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 road Lithuania set to enact homophobic law forbidding distribution of LGBT rights information.

Barrowman  roadJohn Barrowman makes it look easy.

 roadIllinois to vote on bill tomorrow that would open door to employment discrimination. Call now.

 roadA bunch of resources for Chilean earthquake relief.

 roadSince the death of his former civil partner Kevin McGee, actor/comic Matt Lucas has lost a lot of weight.

 roadGQ to be first Conde Nast iPad title.

 roadCharlie Crist to quit GOP, run as independent?

 roadGlee cast doing 4-city concert tour in May.

 roadDeal closes, making lesbian part-owner of the Chicago Cubs.

 roadD.C. group to attempt Guinness World Record for largest gay wedding: "The largest gay wedding in history is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th in Washington, DC. Up to 400 couples will exchange vows breaking the current Guinness World Record. The celebration is part of an all-day series of events called Our Time Has Come, a title chosen to signify the long road that many couples have traveled to marriage. Events slated for March 20 include a large group ceremony, individual private ceremonies and a gala-style reception."

 roadJersey Shore cast raises the roof — literally.

Vietnam  roadGreat story: Gay couple, survivors of the Vietnam war, find peace.

 roadRussian religious and nationalist groups call on government to ban Gay Pride in St. Petersburg.

 roadCrack's back?

 roadNorthrop Grumman urged to reject Virginia as location for new headquarters over state's lack of protection for gay employees. Senator Richard Madaleno, in letter: "Here in Maryland, we value our gay and lesbian citizens as part of a diverse population that makes the state strong. Virginia is doing the opposite and letting its LGBT citizens -- and those considering whether to move and work there -- know that they and their families are unwelcome second-class citizens. And they are counting on corporations like yours not to care."

 roadAnother gay couple — Lexx and Jeff — are going for Crate & Barrel's Ultimate Wedding Contest.

Gardiner  roadSF gay rights activist Ben Gardiner dies: "Mr. Gardiner, who died last month of heart failure at the age of 88, was a key player in gay rights and HIV/AIDS issues, friends and family members said. He founded the first computerized AIDS bulletin board system in the nation, served as president of the now-defunct Stonewall Democratic Club, and worked on political campaigns, including those for former Supervisor Harvey Milk. A recovering addict who was sober for 58 years, Mr. Gardiner was also deeply involved in helping many others struggling with addiction."

 roadMale model fix: River Viiperi.

 roadCanadian court: Anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott not required to pay compensation to four people who complained he was exposing them to hatred via flyers he was distributing.

 roadGOP Strategist urges candidates to follow Bob McDonnell campaign tactics: "To be fair, McDonnell benefited from a weak general campaign opponent who never fully drew the support of the Virginia Democratic base. Nonetheless, biting his tongue on abortion, gay marriage and other hot button social issues (on which I'm sure he was more than willing to speak) netted him the support of independents and moderate conservatives who either stayed home or voted for Obama in 2008."

Ian McKellen Wants 'the Only Gay in the Village' to Tone It Down

DaffydIn a talk to students at Sudbury Upper School in the UK, actor Ian McKellen expressed his dissatisfaction with flamboyant portrayals of gay men, and also the word gay.

 Said McKellen: "The idea of camp can be misleading. I have to confess that I am little disquieted at times by the way that gays are portrayed, particularly on television. Something like Little Britain is not particularly helpful. I know Matt Lucas will say that he is gay and it is not offensive but I don't think it gets the right message across. If you are gay you don't have to be camp. Also the word gay has become used as a derogatory term and this is something which education can help to resolve. Either that or we choose another word to describe ourselves. I rather like another G word - glorious."

Ex-Husband of Comedian Matt Lucas Takes His Own Life


Kevin McGee (right), the former husband of Little Britain star Matt Lucas, reportedly hanged himself in his flat in Edinburgh after leaving a status update suicide note on Facebook that read, "Kevin McGee believes death is much better than life." He was found by police.

The Daily Mail reports: "McGee, a TV producer, is thought to have become deeply depressed over the past few months after breaking up with the comedian...Matt Lucas, 34, was said to be 'utterly destroyed' by the news and was being comforted by close friend and comedy partner David Walliams at his home in Marylebone, London. He was too devastated to comment last night and did not attend an awards ceremony where he and Walliams were due to make a guest appearance. He also pulled out of last night's performance of the West End play Prick Up Your Ears in which he is starring."

Lucas and McGee wed in a star-studded civil partnership ceremony in December 2006 and divorced in June 2008, in what was said to be the most high-profile divorce since same-sex civil partnerships began in the UK.

Matt Lucas, on Ingenuity


"I remember being in a chemist a few years ago, and a very loud girl who looked like Vicky Pollard came in with a bag of hot, vinegary chips that were stinking out the shop. The pharmacist said, 'Excuse me but there's a sign saying No Eating In The Shop.' And she said, 'Well I aint eating them.' And she wasn't – she was holding them in her hand. And I thought, well there you go, you've had a victory, haven't you? So I kind of, I admire Vicky – she has ingenuity."

Little Britain's Matt Lucas, on his character Vicky Pollard, in an interview with the Guardian.

Matt Lucas Submerged [tr]

Matt Lucas Submerged


Matt Lucas films a shot for Little Britain in a behind-the-scenes photo that's part of an exhibition of shots taken in Pinewood Studios massive underwater stage.

First Look: Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum


Here's one more shot from the preview of Tim Burton's upcoming Lewis Carroll adaptation Wonderland. The parts of Tweedledee and Tweedledum are played by Little Britain's Matt Lucas. Casting at its best.

In other Matt Lucas news, he's set to co-star in the upcoming West End production of Joe Orton's Prick Up Your Ears: "Lucas plays Orton's lover Kenneth Halliwell opposite Chris New as Orton in the show, which takes its inspiration from the Lahr bio and Orton's diaries rather than the 1987 pic of the same name. Daniel Kramer helms the play, produced by Sonia Friedman Prods., Kim Poster for Stanhope Prods. and Lee Menzies."

It's set to open September 17.

(via first showing)


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