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Calvin Klein's Ex-BF Announces He's Straight, Crashes Gay Party, Gets Kicked Out

Nick-gruber-hot1Take a look at Nick Gruber, and you may recognize him for a number of reasons. You may have seen his work as a fashion and fitness model, a gay porn actor, or simply Calvin Klein's former boytoy and train wreck. If so, then you should know that Gruber has enlisted the help of a new publicist, Matt Rich, to help erase most of that from your memory and brand him with a new squeaky-clean public persona. Gruber subsequently celebrated his newly-announced straighthood by attending a party thrown by porn-entrepreneur Michael Lucas on Fire Island over the weekend. Then, after reportedly telling people not to touch him, Gruber was kicked out of the event. 

Lucas gave his account of the event on his Facebook page:

"This weekend was "Ascension" - the biggest party of the summer on Fire Island. Every year I buy a large VIP tent that's up above the dance floor, where I invite my friends.

I saw this arrogant guy who was being rude to people, shoving two guys away after they bumped into him. I heard him say, "keep your hands away from me! I"m straight!" So I went over to him, and asked him why he was being so rude. 

He said, 'I am straight, and I don't want any gay people to touch me.' At which point, I told him 'you're leaving.' He said, 'do you know who I am?' I said, 'I don't know, and I don't even want to know who you think you are.'

Then he said, 'try me.' I said 'watch me'. I called over to security and had him hauled away without his feet even touching the floor. Then someone explained to me that this is the ex boyfriend of Calvin Klein, Nick Gruber, who just 'came out' as 'straight.'"

Calvin-klein-nick-gruberNot surprisingly, Rich released a different version of the incident to Gawker and Michael Musto on Gruber's behalf:

“Nick was the guest of Hal Rubenstein and David Nichols and wasn't familiar with how these mass events work in terms of ‘areas’ and VIP areas. Nick overreacted when he was told to leave one area. He is sending a private apology to Mr. Lucas. It was Nick’s first time at Fire Island, and he was glad to be there with several friends and support the cause.”

And as for Gruber's supposed aversion to phyisical contact with gay people? Rich explained that to HuffPost Gay Voices:

"After about the fifth guy grabs your ass, you say, 'Look, I'm not interested.' He apologized. He didn't know what kind of party this was going to be."

Gruber himself finally explained his reluctance to wear the "gay" label in his interview with Gawker:

"That’s false information. I don’t believe in labels, I believe in what my heart tells me I love. If people say, 'What are you?' I say, 'I’m not gay. I’m straight, but I believe in love.'"

Calvin Klein, Gruber's reported former "sugar daddy", has yet to comment on any of the latest controversy, instead opting to keep a low profile and finish building his mansion in Southampton by Labor Day, according to the New York Post

LGBT Group Holds NY Town Hall On Russia


Over 150 people gathered in New York yesterday at the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center to discuss the Russian Federation's continued escalating hostility towards LGBT persons. The meeting was organized by Queer Nation NY and welcomed presentations from Russian LGBT group RUSA LGBT co-President Nina Long. The meeting was well attended by Russian and Eastern European ex-pats living in New York in addition to prominent activists and allies including AIDS activist Andy Velez, journalist Andy Humm, activists Randy Wicker, Jamie Bauer, Ira Manhoff, attorney Joan Gibbs, openly gay New York State Senator Brad Hoylman and his predecessor Tom Duane. According to Queer Nation:

Following the presentations, attendees had a wide-ranging discussion about how the community should respond. There was support for a continuing boycott of Russian products, including Russian vodka, and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at Sochi. Other ideas included pressing the New York City mayoral candidates to oppose the recently enacted Russian law that bans any pro-gay statements in public or private and on the Internet to pressing Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, to offer Lake Placid, the site of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, as an alternative to Russia where the 2014 Games are scheduled to be held.  

Other proposals included picketing the September 23 Opening Night Gala at the The Metropolitan Opera. The performers that evening will include soprano Anna Netrebko and conductor Valery Gergiev, both are supporters of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president and a champion of the anti-gay law. Attendees also suggested denying U.S. travel visas to anti-gay Russian politicians and funneling money and support to LGBT activists in Russia. Duane proposed that he and a group travel to Russia to directly confront the anti-gay law. People also proposed targeting the sponsors of the 2014 Games. 

