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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1701

UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP: Jimmy Kimmel's weekly tribute to the FCC.

BRYAN FISCHER: Pro-gay GOP pushing party into Sodom & Gomorrah.

GOOGLE: Future North Bayshore campus looks futuristic and incredible.

WILL SMITH: Sings the Fresh Prince theme song.



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Donatella Versace Reflects on the Death of Gianni 18 Years Later: VIDEO


The NYT pays a visit to the studio of Donatella Versace, to discuss how she keeps the brand relevant, and the loss of her brother, which she still feels deeply:

"When my brother died, and the way he died, I had to show strength. I had to show, 'we're going to do it. don't worry.' I was living my pain in public, and I couldn't show my pain, to anybody. This office, this space we're in now, reflects really me, and my emotions. The ones I don't show to anybody...Nobody believes me but I'm not a very secure person. You know, I question everything I am. My vulnerability was always hidden. I was going home and crying, but closing the room, because I didn't lose the king of fashion, which he was. In that moment, I lost my brother."


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Jeb Bush Touts His Anti-gay Views at CPAC: 'I Believe in Traditional Marriage' - VIDEO


Whatever questions there may be surrounding Jeb Bush's private views on LGBT issues, it doesn't look like he'll be changing them publicly anytime soon, the Washington Blade reports:

Onstage at the second day of the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, Bush was asked if his views had changed on same-sex marriage by conservative commentator Sean Hannity. The former Florida governor was succinct in his reply: “No. I believe in traditional marriage.”

The potential candidate — who once backed the efforts of his brother, former President George W. Bush, to pass a U.S. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage throughout the country — made the comments before a conservative audience as he tried to play down his support for immigration reform and federal education standards under Common Core. 

Watch Bush's full speech and Q&A, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Need More Magic Meryl Effin' Streep? Watch The Song Cut From 'Into The Woods' - VIDEO


If box offices revenues are any indication, then statistically you saw Into The Woods. But maybe you felt that it was missing a little something...a little more Meryl, perhaps? That would be because one of her songs was a victim of the cutting room floor at the altar of pacing.

"She'll Be Back" takes place right after the witch's confrontation with Rapunzel, featuring a bitter witch lying to herself about the personality of her "daughter" and the fallout of her own selfish actions that drove her away. The song will be included in the Blu-Ray/digital versions of the film when it's released on March 24th, but you can watch the cut scene AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: SCOTUS, Uganda, Blogger, Blade Runner 2, Scarlett Johansson

Road Same-sex couples in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee have filed their briefs with the Supreme Court asking it to strike down bans on gay marriage. 

Road Scarlett Johansson defends John Travolta's awkward Oscar kiss.

Road KellyKelly Clarkson reveals she will never ever ever show her daughter the American Idol atrocity From Justin to Kelly

Road West Virginia Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael says there's "no way" he'll consider an Arkansas-style bill that would nullify local LGBT protections

Road New human rights report documents numerous cases of Ugandan gay men being abused by police.

Road A ban on "ex-gay" conversion therapy has been introduced in the Minnesota Senate. 

Road Jason Collins defends Michael Sam's decision to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars

Road Google is backtracking on its initial plan to ban sexually explicit content from Blogger. 

Road Love Cards Against Humanity but want some variety in your adult board game nights? Check out the Kickstarter for OdiousLists - an R-rated spin on the classic Scattergories from openly gay gamemaker Ken Goff. 

Road Madonna reveals she suffered whiplash from her BRIT Awards tumble.

Road Neil Patrick Harris treats himself to some post-Oscars Tiffany's.

Road More celebrities react to Leonard Nimoy's passing. 

OliverRoad How John Oliver saved the internet. "And while the three-to-two partisan vote handed a stunning victory to the advocates of net neutrality, Wheeler’s about-face in some ways reveals how comedic takes on the news by the Jon Stewarts of the world can be more influential than the Brian Williamses and more “serious” coverage of wonky subjects that nevertheless have profound social effect. 'John Oliver absolutely helped turn the tide in the net-neutrality debate,' says Aram Sinnreich, professor at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information in New Brunswick, New Jersey."

Road 15 people who could host the Oscars next year

Road The Washington Post examines the days leading up to Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Schweich's suicide. 

Road In honor of #theDress, here are 12 optical illusions that show you how color can trick the eye

Road Harrison Ford will return for Blade Runner 2

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Aaron Schock Ponies Up $35,000 in Personal Funds for 'Downton Abbey' Office


Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) has repaid the government $35,000 from his personal funds for his eyebrow-raising Downton Abbey-inspired office decor, USA Today reports:

Office"As he said he would, Congressman Schock has fulfilled his commitment to pay for all the renovation costs of the 18th Congressional District office in Washington," said a statement released by Schock's office Friday. "Even though office expenses are often covered by the Member Representational Allowance, the Congressman believed it appropriate to pay these costs himself as part of the office review process."

USA TODAY has reported that Schock had spent more $100,000 than of his taxpayer-funded account on office renovations in prior years. The expenses included thousands for leather furniture, hardwood floors and marble countertops for his offices in his central Illinois congressional district.

Past flamboyant expenditures on Schock's part include private flights on donor planes, a trip to see Katy Perry with the interns, and massage parlors. 

Previously, "Jon Stewart Shreds Aaron Schock with Instagram Montage Set to Taylor Swift: VIDEO" [tlrd]

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