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Brothers and Sisters: The, Commitment



As promised, last night's Brothers and Sisters featured the commitment ceremony between Kevin and Scotty that all the cast members were gabbing about on Friday, preceded by an uncomfortable visit to Scotty's parents, who refused to attend. I've clipped that scene below.

I clipped the commitment ceremony, AFTER THE JUMP...

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A Brothers and Sisters Gay Union Preview


That's one fine looking couple.


USA Today visited the set of the big Brothers and Sisters commitment ceremony and collected quotes from some of the regulars.

Matthew Rhys, on the wedding cake topper: "Is it a man and a woman? Oh, it's two men. Fantastic. There were jokes made that they wouldn't be able to find two men, so they'd have to doctor the woman by adding a moustache. It's all very progressive, evolved and about time."

Rhys on the ceremony and wardrobe: "Luke and I were rehearsing who was to stand where, which would put one of us in the woman's position, and a few comments were made. And neither of us was going to wear a white suit while the other wore black."

Calista Flockhart: "It's a milestone, and I was really quite pleased that I got to be a part of it."

Rob Lowe: "It's pretty romantic in there."

Chad Lowe, who was visiting the set: "I'm here to witness history."

Balthazar Getty on Dave Annable's character being best man: "Dave's been locked in his dressing room, crying."

Annable: "Balthazar couldn't handle not being best man."

And here are some additional SPOILERS: "the liberal-leaning show does attempt to recognize those who oppose gay marriage by introducing Scotty's disapproving parents, who skip the ceremony. That volatile relationship is expected to be explored in Season 3. Another possibility: children.

Luke Macfarlane: "Kitty makes a speech about Scotty and Kevin building a family, which hopefully is foreshadowing."

Executive producer Monica Breen: "They will be a family. Kevin deserves a stable relationship in the same way that Kitty, Sarah and all the others deserve it. He will be facing many questions in his life — but now he has someone to share that with."

And if you missed it, last week's proposal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Big Gay Moment on Brothers and Sisters


One of two big gay moments from last night's Brothers and Sisters (SPOILER warning), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #116

BROTHERS & SISTERS: Dealing with coming out of the closet.

HIT RECORD: A short film by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

MORE CHRIS CROCKER: What's wrong with showin' a little leg? (via slog)

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Eric Winter Cast as Rob Lowe's Gay Bro on Brothers & Sisters


[[SPOILER WARNING]] According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, Days of Our Lives soap hunk Eric Winter has been cast as Sen. McCallister's (Rob Lowe) gay brother on the hit ABC show Brothers & Sisters. Winter's character, who has been referred to often but never seen, will make his first appearance in April.

According to Ausiello, "Kitty initially mistakes him for being one of the senator's frat brothers. When the truth comes out, she immediately fixes him up with Kevin -- to disastrous results."

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News: Wanda Sykes, Baker's Dozen, Anti-war Rally, Matthew Rhys

road.jpg Blogger Lane Hudson reports from the anti-war rally in DC over the weekend: "The most striking thing that I noticed was the diversity of people present. Young and old, rich and poor, all kinds of races and cultures, and liberals and moderates. Heck, maybe there were even a few Republicans present! (I did see a fur coat!) These are the faces of our progressive movement. We are like herding cats, yet we always manage to come together for a cause. Not everyone there had the same opinions on the war. We didn't all agree with every speaker. But, we all agree on one thing. We need a change of course on Iraq policy."

Banksy_2road.jpg Thieves aren't the only ones targeting the sought-after graffiti of street artists like Banksy. Now, vandals are after it too: "The passion for destruction is a creative passion. We are all capable of manifesting our desires directly, free of representation and commodification. We will continue manifesting ours by euthanizing your bourgeois fad."

road.jpg Clay Aiken caught on webcam again?

road.jpg AfterElton talks to Matthew Rhys of Brothers & Sisters about his gay character Kevin. Recently, his co-star, actor Jason Lewis, told Extra that kissing a man onscreen was "scary". Does Rhys feel the same? "I don't think it's ever really problematic. I just think if you're fortunate enough to be confident and secure in yourself, and you know it's a role you play, I don't see where the problem lies, really. Actually, my first theater job was a gay part with a lot of kissing it in it. So, I wouldn't say it was a hurdle really, but I got over that really early on. You realize there's nothing to it."

road.jpg Happy two-year anniversary to our friends Josh & Josh.

Harrysoldierroad.jpg Prince Harry back with his regiment.

road.jpg Wanda Sykes on Ellen: "Gay is the new black."

road.jpg The New Year's Eve Baker's Dozen assaultthe latest: "At midnight the partygoers formed a circle in the dining room with the Baker's Dozen members, who were dressed in blazers, ties and khakis. They locked arms and sang 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' Fairman recalled the uninvited guest being annoyed and announcing, 'This is the gayest s -- I ever heard. What a bunch of fags.' 'I think he was envious of these boys who were talented, likable and having a good time. I think that's why it all started,' she said."


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