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Iran President Ahmadinejad Wants to 'Sacrifice' Himself for Science and Be Sent into Space

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to be his country's first astronaut, the AP reports:

AhmadinejadPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday that he's ready to take the risk of being the first Iranian astronaut sent into space as part of Iran's goal of a manned space flight.

"I'm ready to be the first Iranian to sacrifice myself for our country's scientists," the official IRNA news agency quoted him as saying in an address to space scientists in Tehran.

Space tourist Anousheh Ansari was the first Iranian to make a journey into space aboard a Soyuz TMA-9 capsule from Baikonur, Kazakhastan, in September 2006. The 40-year-old telecommunications entrepreneur paid a reported $20 million for a space station visit. Her journey became an inspiration to women in male-dominated Iran.

Iran sent a monkey into space last week.

Which prompted John McCain to put in his racist $.02.

Inspiring reaction from many, including lawmakers:

Seeing that, Michigan congressman Rep. Justin Amash, 32, shot back. “Maybe you should wisen up & not make racist jokes,” Amash tweeted.

Not everyone on the right agreed with Amash. Conservative John Podhoretz, for example, Tweeted this: "How dare McCain say something demeaning & disparaging abt the foremost anti-Semite on the planet." And this: "'s defend-the-Jew-hater-from-the-war-hero day."

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says 'Homosexuality Ceases Procreation': VIDEO


In the United States for the UN General Assembly, crazed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat down with CNN's Piers Morgan. Morgan, perhaps forgetting that Ahmadinejad is a vitriolic, tenacious and willfully unreasonable homophobe, asked the Iranian president whether a man such as himself has a responsibility to extend rights to gay people.

Ahmadinejad, who looks like he's been visiting Vladimir Putin's plastic surgeon, says no, only he says it with right-wing platitudes: "Do you believe anyone has given birth through homosexuality? Homosexuality ceases procreation. Who has said that if you like or you believe in doing something ugly and others do not accept  your behavior, they're denying your freedom. Who says that?" He then equates same-sex love with thieving.

Morgan also asks Ahmadinejad what he would do if one of his children came out. Ahmadinejad avoids answering the direct question, choosing instead to claim that homosexuality can be eradicated through education reform. "The proper education must be given; the education system must be revamped; the political system must be revamped," he said. "But if you, if a group recognizes an ugly behavior or ugly deed as legitimate, you must not expect other countries or other groups to give it the same recognition."

Watch Morgan and Ahmadinejad's exchange AFTER THE JUMP.

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NEWS: Fathers, Rodney, Greece, Iran


Towleroad-roadicon Rodney King, dead at 47:

The police in Rialto, Calif., said they received a 911 call at 5:25 a.m. Sunday from Mr. King’s fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, who reported finding him at the bottom of his swimming pool. Mr. King, 47, had been living in Rialto, a small middle-class city, for several years.

Police arrived and removed Mr. King’s body from the pool and tried to resuscitate him. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead at 6:11 a.m.

Towleroad-roadicon On the "gift" of being a gay dad:

When I finally accepted in my 20s that I was gay and that in order to live a life true to myself I had to come out, I knew there were “risks.” When my mother let loose a stream of consciousness list of fears that the world would visit on me for being openly gay – including never finding happiness, or being bashed coming out of a bar with my lover – the one she settled on was “…and you always wanted to be a father.”

It was the thing that broke my heart: the feeling that by coming out, I was giving up the one thing I had always wanted since I was a kid – more than any profession or any pursuit – being a dad.

Towleroad-roadicon LZ Granderson breaks down the "super duper evil gay lifestyle" at TEDx.

Towleroad-roadicon Ahmadinejad to voluntarily leave politics in 2013 ...

Towleroad-roadicon ... though Nicholas D. Kristof doesn't think he'll have a choice. 

Towleroad-roadicon Greek exit polls show pro-stability, pro-bailout parties eeking a narrow lead.

Towleroad-roadicon Sandusky should just plead guilty:

Sandusky’s only real hope at trial was that Mike McQueary, the former Penn State quarterback who allegedly saw Sandusky raping a boy in a shower on campus in 2001, would stumble on the stand. He didn’t ...

... If any good can come out of this spectacle of a trial, it will be our increased awareness about why sexually abused children rarely come forward, and how adults, even well meaning ones, can fail them so terribly. But what matters right now is for Jerry Sandusky to admit to the wrongs the evidence unalterably shows he committed. He owes his victims much more. But this, at least, he could give them.

Towleroad-roadicon Joy McNair, daughter of astronaut and Challenger-disaster casualty Ronald McNair, discusses honor and remembrance.