New York Magazine interviewed a number of the Russian emigres in attendance, asking them about their experiences coming to America and what they think should be done in response to Russia's anti-gay laws. Roman Mamanov, 30, who came to New York last October, was a TV presenter in Russia like Anton Krasovsky but feared for his safety after coming out:

"My colleagues knew I was gay. I got threats on my life in messages and phone calls. So I quit. I'm seeking asylum here. I want to still be a journalist. I want to get some education here. I feel secure here. I have friends and opportunities here."

Also in attendance, porn producer and PrEP advocate Michael Lucas advocated action in response to the Russian laws:

"I think it's important to put the pressure on the International Olympics Committee and also to boycott the Games. Some people are saying, 'Oh, but so many athletes are training so hard.' There are millions of gay Russians who are suffering versus some athletes."

Queer Nation plans to have a follow up meeting to be held at The LGBT Center on August 21 which will be attended by Russian journalist Masha Gessen who recently announced she will leave Russia out of fear for her family's safety.

NYC LGBT Center Cancels 'Israeli Apartheid Week' Event After Calls for Boycott

Yesterday in my round-up I noted that porn producer Michael Lucas had called for a boycott of New York's LGBT Center over an event it was holding by the group Israeli Apartheid Week. 

Rainbow The LGBT Center has canceled the event, according to an email from Lucas:

We prevailed! Congratulations to everyone who stood with me in support of Israel. With your help it took only eight hours to accomplish our mission.

The LGBT Center has decided it will not host the party by Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), scheduled for March 5th.

According to an email I just received personally from Glennda Testone, executive director of New York's LGBT Center, it has been determined that “this event is not appropriate to be held at our LGBT Community Center”.

It is unfortunate that it took the effort of so many of us in order to obtain this decision. The gay center should know who they permit to use their facilities and should not have allowed this group access to the Center’s facilities and not have the need for our intervention.

I am embarrassed that some people within the gay community would take part in an IAW event and that many would choose to turn a blind eye to it. I find it shameful, dangerous and alarming.

I want to thank everyone who sent emails and made calls of protest to the Center. In this difficult time, Israel needs all of us. It is a tiny island of democracy in the jungle of the Middle East and Israeli democracy greatly needs our support. It is something that is important to preserve.

I stand with Israel for its right to defend itself, never to be exterminated again. Even if the entire world will think differently, I will not change my mind. I will always fight anti-Semitism in the world however it may try to hide.


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 roadCondoleezza Rice approved waterboarding and then lied to Senate Armed Services Committee about it: "Last fall, Rice acknowledged to the Senate Armed Services Committee only that she had attended meetings where the CIA interrogation request was discussed and asked for the attorney general to conduct a legal review. She said she did not recall details. Rice omitted her direct role in approving the program in her written statement to the committee."

 roadLindsay Lohan talks to Ellen DeGeneres about Samantha Ronson...and Anne Heche.

 roadCity of Rochester makes offer to residents suing the city over police gay bashing incident: "In an April 7 correspondence, city municipal attorney Matthew Brown noted that 'the city has made an offer to plaintiffs' in the federal civil case. Attorney Christina Agola, who represents the five who sued the city and police officers, also acknowledged Wednesday that 'we are engaged in talks...We haven't reached an ultimate decision,' she said."

 roadBeyoncé lets it rip.

Ugandapaper  roadUganda paper outs homosexuals.

 roadNYT on the Maine marriage hearings: "The future of the bill, which has more than 60 sponsors, is uncertain. Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, had opposed same-sex marriage, but now says he is keeping his options open. The Legislature, where Democrats control both houses, can pass or reject the measure, or send it to the voters for a referendum. If the Legislature passes the bill, citizens can collect enough signatures to place a people’s veto of the legislation on the November ballot."

