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Gay Olympian Matthew Mitcham: Russian Persecution 'Horrific'


Olympian champion diver Matthew Mitcham has weighed in on the controversy over gay athletes and the Sochi 2014 Games. the Daily Telegraph reports:

"It's really sad. The way they are persecuting people in Russia is quite horrific...The Olympics is the best experience you will ever have as an athlete. Their whole memory and experience is going to be marred by this stuff. They are going to be made to feel unacceptable, inappropriate, and it is a really awful, awful feeling. The Olympics are supposed to be somewhere where they can go to be relieved of that feeling. A place where you can compete and feel that gender and sexuality is not an issue."

Aussie Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham Has Funky Trunks


Gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham looks just as good in boxer briefs as he does in a speedo, which explains why Funky Trunks underwear asked the Aussie to model their drawers.

Check out a few more images, via BuzzFeed, AFTER THE JUMP.

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What It's Like to Run Your Fingers Along Matthew Mitcham's Spine: VIDEO


The spine of his new book, Twists and Turns, of course.

Watch him at a recent appearance at Australia's Booktopia, AFTER THE JUMP...

He also described the book thusly: "It’s the story of my life from birth to present, with absolutely no omissions whatsoever (after all, 24 is really young to write a book!) but it is a very warts-and-all biography, talking about everything from sports to depression, living like a caveman, coming to terms with sexuality, and all the (mis)adventures in between."

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Gay Australian Olympian Matthew Mitcham to Chat on Google+ Today


Gay Olympic gold-medalist diver Matthew Mitcham will be chatting on Google+ today at 6pm EST. You can follow it, and submit your questions now, HERE.

On Friday, news broke that among the revelations in Mitcham's new memoir Twists and Turns is his confesion that he battled addiction to crystal meth in 2011.

Watch a news report about it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham Battled Crystal Meth Addiction in 2011

A bombshell revelation from his new autobiography Twists and Turns is that gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham was battling an addiction to crystal meth in the years leading up to the London Olympics, at which he failed to medal:

MitchamThe Sydney Morning Herald reports that following his Olympic win in 2008 after still failing to be ranked as World #1, he descended into depression:

Self-doubt came crashing back, fuelled by injury. Secretly smoking crystal meth to boost his moods, he was soon in the grip of addiction.

He knew the drug's dangers. But ''taking it was something I did … to take my mind off things that were upsetting me - to make me feel better about myself.''

The openly gay Mitcham has climbed back from last year's depths with the aid of Narcotics Anonymous, a drug rehabilitation clinic, hypnotherapy and the support of his inner circle. He's chased the demons away and is training for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

In therapy still, he believes he is happier and healthier. As for fully understanding himself, he writes: ''The answers continue to elude me. I may work it out one day.''

Said Mitcham to Australia's Nine News program 60 Minutes: "I certainly was addicted to crystal meth...I just felt like such a massive sham."

Here's the preview to his 60 Minutes interview.

(via outsports)

Gay Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham to Release Autobiography

Matthew Mitcham, the gay Australian Olympic gold-medalist, will release a memoir called Twists and Turns in December, GNN reports:

MitchamTo be released by HarperCollins in December, Mitcham’s book will also take a closer look at the anxiety and “crippling self doubt” that he has battled as a teenager and young adult, which at one point forced him to give up diving and head to the local circus so he could earn an income. 

“People kept remarking on how they were surprised that a gold medal and fame hadn’t changed me,” Mitcham writes in a blurb for the book.

“I always responded, ‘Why would I change? Being me is the easiest person to be’. I was lying. It wasn’t.”...

...Twists and Turns also sees the 24-year-old Brisbane-born sports star discussing his effort at this year’s London Olympics where he failed to defend his crown after missing out on qualifying for the final. With an abdominal injury affecting his preparation for the London Games, Mitcham writes that his self-doubt and depressive tendencies returned with a vengeance.


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