Towleroad-roadicon Curiosity, NASA's new Mars-bound rover, will land in August and embark on an awesome off-road journey:

The summer landing will be the start of a Martian ... trip that will take months or possibly a year as Curiosity makes its way toward its final destination, the Gale Crater, said Curiosity contributor James Wray, an assistant professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

... [a] new landing destination has been pinpointed with accuracy previously impossible and will shave several months off Curiosity's drive to Gale Crater. Strategically, the new landing site makes sense. But, "the public and scientists will have to be more patient to get the really juicy stuff," Wray said.

The 'juicy stuff' that Curiosity seeks to uncover is evidence of the ability for life as we know it - past or future - on the Martian surface.

Gale Crater was created more than 3 billion years ago when Mars was struck by a meteorite and now houses three miles of sediment, providing the perfect location for such an investigation. Wray said examining Gale Crater will be similar to going through Earth's history by examining the layers of the Grand Canyon and learning, by the thickness and make up of the rocks, if they were once carved by oceans, lakes or air.

"We'll start down at the base, and we'll just climb up as high as we can during the mission and move forward in time in Martian history and see how the environment changed," Wray said.

Towleroad-roadicon Club where Chris Brown and Drake got into scuffle is closed indefinitely.

Towleroad-roadicon Earnestine Shepherd, 75-year-old body-building grandma. She's fabulous.

Rick Santorum Releases Notably Insane Campaign Ad: VIDEO

Yesterday afternoon the Rick Santorum campaign dropped the weirdest, most terrifying ad of the American political season thus far. They did it via YouTube, where, as noted at, the video is unlisted: Only those with a link can see it. Seems like a silly way to disseminate an ad. Maybe it'll hit our televisions after the opinion makers weigh in.

Take a look. Entitled Obamaville, it presents a horror-show vision of America in the dread year 2014. In Obamaville the streets are empty, and scary-looking crows are everywhere. Children's shoes are discarded in the dirt -- and where are the children? They're gone! Look at the abandoned playgrounds, the equipment therein manipulated by naught but the lonely wind. (Or is it something more sinister?) This is 28 Days Later, reimagined in the rustbelt. Lookit the little lonesome baby, squirming in what might be a bathtub. Lookit the psychotic smiling nurse wearing too much lipstick, saying "Shhhhhhh" -- is she euthanizing us? Is that horrible nurse lady euthanizing the American Dream? And see the man who appears to be blowing his brains out with a gasoline pump.

And see, in particular, the television sitting on the floor in some dilapidated Obamavillian house, relaying pictures of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The narrator intones: "A rogue nation, and sworn American enemy, has become a nuclear threat." As the narrator says "sworn American enemy," Ahmadinejad's face is replaced for just an instant with Barack Obama's. They are one and the same, goes the implication; brother jihadis beneath the skin.

The ad's got no ideas, no arguments, no obvious references to the actual objective reality inhabited by actual citizens in the actual world. Whoever made it doesn't think the American people are smart enough to be swayed by such things. Rather, the ad's an appeal for the votes of idiots and paranoiacs -- which, you'd think, would be galling to the potential Santorumites at whom it's aimed.

It may sometimes be difficult to discern who the good guys are in American politics, but the really bad guys are never hard to locate. They're the ones who make ads like this. Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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In Iran, The Look Of Democracy


There is, in fact, an occasion on which it is both brave and peerlessly cool to wear a Toby Keith teeshirt: When participating in an Iranian presidential election.

As (very few) Iranians dolefully queued up to participate in yesterday's electoral rubberstamping, this unnamed young man dressed as one should when participating in a democratic act: precisely as he wished. Maybe he did it as a joke, maybe he did it because he really loves America and/or Toby Keith; maybe he did it because he's irrepressibly punk and wanted to offend somebody's political pieties. (Or maybe it was his only clean shirtt.) Whatever the reason, salaam to him. And good luck. 

(HT: The Atlantic.)

Ahmadinejad Calls Homosexuality an 'Ugly Deed' to the 'Detriment of Humanity', Says No Known Gays in Iran: VIDEO


Yesterday, at a meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is in New York for the UN General Assembly, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Ahmadinejad about his past remarks that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

Said Ahmadinejad:

"My position hasn't changed. In Iran, homosexuality is looked down upon as an ugly deed. Perhaps there are those who engage in such activities and you may be in contact with them and more aware of them. But in Iranian society such activities, thoughts, and behaviors are shameful. Therefore, these are not known elements within Iranian society. Rest assured, this is one of the ugliest behaviors in our society. It is against divine will, divine teachings of any and every faith, and it is certainly at the detriment of humans and humanity. But as the government, I cannot go in the street and stop my population and ask them about specific orientation, so my position is clear about that."


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