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T.R. Knight Splits with Boyfriend Mark Cornelsen


Gatecrasher reports: "It's splitsville for T.R. Knight and his boyfriend of two years. Just weeks after he said he wanted to adopt a child, the former 'Grey's Anatomy' star, 36, reportedly asked 20-year-old Mark Cornelsen to move out of the apartment they shared. 'It just came to a natural end, no hard feelings,' says a friend. 'They still care about each other very much.'"

News: Iceland, T.R. Knight, PETA, Penguins, Karl Rove, Octuplets

road.jpg Portland Mayor Sam Adams back to work: "'Good morning, everybody,' he said to the reporters who rushed to meet him at the doors. 'Happy to be back,' he said. 'Ready to get to work.' He didn't miss a beat, didn't stop to chat. When a reporter tried to ask him about the most recent news reports, he didn't bite. 'I'm happy to answer questions about city business,' he said. Then he slipped into the City Council chamber, where he spent the next two hours discussing a bridge project."

Trknightroad.jpg T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen enjoy the gayest place on Earth.

road.jpg NBC bans PETA 'vegetable porn' commercial from Super Bowl - WATCH it.

road.jpg Married same-sex New York couples offered guidelines: "The five-page document, issued on January 26 by Lambda Legal, the Empire State Pride Agenda, the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the American Civil Liberties Union, outlines a dozen-and-a-half areas -- some broad-reaching, others more narrowly tailored -- in which the state's policy of recognizing marriages by same-sex couples who legally wed in other jurisdictions have implications for their day-to-day life here in New York." Get the doc HERE.

road.jpg Ryan Reynolds minds his muscles.

Sigurdardottirroad.jpg Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir to become Iceland's, world's first openly lesbian prime minister?

road.jpg House Judiciary Chair Conyers issues subpoena to Karl Rove: "I have said many times that I will carry this investigation forward to its conclusion, whether in Congress or in court, and today's action is an important step along the way. Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it. After two years of stonewalling, it's time for him to talk."

road.jpg Know your ABCs: The gay alphabet!

road.jpg Students across U.S. don T-shirts for 'Equality on Campus Day'.

road.jpg High-ranking French official comes out: "Roger Karoutchi, France’s Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations and a close friend of President Nicholas Sarkozy, has revealed he is gay. The former MEP and senator made the claim in an interview conducted in advance of the release of his autobiography."

road.jpg Openly gay attorney Michael Pollok running for Kirsten Gillibrand's seat.

Penguinsroad.jpg Necessary? Chinese zoo gives gay penguins a wedding. These are the same penguins who last month were segregated for stealing eggs and trying to raise a child.

road.jpg Octuplets born in California.

road.jpg Does it really matter if True Beauty contestant Joel Rush is pretty on the inside?

road.jpg Georgia man fights court order on visits with kids: "[Judge] Edwards ordered that neither of the parents could have 'overnight company with a member of the opposite sex, or with any person deemed to be a paramour, unrelated by blood or marriage, in the presence of a child.' One sentence later Edwards wrote: 'Additionally, defendant is prohibited from exposing the children to his homosexual partners and friends.' In his appeal, Mongerson’s attorneys write that such an order was an abuse of the court’s discretion. 'There was no evidence presented that and the court made no finding that exposing the parties’ children to any of Appellant’s homosexual friends would adversely affect the best interests of the children,' according to the appeal. 'Therefore, such a prohibition on appellant’s homosexual friends is an abuse of discretion.'"

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road.jpg Truth Wins Out launches effort to block Focus on the Family founder James Dobson's induction into the Radio Hall of Fame. Wayne Besen: "It is outrageous and insulting that James Dobson would be nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame. We believe that character counts and nominees should have careers based on honesty and integrity - not discrimination, distorting research and outright lying."

Missilesroad.jpg Iran state media Photoshops missile test image to make it seem more impressive.

road.jpg Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules benefits to gay couples following the 2004 marriage decision can't be applied retroactively.

road.jpg Spotlight on Jennifer Hudson's album cover.

road.jpg Following GLAAD's lead in April, Californians Against Hate launches boycott of San Diego's Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Petercookroad.jpg Divorce drama: beefcake GQ cover of Christie Brinkley's husband Peter Cook unearthed from 1981.

road.jpg California's Kern County rebuffs conservative group, refuses to ban same-sex marriages: " The Campaign for Children and Families hoped the passage of a gay marriage ban in Kern County would embolden other counties to follow suit. But supervisors declined to act on the measure after Bernard Barmann, the county's lawyer, said it would be illegal for the county to adopt its own same-sex marriage ban. The Kern County clerk's office stopped offering all marriage ceremonies on June 15, the day before gay marriage became legal."

road.jpg What's inside "Just for Men" hair color?

