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News: Kiss-In, Speedo, Another Stage Collapse, Mummified Hair

HarryFireman  road Designer Michael Kors and his long-time boyfriend, Lance Le Pere, tied the knot in Southampton on Tuesday. Said Kors of the event: "To marry someone as wonderful and special to me as Lance barefoot on a glorious beach is more than I could have dreamed of."

 road Can you match these abs with their famous bodies?

 road Remember the planned kiss-in to protest Pope Benedict's Spain visit? Coppers squashed it: "The activists had planned to join up on the major artery Calle Serrano along which the pope later travelled in his white, bullet-proof popemobile for a welcoming cermony in Plaza Cibeles square. But a few hundred metres from their planned meeting point and an hour before the pope passed by, a cordon of police block the demonstrators' way and forced them to disperse."

 road "A 61-year-old lifeguard is suing New York for age discrimination because he wasn't allowed to wear his preferred swimsuit during an annual qualification test." Roy Lester says he would rather wear swim jammers than a speedo.

AnnieInterview  road Prince Harry plays with firemen -- and women.

 road New Jersey bridal shop won't serve lesbian because of her "illegal" same-sex nuptials.

 road Anne Hathaway on the cover of Interview.

 road Jane Lynch, her wife and daughter attended Fox's Glee sing-a-long, and they are just precious. How can conservatives look at this family and still claim same-sex parents don't count?

 road Scientists unlock weed's genetic secrets.

 road Rick Perry will address the Christian conservative group Cornerstone in October. In case you're not familiar, that group endorses "ex-gay" therapy. Considering all the press surrounding Marcus Bachmann's "ex-gay" clinics, and Michele Bachmann's eagerness to avoid the topic, one wonders whether Perry will face similar scrutiny in the mainstream media.

 road The Michele Bachmann movie that is not really about Michele Bachmann.

 road Sean Hayes returning to television for show about gay days. "I'm very excited," said the Will & Grace actor.

 road After walking out on Piers Morgan, Christine O'Donnell hangs up on radio interview. Man, her book tour is not starting on the right note.

 road Frances Bean Cobain is 19-years old. How old do you feel?

 road Ron Paul supporter wants to know if you -- or, really, anyone -- has ever had sex with Rick Perry.

Egyptian  road Poor, sad Glenn Beck. No one wants to buy his book.

 road Sting? "At least 100 gay priests across Italy were blackmailed by two southerners who used social networking websites to meet them, Italian weekly Panorama reported on Friday. The pair asked the priests for up to 10,000 euros each to keep quiet about their virtual sex sessions via webcam and in some cases, actual encounters..."

 road Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has done an about-face and admitted to frequenting a strip club, but says he stopped going because "I'm a Christian." Because Christians don't go to strip clubs?

 road Three-thousand year old cemetery reveals that Egyptians had their hair did before being entombed.

 road At least two people dead after stage collapses in Belgium, only four days after a similar tragedy in Indiana.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #755: It Gets Better Edition

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, fashion designer and Project Runway judge Michael Kors, actor Kyle Dean Massey of Next to Normal, and the Brooklyn-based band Baby Alpaca, lend their voices to the "It Gets Better" project.

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Guestblogger ANDREW HARMON

Andrew Harmon has been roving among the shows at New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Towleroad. Harmon is the former West Coast Editor for DNR/Menswear and a contributor to Los Angeles, The Advocate and Women’s Wear Daily. Earlier this week, Harmon filed a preliminary report, which you can read here.

John-Bartlett In between shows this week, my friend Kurt and I stepped into John Bartlett’s West Village boutique under the pretext of Just looking, thanks. It was a few days after Bartlett had been hogtied in reviews by a few men’s editors, who among other things complained that the models in his dressed-up-for-the-Depression-bread-line show looked more like David Barton Gym slaves than malnourished workers subsisting on gruel and Chesterfields. (What did they expect, Bartlett goes twink? Right.)

