challenge to not let their high profile take over the process,” Kander says. “I wanted to make a meaningful photograph that reflected pause in a person’s life and reflect his humanity.”

Thomas Roberts Interviews First Gay Male Couple Featured in JET Magazine's Wedding Announcements: VIDEO


Last week I posted about Dr. Ravi Perry and Paris Prince, the first gay male couple to appear in JET magazine as a feature in their 'weddings' section. Today, Thomas Roberts interviewed the couple about their history-making announcement.

Said Prince:"It's an exhilarating experience...I think Darwin would be amazed at the evolution that's occurring now."

Roberts also asks the couple their thoughts on stereotypes of masculinity within the African-American community, the Supreme Court's recent announcement, and Justice Antonin Scalia's comments equating sodomy with murder.


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Barry Diller and Scott Rudin Launch E-Publishing Firm

IAC Chairman Barry Diller and producer Scott Rudin have jumped into the E-book business, the NYT reports:

DillerMr. Rudin and Frances Coady, a longtime publishing executive, have formed a partnership with Mr. Diller in a new venture called Brightline. It will publish e-books and eventually physical books in a partnership with Atavist, a publisher based in Brooklyn with expertise in producing electronic books and articles.

The alliance creates a new competitor in the rapidly changing digital book market, one that is dominated by Amazon, the online retailer, which has roughly 65 percent of e-book sales. Though fledgling, the new venture will enjoy the support of two influential executives who control a wide array of resources in media and entertainment.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Have 'Bromance' on 'The New Yorker'


That poor puppy has no idea what's in store for it.

Tom Brady Barks with Doberman, Wears Spiked Dog Collar: VIDEO


Mario Testino ordered Patriots QB Tom Brady to get into character for his Vman cover shoot by barking with his cover co-star, a doberman pinscher. A studded dog collar also helped Brady prepare to growl for the camera.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, AFTER THE JUMP...


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