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News: Nate Silver, Jeremy Renner, Marriage Money, Gaza

1NewsIcon Miami bar Tobacco road has been many things in its 100 years, including a gay bar.

Cookies-food-green-marijuana-weed-Favim.com-2217411NewsIcon With weed food possibly going mainstream in Colorado and Washington, CBS News takes a look at some cooks crafting foods that will make you smile.

1NewsIcon Some low ball estimates for immediate revenue Maryland, Maine and Washington could enjoy once same-sex marriages get up and running: "Wedding-related spending for in-state couples is projected be about $16 million in Maine, $63 million in Maryland and $89 million in Washington."

1NewsIcon On Dean Chambers' attacks on Nate Silver and his "voodoo statistics": "There was more than a touch of homophobia to the criticism (Silver is gay), not to mention an aversion to scientific rationalism that has come to characterize certain segments of the conservative right. (Gawker compared the attack to "something like a jock slapping a math book out of a kid’s hands and saying, 'NICE NUMBERS, FAG.'")"

1NewsIcon An Israeli airstrike on Gaza City killed eleven people today.

1NewsIcon Oh, Rupert Murdoch: "Why is the Jewish owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?"

Allenwest1NewsIcon Tea Party Rep. Allen West's supporters are losing their minds after election officials failed to meet a recount deadline, meaning that, as expected, Democratic rival Patrick Murphy will take West's seat in Washington, though not before more right wing protests, of course.

1NewsIcon Adam Roberts somehow got great chefs to share their best kept culinary secrets. Now he's passing them on to you. How delicious.

1NewsIcon "Because You're So Sweet"

1NewsIcon Just for the record, David Beckham is not leaving the LA Galaxy to play in Australia.

1NewsIcon Michael Fassbender rubbed up on co-star Ryan Gosling while shooting Terrence Malick's new film in Mexico.

1NewsIcon The happiest of birthdays to Rachel McAdams.

1NewsIcon Check out Fiona Apple's new track for This Is 40.

1NewsIcon Don't expect marriage equality in Pennsylvania, at least not without federal or SCOTUS intervention: "Gov. Tom Corbett and many in the Republican-controlled General Assembly oppose gay marriage, and state law barring it would have to be repealed or struck down by a court. Those on both sides of the issue say the commonwealth's political climate has not forced lawmakers to take a stand on the issue, which isn't viewed as a high priority."

Rennersnl1NewsIcon Jeremy Renner and the SNL cast had a ball sending-up The Avengers last night.

1NewsIcon The origin of Twitter-born words: "Jacob Eisenstein at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and colleagues examined 30 million tweets sent from US locations between December 2009 and May 2011... After collecting the data, the team built a mathematical model that captures the large-scale flow of new words between cities. The model revealed that cities with big African American populations tend to lead the way in linguistic innovation."

1NewsIcon Cynthia Deford, a lesbian mother in Washington state, has started a petition to ban teachers from campaigning for political causes in school after her daughter's teacher wore a button supporting a ban on gay marriage there.

Meet Michael Fassbender's Well-Endowed Robot, David: VIDEO


Ridley Scott's Prometheus film wishes happy birthday to its highly-skilled robot, David.


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Ridley Scott Returns to Sci-Fi with 'Prometheus': VIDEOS


At the end of his news round-up yesterday, Brandon posted a video (not working on a lot of your sites) featuring the trailer for Ridley Scott's return to the world he helped define with Alien and Blade RunnerPrometheus. With Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Guy Pearce. Written by Lost's Damon Lindeloff, this should be summer's sci-fi treat.

Here are two trailers, the U.S. and International.


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Where Michael Fassbender's End Got Its Start: VIDEO


The folks at Gay.net did a little bit of exploring and found the 1998 commercial Michael Fassbender was referring to in a recent W Magazine story when he said:

“From the start of my career, I’ve been naked. My first job was a commercial for SAS airlines. In the spot, I wake up in a pink room next to a beautiful blonde girl and get out of bed naked. From that point forward, it’s been in all of my contracts: He must be naked in this film.”

Check it out (warning not sfw), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Movies: Haywire Punches Handsome Men In The Face


Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender, faking couplehood in Haywire

...would live in the movie theater but for the poor internet reception. He blogs daily at the Film Experience. Follow him on Twitter @nathanielr.

If you've ever wanted to see Ewan McGregor or Channing Tatum punched in the face repeatedly, HAYWIRE is your movie. At one time or another, the actors take quite a believable pummelling from rogue CIA agent Mallory (Gina Carano) in Steven Soderbergh's experimental action picture. Soderbergh first spotted his new muse, a real life mixed martial arts champ, while channel-surfing and was so transfixed he ended up building a feature around her. 'Why can't there be a female James Bond?' went his reasoning. He must have meant it in a loose sense for Mallory is no Bond. She's not super verbal, isn't at all comfortable at elegant black tie events, and has no discernible signature catchphrase. She orders no martinis, neither shaken nor stirred.

Carano's lack of acting experience shows when she's not fighting but thankfully that isn't often. Soderbergh, ever a resourceful director, keeps forcing her to dodge bullets, fists, and sharp objects. His fascination with Carano's athleticism pays off in the action sequences but the movie is curiously flat story-wise. We hop around the Globe with Mallory on assignment or for escape but, like her, we're always behind the story curve. For all we can figure they're making up the story as they go along as Mallory meets each new shifty coworker or employer. For what it's worth that's one piece of man candy after another: Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Matthieu Kassovitz, Antonio Banderas. (Perhaps Soderbergh was already thinking about his follow up, the Channing Tatum male stripper movie Magic Mike?)

More Haywire (Plus: Carol Channing and Jamie Bell) AFTER THE JUMP...

Gina tops Fassbender. He's always horizontal these days!

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Movies: "Shame" and The Awards Season Kick-Off

Michael Fassbender empties out in "Shame"

...would live in the movie theater but for the poor internet reception. He blogs daily at the Film Experience. Follow him on Twitter @nathanielr.

This time of year I am inundated with awards screeners. Studios send them out to awards voters hoping their films will be considered "Best". The disc for SHAME, a haunting NYC-set sexual addiction drama which opened yesterday in select theaters came in a minimalist pure white sleeve with only the title and a barely visible "for your consideration" adorning it. It's as naked as Michael Fassbender's star turn. Though I'd seen the film just two months ago, I popped it in the player hoping to let its riveting images and mesmerizing rhythms wash over me as I wrote a review. Instead the screen stayed black. The depressing message "Skipping Over Damaged Area" was all my DVD player would show me.

If one were to skip past the damaged, in a figurative sense, one would have to skip the entire film. Brandon (Fassbender) is a compulsive sex addict who lives in a pristine, virtually empty apartment and works in an equally characterless office. It's a smart bit of art direction as there's room for nothing in his life but sex. His answering machine, which we hear on loop in a ritualistic opening sequence, is filled with come-ons. His bed is only empty if he's out looking for someone to put in it. His computer is overflowing with porn ("your hard drive is filthy" his friend and boss remarks with amusement and whiff of judgmental incredulity). Just as we've become acquainted with Brandon's obsessive routines they're thrown off their usual course by a visit from his sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan). Her brother may come across like a numb sex zombie, but she's a livewire, a needy open wound.

MORE, including the first cries of "Best!" for Awards Season, AFTER THE JUMP...


Sissy: I'm trying to help you?
Brandon: How are you helping me? You come in here and you're a weight on me.

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