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The Gay Legacy of 'Glee'


When Glee ends its six-season run tonight with a special two-hour finale, its legacy will certainly be mixed. The show debuted in 2009 and became an instant phenomenon -- spawning hit singles, sold-out concerts, a reality competition series and a 3-D film. In the beginning, the fresh-faced cast and the delightfully wicked Jane Lynch drew praise for bringing Ryan Murphy’s twisted vision to life. It was a rare achievement, and still one of the only successful TV musicals of all time.

But even the freshman season was far from flawless. Wildly uneven tone and quality plagued the series, while tribute episodes and guest appearances weighed down the already cumbersome (and at times nonsensical) narratives. Glee could be great, but as the run soldiered on -- ushering its protagonists through graduation, college and beyond -- the great moments were further and further between.

What has been consistent, however, is the show’s celebration of individuality and commitment to its queer characters. Say what you will about the artistic quality of the work, but its impact on mainstream television cannot be denied.

See some of the reasons why Glee was a game-changer for gay teens on TV, AFTER THE JUMP

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Glee's Bully Karofsky Accepts That He's a Gay Bear Cub: VIDEO



My favorite moment from last night's Glee. The boys paid a visit to local gay bar scandals and Kurt ran into his former bully Karofsky.

"People like me here, I feel accepted. I'm what they call a 'bear cub'...because I'm burly or something."


(Sorry for the quality. All I could find.)

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'Glee' Going All The Way [SPOILERS]


TV Line's Michael Ausiello has dumped a number of big spoilers from Glee's upcoming sex-themed episode, which promises some groundbreaking gay events.

More (warning: spoilers), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: Max Adler Stops by 'Good Day LA' to Talk About 'Glee', Bullying, and Kissing Chris Colfer


Karofsky stopped by Good Day L.A. yesterday to chat with hosts Jillian Reynolds, Steve Edwards and Dorothy Lucey about his groundbreaking role on Glee.


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Glee's Bully Max Adler Shirtless with a Puppy


Sent in by a Karofsky-loving tipster. Inside every bully there's a sensitive guy waiting to come out.


Watch: Glee's Bully Max Adler Says 'It Gets Better' [tr]
Glee Bully Max Adler on Kissing Kurt — 'First Time I've Kissed a Guy, and I'm Glad it was Chris Colfer' [tr]

Watch: Glee's Bully, Max Adler, Says 'It Gets Better'


Glee's Max Adler, who plays the most prominent bullier of gays on TV today, speaks out against anti-gay bullying in his own "It Gets Better" video.

Love this guy.


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