The store was empty, less the sales clerk and Bartlett’s three-legged dog, Tiny Tim, who encouraged me to try on a down vest with wool check plaid shoulders that gave the illusion, however slight, of Bartlett beefiness. Sold. No thanks to Kurt.

But spending money one doesn’t have is clearly the ultimate vulgarity in this epoch, and if Carrie Bradshaw were still around, I imagine she’d be about as popular as Elena Ceausescu during the Romanian Revolution. So like many, my further shopping habits this year will be drib-drab at best. Thankfully, we won’t all have to go too Banana Republicky, because there are a few tight pieces to be had this week in New York, and I imagine more than one will be on the clearance rack come fall.

Stand-outs in my book:

Gilded-Age  Michael-Bastian

Gilded Age and Michael Bastian both evoked that one red-flag guy in every fraternity who can actually dress: collegiate and masculine, but you know he’s got copies of VMan  and i-D stuffed somewhere in his study carrel. I’d lose the blazer on this Gilded look and show off the fair isle cardigan sweater underneath. Perfect for parents’ weekend. Ditto the varsity jacket at Bastian.

Thom-Browne  Loden

If adequately trust-funded, he may be adding this exquisite piece from Thom Browne, who presented at his showroom Thursday in lieu of the usual runway theatrics that were shipped to Pitti Uomo last month. Even if a true Browne devotee is the sort of bristly Sartorialist addict who would never accompany you on a 1 a.m. trip to McDonald’s, the designer is living proof of Richard Martin’s axiom that fashion, however pervasive, remains an underappreciated visual art form.  

But back to knits: Despite Loden Dager’s soporific show at the General Society’s Library, the collective offered up a series of accessible, rugged cardigans, some with leather buttons that bridged the divide between bohemian and longshoreman. Earthy lavender is definitely a pop-color this season, finding its way into the label’s roomy trousers pegged at the ankle (must everyone roll their cuffs these days?).

Band-of-outsiders  Marc-by-marc

Earlier this week I left the Band of Outsiders show aglow, then wondered if it was just the sublime presentation that tricked me into submission. After a second look, I stand firm: This double-breasted blazer is about as boy chic as it gets.

I’ve only seen Marc Jacobs in person once in my life. Last March he was slouched in a high-backed leather booth at The Abbey in West Hollywood, texting and ignoring the insouciant 22-year-olds flanking him. Since then his clothes have taken on a bit of a bratty sheen for me. So it was refreshing to see pieces like this jacket at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Punched up with a colorful woven shirt, it channeled my favorite deadpan soundbyte from Kelly Cutrone: “Fashion is fun, just remember. Fashion. Is. Fun.” 

Michael-Kors  Spurr

If you’re not blinded by the orange in Michael Kors’ collection that approximates the designer’s permatan, you’ll see a fantastic wool coat in an asphalt palette that begs closer inspection. Spurr, which I mentioned in a post earlier this week, has this sublime down jacket in amber. It doesn’t appear to be very technical in its fabrication, though I could still see a fashionisto sporting it for spring skiing in Aspen.  

What to avoid? Hate to say it, but Phillip Lim 3.1’s small collection was disappointing. My neighbor Carol can work the hell out of his fantastic cropped jackets, but the men’s line is still largely inscrutable. There were a lot of interesting plaid suits this week, but Lim’s was not among them.

Robert-Geller  Robert-Geller-2

The love affair with Robert Geller hasn’t hit me yet. Clearly he has talent. No one wins GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America award by accident. But the show’s aesthetic  — Oscar and Bosie meet the goth kids on South Park — didn’t leave me terribly inspired. Except for this leather jacket, one of the best I’ve seen. I’m all for avant-garde, but please explain to me this subsequent model, who wore a fringed, burgundy afghan belted at the waist, like a five-year-old’s first attempt at drag in the family living room.