Lucas  roadMichael Musto's sit-down interview with porn producer Michael Lucas.

 roadLongtime owner of Philadelphia gay bar Uncles, Mort Wernik, dies at 73.

 roadNevada Senate passes domestic partnerships, may face veto from governor: "On a 12-9 vote Tuesday night, the state Senate passed a bill to allow domestic partners, gay and straight, most of the same rights as married couples."

 roadMinneapolis' Guthrie Theatre delays premiere of Tony Kushner play by a week: "The show — 'The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures' — was scheduled to begin previews on May 9 and open on May 15. But the Guthrie says after discussions among Kushner, director Michael Greif and Guthrie director Joe Dowling, it was decided to delay the opening to give the actors more time on stage."

Correction: The press release we linked to earlier in this post that that appeared to be from a national gay organization on torture has been revealed to be a fake.

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Road Jury out in murder case against anti-gay killers of Liverpool teen Michael Causer.

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Road Hillary Clinton talks about why she took job as Secretary of State: "It was not anything I had any reason to expect or had even thought about. I had to make a hard decision. We have so many of the same views of what we should do in the world." Gets Hardball award from Chris Matthews.

Road Porn producer Michael Lucas sends letter to Barack Obama requesting aid after seizure of adult video titles by Canadian authorities.

Road Gay tease Hayden Christensen chooses women.

Road One of Buffalo Continental plane crash victims was long time HIV prevention and gay men's health advocate: "Gonzalez came to New Brunswick from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, where he was a National Urban Fellow. Previously, he was executive director of Alianza Latina, a nonprofit organization addressing HIV/AIDS in Buffalo, N.Y.; and also education services director and community educator of AIDS Community Services in New York. Gonzalez also volunteered at a fitness center in East Harlem, N.Y., where he led free exercise classes for the poor."

Road POLL: 48% of New Jersey residents favor marriage equality, 43% oppose.

Road Madonna will not be appearing in vampire sequel.

BrazilRoadGuess what day it is in Brazil?

Road New York Press takes a look at the East Village Boys. "The boys that we have on there, they sort of exist as the low-culture pin-up boys. It provides a good mix, having serious discussions without forgetting that we like to look at pictures of naked boys. When you read a newspaper, the most successful ones combine high and low culture. I don’t think most American newspapers do it well it all, but if you look at something like The Guardian, it’s serious but they also recognize that you want a little bit of everything and I think that’s kind of where we are...people come to the site for the cock, but they stay for the culture.” 

Road Anti-gay marriage amendment stopped in Indiana legislature: "Indiana’s Senate Republican Caucus voted this week not to consider a resolution that would have proposed amending the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.  This vote means the amendment is unlikely to advance during this legislative session.  The resolution would require approval by the Senate and House in two consecutive legislative sessions, and, if approved, would then go before the voters."

Road Former Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth, who is interviewed this week by the San Francisco Bay Timesblogs fashion week in NYC.

Road SF Weekly: Heads to butt at upcoming Prop 8 town hall. "Supervisors Bevan Dufty, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, and Senator Mark Leno will all apparently be there, as will ball-busting gay blogger and activist Michael Petrelis, who has spent a whole lot of time castigating the architects of the No on 8 campaign. In January, Petrelis posted the names and phone numbers of the 16 members of the No on 8 executive committee. According to Petrelis's blog, Petrelis Files, he had to file a public records request with the Secretary of State to get the names. "Like practically everything [Equality California Executive Director Geoff] Kors and No on 8 touched, the closet and non-transparency ruled," Petralis wrote. Then said he hoped the executive committee, which included Kors, would spend the next year sweeping the streets of gay neighborhoods and participating in other acts of penance for wasting $45 million on losing gays the right to marry."

Road Stonewall, the FBU, the Local Government Association, the Chief Fire Officers' Association, Unison, the Asian Fire Service Association, the Fire Officers' Association, the GMB, the National Disabled Fire Association, Networking Women in the Fire Service and the Retained Firefighters Union call for end of homophobic bullying among UK firefighters.

DieselRoadDiesel displays downtown denizens dining: "Around 9 p.m. the guests took their seats around a table in the window of the new store, which opens to the public on Thursday, in full view of confused passerby. They nibbled Olivier Cheng catering while a pack of photographers snapped their photos through the large glass window, and Diesel employees and some invited press roamed the store."

