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Anita Sarkeesian Launching New Web Series Exploring Masculinity In Video Games: VIDEO


Media critic Anita Sarkeesian is launching a new web series exploring the representations of men and masculinity in video games as a part of Feminist Frequency’s renewed 2015 content push. In Feminist Frequency’s 2015 annual report Sarkeesian describes how the organization plans to broaden its mission to incorporate “advocacy around ending online hate and abuse,” and “analyzing and advancing awareness of how gendered harassment operates online.”

Sarkeesian“Privately, I am working with online feminists to strategize long-term solutions to deal with the epidemic of online abuse and create mechanisms for support,” the report reads. “I am also consulting with tech and gaming companies on how to address issues of online harassment in their own communities.”

Last year the Feminist Frequency’s purpose was brought into sharp relief as the Gamergate movement grew into a large, vociferous force. Gamergate began in late late last summer as a somewhat dubious call to action directed at members of the video game press. A large contingent of games journalists, Gamergate supporters claimed, were compromising the integrity of the profession by having inappropriate relationships with game developers.

Soon after the #Gamergate hashtag began to catch widespread attention outside of the gaming community, however, Gamergate’s tone had taken a dramatic turn and become a widespread attack of female journalists. Sarkeesian personally dealt with an outpouring of online harassment for her stances on the games industry’s need for broader representations of women, people of color, and queer characters.

Check out Feminist Frequency's dive into the benefits of male gaming privilege AFTER THE JUMP...

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Nine Ugandan Men Detained And Sexually Abused By Police For Suspected Homosexuality


Nine Ugandan gay men were accosted by a homophobic mob as they departed from the Rainbow Health Foundation’s STI health clinic in the rural western part of the country.

Police purportedly took the men into custody for their own protection, but upon arrival at police headquarters, the men were immediately charged under Ugandan sodomy laws. The men were subjected in invasive anal examinations to prove that the detained men were gay.

VIllage officials like the local council chairman have acknowledged that the men were detained, but have expressed that they have no sympathy for them.

The Rainbow Health Foundation has stepped forward and is now trying to raise funds to move the men to a safer location nearer to a city where they may be safe from further persecution. Funds can be directed to the organization through their PayPal e-mail address

“The young men are living in fear for their lives,” said Denis LeBlanc, editor of the 76Crimes blog. “Some are house hopping, others are hiding in fields; these young men are in real danger should they be found.”

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The Church of Scientology Wants You To Know The Many Different Names For Poppers

Screenshot 2015-01-30 15.13.35

The Foundation For a Drug-Free World, an organization founded and funded by the Church of Scientology, has been on a tour through New York City public schools teaching children about the evils of some of the world’s more popular recreation drugs.

While there’s nothing wrong with spreading useful information about the risks associated with drug use, the Foundation’s lesson plans, which have been published online, give the impression of being a little less than helpful.

Of particular interest are the massive collection of street names compiled for inhalants, all of which are generally undifferentiated from one another. For example did you know that poppers were also known as Satan’s Secret? Neither did we. Poppers' safety has, in fact, been the topic of debate in a number of medical circles recently, but somehow it seems difficult to imagine that sudden vision loss came up during these health "seminars."

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Choreographer Bobby Newberry's ‘Flight From Paris’ Stars High-Heel Dance Expert Yanis Marshall: MUSIC VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.34.40 PM

Choreographer and singer Bobby Newberry released a new music video for his single Flight From Paris exclusively on featuring high-heeled dance prodigy Yanis Marshall known for his sultry, fierce high-heeled choreography. Newberry spoke with Out saying the video was shot at Beso Hollywood and that production was rather hectic.

Said Newberry:

"This video actually came together very quickly... I wrote "Flight From Paris" with Intyce two weeks before we shot the video—which is a super quick turn around. I worked with Yanis Marshall for one full day to create the choreography, and then we had two rehearsals with the dancers. The next day we shot the video it was definitely hectic."

Jonathan Burdine provided style for the video dressing Newberry in a black leather kilt and used pieces from Balmain, Céline, Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, Top Shop, vintage pieces and Burdine originals. Newberry tells out that he met Marshall in Paris five years ago when the high-heeled aficionado attended a workshop Newberry hosted. Newborn spoke about his relationship with Marshall and the choreography in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.35.09 PMSaid Newberry:

"He's been a supporter of mine from the beginning, and I think he's so talented and such an awesome person. We've been planning on working together on something for a while now and this ended up just coming together so perfectly.

"I wore boots in the video, which were actually not that comfortable, LOL (sic). Yanis was in heels the entire day, naturally. I have danced in heels many times. It's definitely fun—but not my steez."

Watch Marshall and Newberry strut their stuff in the video for Flight From Paris, AFTER THE JUMP

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12 Men Arrested In Northern Nigeria In Violation of Sharia Law Forbidding Gay Marriage

NigeriaYet another group of men suspected of being gay have been arrested in Nigeria, this time in the northern, predominantly Muslim city of Kano where Sharia law is in effect. The 12 men were accosted by Sharia law enforcement at what was described as a “gay wedding.”

“We got information of the wedding four days earlier and our men stormed the venue while the wedding was about to start,” said commading officer Aminu “We have 12 men in custody, including the bride. We arrested them at the venue of a planned gay wedding.”

Faruk Maidguri claims that the people taken into custody had actually gathered to celebrate his birthday. He went on to accuse the police of singling out his friends because of their outwardly feminine demeanor.

In accordance with Nigerian law same-sex marriage is expressly forbidden, as is being a part of LGBT activist organizations. Sharia law in Nigeria features similar prohibitions, but carry much more severe, though rarely exercised, penalties such as physical punishment and death.

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Game Of Thrones News: Season 5 IMAX Trailer Leaked Online, ‘Winds Of Winter’ Won’t Be Published In 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.50.58 PM

The exclusive IMAX trailer for Game of Thrones season five leaked online today after the trailer premiered before IMAX screenings of the last two episodes of season four in select theaters around the nation. The leaked footage was shot on a filmgoer’s camera or phone; although the quality isn’t perfect, the audio is quite clear and the video quality is good enough to make out particular scenes and characters’ faces.

Season five primarily adapts George R.R. Martin’s fourth novel in the series, A Feast For Crows, and parts of his fifth and most recent novel, A Dance With Dragons. The publisher behind Martin’s sixth entry in the saga, The Winds of Winter, issued a statement today saying that the eagerly awaited sixty entry will likely not be published this year. However, the publisher did note that three of Martin’s previous novellas set in the world of Game of Thrones is set to release in a complete anthology in October, expanding upon past events in the world of Westeros and providing new insights on what is to come in the future of the series.

Luckily, the show continues to plug on for eager fans, and the trailer for season five doesn't disappoint. Watch Tyrion scheme with Varys the Spider, dragons roar and empires crumble (quite literally), before the video gets taken down, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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