Earlier this week...
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(Top B&W image: Backstage at Robert Geller. Kevin Tachman for Towleroad)

(look images marcio madeira, men.style.com)

News: Miss Croatia, Cows, Ian Thorpe, Super Bowl, Sam Adams

road.jpg New push for 'civil partnerships' launched in Arizona: "In essence, it would provide every benefit and requirement that now exists under state marriage laws — every one, that is, except the actual word 'marriage.' It would set up procedures for courts to dissolve the partnerships, just like a divorce, with the same grounds. The measure is being pushed by Mesa resident Gino Meriano, who owns Pink Weddings, which helps gay couples organize civil-commitment ceremonies."

Faggotryroad.jpg Miss Croatia worried "faggotry" is advancing in her country.

road.jpg Is Andrea Mitchell a secret gay icon?

road.jpg Civil unions backed by majority in Hawaii House.

road.jpg Super Bowl XLIII for the clueless.

road.jpg Elderly UK couple protests adoption agency grant of grandchildren to gay couple: "When the grandfather protested, he was told: 'You can either accept it, and there's a chance you'll see the children twice a year, or you can take that stance and never see them again.' The man said last night: 'It breaks my heart to think that our grandchildren are being forced to grow up in an environment without a mother figure. We are not prejudiced, but I defy anyone to explain to us how this can be in their best interests.'"

road.jpg Dustin Lance Black to sign the shooting script of Milk at Book Soup in Los Angeles on Monday, February 2.

Cowroad.jpg Cows that are given names like Daisy, Gertrude or Buttercup produce more milk than cows that aren't named.

road.jpg New trial starts for San Diego firefighters claiming sexual harassment for being forced to participate in a Gay Pride parade. The last trial ended in October in a mistrial after the jury said it was deadlocked.

road.jpg Rosie O'Donnell quits blogging: "When I started to blog, no one knew what a blog was. Then it got so commonplace, it was kind of being used on entertainment shows as edited pieces. I was like, 'It's not worth it.' It wasn't providing the joy that it used to."

road.jpg NYC fashion mavens Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi are through with 29-inch waists.

road.jpg Portland Mayor Sam Adams' spokesman Wade Nkrumah resigns: "Nkrumah's resignation less than a month into Adams' term is the first public resignation by a staff person in Adams' office since the mayor admitted last week to lying about his sexual relationship with 18-year-old Beau Breedlove. Nkrumah offered no comment on the reasons for his resignation." TIME: Can Adams Survive?

road.jpg Canadian lesbian couple say physician denied them treatment because they are gay.

road.jpg Britney Spears releases rehearsal photos, seating chart for 3-ring Circus tour.

Thorpedoroad.jpg Man the Thorpedo!

road.jpg Travolta extortion doc revealed: "Sources connected with the investigation tell us John Travolta told EMT workers he wanted to fly his son to Florida rather than drive by ambulance to the hospital....which was 45 minutes away. There was a disagreement over which course would be better. John felt initially it might take the same amount of time to get his son to Florida where he might get better care."

road.jpg Australian researcher sees rise in casual unprotected sex between serodiscordant men: "Between 2003 and 2006, there was an increase in the numbers of HIV-negative gay men in Sydney who reported having unprotected anal intercourse with casual HIV-positive partners, report researchers in the online edition of AIDS and Behavior. However the researchers do not believe that these men form 'a core group of high risk men'."

road.jpg Michael Kors hit with trademark infringement lawsuit.

road.jpg Texas won't allow gay divorce: "Attorney General Greg Abbott said that since Texas law prohibits same-sex marriages and civil unions, the men could not be divorced in Texas since their union is not recognized to exist in Texas. The men, who have asked that their names remain private, were married in Cambridge, Mass., in 2006. Peter Schulte, who represents the plaintiff, said he plans to argue that the U.S. Constitution dictates that states recognize contracts from other states."

road.jpg USMC: Your tax dollars at work.

Michael Kors Sparkles on Halloween


Fashion designer and Project Runway judge Michael Kors showed up at Bette Midler's Halloween bash for the New York Restoration Project looking like his teeth needed restoring. Or is that just a stab at Elton and British dental hygiene?


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