Road AfterElton talks to Keir Gilchrist, the gay son on The United States of Tara.

Road Is GLASS the first LGBT non-profit to fall victim to recession? "Wednesday night, eight days after its 25th anniversary, the board of directors of Gay and Lesbian  Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) voted 7-0 (with one abstention) to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this afternoon.  According to founder and executive director Terry DeCrescenzo, the staff is so "outraged" at the board's decision, they plan to ask a court to intervene and accept a reorganization plan instead."

Road Beaverton contractor launches crusade against Portland Mayor Sam Adams: "He passed out pamphlets detailing why Adams should be kicked out of office and said he plans to file charges with the state Thursday. PJ Mulcahy rented a room at Portland City Hall for Wednesday's press conference. He and several other people said Adams is not only an embarrassment to the city but they think he violated election laws for lying about his affair with a teenager. Mulcahy also brought a replica of the Ten Commandments and said Adams not only lied to the public, he sinned."

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road.jpg Palin as President.

Axmroad.jpg British gay mag AXM goes web-only.

road.jpg ABC News on oral sex and throat cancer: "Men are 35 percent more likely than women to develop HPV-related oral cancer, according to the study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. But both men and women are susceptible. While scientists don't know yet how sexual orientation factors into the equation, they know the No. 1 risk factor is a high number of sexual partners."

road.jpg Madonna lashes out at "emotionally retarded" Guy Ritchie at concert.

road.jpg Trial underway for "gay gang" accused of spreading HIV at sex orgies: "The three accused, all HIV-positive, are charged with drugging gay men at sex orgies, raping them, and injecting them with blood contaminated with HIV. They are aged 39, 49 and 50. The three, including a nurse, are accused of intentionally spreading the deadly virus at sex parties they promoted on the Internet. They face charges of aggravated assault, rape, and illegal possession of drugs and face up to 21 years in jail."

road.jpg Justin Timberlake looking for a hole.

road.jpg GOP congressman Tom Davis jokes about pro-Obama voter suppression.

Atlanticroad.jpg Pentagram on their redesign of The Atlantic: "In the end, the redesign team came back to a nameplate that was an adaptation of a design that had appeared on the magazine for more than 35 years in the mid 20th century...The designers weren’t tempted by its nostalgic characteristics; rather, they were struck by how it managed to look both contemporary and timeless. Based on the 18th century typeface Bodoni, it featured an italic A that was distinctive and perfectly captured the idiosyncratic character of the magazine."

road.jpg Killings and hate crime trigger public meeting in Portland, Maine.

road.jpg Bamboo Nation: An Open Letter to My Gay Friend; or Gay Marriage Is Not About Marriage. "I've been looking over our online chat transcript from last night to see if I was overreacting when I decided to abruptly end our conversation. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say that I acted rationally and, in addition, I am deeply disappointed in you."

road.jpg Florida Governor Charlie Crist: GOP may be exaggerating voter fraud in Florida. "Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday that he has confidence in Secretary of State Kurt Browning, who says there's only been a scattering of isolated incidents. Crist said in the closing days of any campaign 'there are some who sort of enjoy chaos.' There may be more of that going on than fraud, he said."

road.jpg She Is: Beyoncé to release double> album.

Exgaysroad.jpg London Times article on "ex-gays" which Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out says is one of the best he's read: "Ridgecrest Retreat is a white, antiseptic blot in the blue-green Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Masquerading as one of the hundreds of 'homosexual strugglers' who visit the Exodus campus, I arrived here after registering online for six days of evangelism psychotherapy."

Robynroad.jpg Robyn goes "Cobrastyle".

road.jpg Accessory brand Jack Spade to launch men's fashion line: "The Claiborne-owned brother label to the $90 million Kate Spade brand has also tapped former Paul Smith and Original Penguin alum Cuan Hanly as its new vice-president and general manager. Hanly, who has been on board for four weeks, is charged with spearheading the new men’s collection and enhancing Jack Spade’s retail plans. First on Hanly’s to-do list has been the creation of a capsule collection of men’s outerwear, shirts and sweaters for spring 2009."

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