Cooperroad.jpg Bermuda man who attacked gay man with a machete gets seven years in prison: "Cooper, 26 – older brother of the murdered Cooper twins – had a history of violent crime and homophobia before he launched the attack on Shawn Nusum, 25, in the early hours of November 15 last year. His Supreme Court trial heard how he had taunted Mr. Nusum, of St. David's on previous occasions over his sexuality, calling him a 'faggot' and similar names. On the night in question, the pair got into a dispute in Club Ovation, Water Street, St. George's, when Cooper taunted Mr. Nusum once again. He later lay in wait for Mr. Nusum, and as he left the premises he hit him about the face with a machete. The victim suffered a fractured nose, jaw and cheekbone. A cut to his left eyebrow has left him unable to raise it, and he will be permanently scarred."

Poochesroad.jpg T.R. Knight and Mark Cornelsen take the kids out for a ride.

road.jpg Michael Jackson arrives in Vegas wearing pyjamas, a dreadlocked wig, a surgeon’s mask, a baseball cap and sunglasses.

road.jpg A Guide to the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival which kicks off tonight.

road.jpg Michelle Williams planning Heath Ledger film: "The actress - who was left devastated when her former fiance was found dead in his apartment after an accidental drug overdose in January - wants the actor's friends and co-stars to share their stories on him so little Matilda can see her father through their eyes."

road.jpg Former gay porn model "Lamar" killed in head-on collision following Chicago's black gay pride celebration.

road.jpg Lesbian adopted by lover into IBM family fights for share of fortune: "Patricia Spado was adopted by Olive Watson, the daughter of Thomas Watson Jr, in 1991 when the pair were both in their 40s and at a time when gay couples were not allowed civil partnerships. They lived together for 14 years but, a year after the adoption, their relationship ended. Miss Spado, now 60, claims the purpose of the adoption was to allow her to qualify as an heir to Miss Watson's inheritance."

T.R. Knight Surprised His Boyfriend Was Into Him


At yesterday's mass commitment ceremony in West Hollywood, Knight talked to Extra about his boyfriend Mark Cornelsen: "We've only been together for six months, so I think it's a little soon to consider marriage. It's bound to raise some eyebrows, but we love each other. He's an amazing guy. I was surprised he was interested! Even though he's not ready to tie the knot, Knight plans to do so someday. I think it's very important to honor marriage. I take it very seriously. And I'm glad I can finally take it seriously."

In related news, GLAAD thanked Jay Leno for his support in West Hollywood Wednesday night.

Leno, Knight, Shepard Attend Mass Commitment Ceremony in WeHo


A symbolic mass commitment ceremony (planned before California's same-sex marriage court decision) was held last night at the Abbey in West Hollywood. Above, WeHo Mayor Jeffrey Prang speaks to the assembled crowd.

I've also clipped a segment from local news station FOX 11, AFTER THE JUMP...


Jay Leno, Judy Shepard, and T.R. Knight were on hand to show their support. Despite Leno's history of cracking distasteful jokes about gays I think he needs to be given credit for showing up. It may be the gayest event he's ever been to, and, as we know, familiarity and exposure is the number one killer of ignorance and bigotry. So, we'll see.

Said Leno to the AP: "I have friends in the gay community. Who doesn't know gay people in Hollywood?"

Below, Jay's gayest look?


Leno even signed a symbolic marriage license:


T.R. Knight and Mark Cornelsen were looking dapper. Those ring pendants around their neck were likely supplied by Love and Pride, the jewelry company sponsoring the event.

Said Knight, who had late last month been rumored to be marrying Cornelsen: "There's a lot of hate around and until that hate disappears, you're going to have people trying to push down another group of people for whatever reason."


The AP reports: "This was a third year in a row that The Abbey, a popular lounge, kicked off Gay Pride month in Los Angeles with such a ceremony. Faded pink rose petals sprinkled the white carpet as a guitarist performed Pachelbel's 'Canon in D.' The crowd of family and friends gathered in support as their loved ones stood in front of the mayor of West Hollywood to take a vow. 'Your joined hands are outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual bond,' Mayor Jeffrey Prang said, 'signifying to all your commitment to each other and your commitment in vowing to vote and protect your right to love.' Then, before a cadre of television celebrities and the family of a modern gay rights martyr, the couples sealed the pledge with kisses."

A few of the couples marking their love to one another and a local News report from FOX 11, AFTER THE JUMP...

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No Rings Yet for Knight and Cornelsen

Cornelsen_knight_2Although T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen plan to appear at a symbolic mass "commitment ceremony" (planned before California's historic same-sex marriage ruling), they will not be making an official commitment to one another at that time , Knight tells Us magazine:

"Mark just moved here from San Francisco. To clarify, we are not having a commitment ceremony and I am not performing a commitment ceremony. Once you are given something that you were never allowed before, you realize how much of a second class person you were before. That is horrible and fantastic at the same time. It makes me want to sob and scream with joy all at the same time."


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