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Here's a Portrait of Tom Daley Composed Entirely of Hate Tweets Sent to Him After Coming Out: PHOTO


Artist Conor Collins has been busy at work on a portrait of British diver Tom Daley made entirely of homophobic tweets sent to him after he came out.

Collins lives in Manchester, UK.

See the finished product, AFTER THE JUMP...

We like this trend of turning hate mail into art - ala - most recently - Honey Maid.

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Transgender Police Officer Running for Oklahoma House Seat: VIDEO


Transgender Oklahoma City police officer Paula Sophia is making history in the Sooner state, KFOR reports:

Paula Sophia is running for house district 88 after spending twenty-two years on the Oklahoma city police force. It’s the same area she patrolled as an officer until her resignation on Monday. Now she says its time to serve in a different way.

“I was a community oriented police officer, now I’m going to be a community oriented legislature,” says Sophia.

Sophia says she wants to focus on a number of issues stating, “I have a deep concern about peace and justice, about respecting the dignity of every human being and I still deeply believe in those issues.”

One issue she has no concern about is being the second transgender woman to run for a house seat. The first was her campaign manager.

Watch their report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rachel Maddow Looks at the Weird, Weird Week in Gay Rights: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow takes a look at a bizarre backward/forward week in gay rights: Louisiana's insistence on retaining its anti-gay, unconstitutional sodomy law, contrasted with the Prop 8 defense attorney Charles Cooper's announcement that he is planning his gay daughter's wedding!

Truths Maddow:

"Sometimes the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice. But you know what? Sometimes the arc of the moral universe runs around like a chicken with its head cut off."



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This Tiny Robot Will Hunt You Down and Haunt Your Dreams: VIDEO


Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen has created this impressive (and terrifying) robot that looks like a miniature prototype of those alien tripod invaders from War of the Worlds.

The MorpHex hexapod robot can transform into a ball shape, roll in all directions, and shoot lasers out of its legs. Okay, so maybe not that last one. But someday….

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP

[via Business Insider]

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Midwest Flyers Magazine Defends, Quietly Removes Use Of 'FAGS' In Safety Article


The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) has reached out to Midwest Flyers Magazine after the magazine published a safety article by Philip Mattison entitled “The Three FAGS Checklist of Floatplane Flying Could Save Your Life!"

FAGS in this case was an acronym for “Flaps, Airspeed, Gears and Seatbelts.” And the magazine’s editor Dave Weiman defended its use as such:

"We apologize if the acronym Mr. Mattison uses for his personal pre-landing checklist offended you in any way, but he created it as a tool so he would remember it. It was not used as a slang term to mean something else, nor in a derogatory sense…

"He is dead serious about the importance of using checklists, and his article was a public confession that he made a mistake that cost him his aircraft and nearly his life… We hope that the positive and constructive use of the acronym distracts from any negative connotation that may be associated with a similar slang term. The true definition of the word according to the dictionary supports the premise that even though checklists may be tedious, they are necessary."

Nevertheless, Steven Moore, Executive Director of the NGPA responded, “There is no difference in using this word than if you were to use any other derogatory remark to reference any other minority, and it is quite disturbing.”

Gays and Lesbians Allied Against Defamation’s Programs and Communications Fellow, Alexandra Bolles, added her thoughts on Mr. Weiman’s defense of the acronym:

“Attempting to reassign the word does not erase the harm it has caused and the power it holds for people who are LGBT. Dave's attempt to discredit and invalidate LGBT readers' responses to the article is reminiscent of the argument [that saying ‘fags’ is okay because it’s also a word for cigarettes or a bundle of sticks].”

The headline of the online article now reads "Flying On Floats or Wheels…. Checklists Could Save Your Life!" It does not include any mention of "FAGS."

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Gay Iconography: Singing the Praises Of Maria Callas


While some bristle at gay men’s adoration for (often straight) female performers, there’s an undeniable allure to some of history’s most over-the-top starlets to which many in the community are frequently drawn. Before Mariah, Whitney, Barbra, Bette and others occupied the overlapping space between icons and divas, few typified the archetype more than opera singer Maria Callas.

2_callasYes, that’s right, an opera singer. We’ve come to expect this sort of glamour, scandal and attitude from our A-list actors and biggest pop stars, but Maria Callas broke the mold to become not only one of the greatest opera singers of all time, but also one of the gay community’s most beloved performers.

There are lots of elements of Callas’ story that are common to other gay icons. For starters, she had a very difficult relationship with her family. When she born, her mother was so disappointed she didn’t have a son that she refused to even look at the baby for four days. She would have a strained relationship with her mother -- often playing out in the press -- throughout the height of her career, eventually severing ties all together. Callas was also something of an ugly duckling turned beautiful swan story -- sort of. The singer transformed her body, losing around 80 pounds. Her svelte physique and chic style (which she modeled off Audrey Hepburn) made her an iconic beauty. Sadly, many attribute her dramatic weight loss to the deterioration of her voice.

In addition to her singing and style, she made headlines for her diva-like behavior. She gained a reputation for being “temperamental” and shrewd (shades of Streisand). The press built up a rivalry between her and fellow soprano Renata Tebaldi that looks like a blueprint for the sort of common narratives pitting female performers against one another we still see today (Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah, Katy vs. Gaga, etc.). Her personal life, especially her affair with Aristotle Onassis, made her a tabloid fixture.

Of course, none of this would have made her so memorable had she not also been extraordinarily talented. See some clips of Callas in action, and her lasting impact, AFTER THE JUMP

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