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Joel McHale Talks Homoerotic Humor, Gay Fans, Towleroad...


The Soup's Joel McHale talks to The Advocate's Brandon Voss about the show's homoerotic humor. McHale gives Towleroad a shout-out when asked, "When did you first realize that gay men enjoyed you?"

We did some bit for The Soup where I was in the shower, and it ended up on a number of gay websites. I thought, Well, I guess we’re reaching everybody. There’s also a guy on our staff named Matt Carney who plays the intern that we shoot all the time. When we had him half-naked and covered in oil, [] called him a "greasy treat." His dad just said, "Hey, at least you have fans."

Said post is here. P.S. - Mankini's a hot piece too!

Matt Carney Gets Lubed Up on The Soup


Evan Rachel Wood stopped by The Soup on Friday and got a greasy treat in the form of an oiled-up production assistant Matt Carney.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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