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Watch: Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto Discuss George Rekers


Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto discussed the Rekers scandal on last night's Countdown

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Meanwhile, the Miami Herald has published PDFs of the letter from AG Bill McCollum requesting Rekers be hired (here) and the purchase requisition for his services (below):

"The state planned to cap Rekers' fee at $60,900 -- but paid him $120,693 after he exceeded his contracted hours. 'It is not unusual for estimated costs to require adjustment during the course of trial preparation,' said Sandi Copes, communications director for the Florida Attorney General's Office. Copes said the extra hours were not agreed to in writing, but 'merely by discussion.' 'A total of 402.31 hours was submitted for payment by invoice attached. Of the 402.31 hours, 203 was paid by Direct Order,' according to a 2009 state settlement agreement. 'We accept responsibility for not obtaining a written document for the 199.31 remaining hours. However, the monies are legally due.'"   

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News: Mexico City, Volcano, Sonia Sotomayor, Albatrosses

 roadMexico City enacts marriage equality law: "The law, approved by city legislators on December 21, was published in Mexico City's official register on Tuesday and will take effect in March. It will allow same-sex couples to adopt children and municipal officials say it will make Mexico's capital a 'vanguard city' - and attract extra tourism revenues."

Volcano  roadTourists flock to Philippine volcano in hopes of witnessing eruption; may get burned.

 roadMad: Staffers turn on Tyra Banks.

 roadBirth mother in Vermont-Virginia lesbian custody battle, Lisa Miller, appears to have fled with the child.

 roadOne Iowa plans rally to counter wingnuts on eve of legislative session.

 roadDutch Caribbean islands to recognize marriage equality: "Married and registered gay couples will obtain legal protection against discrimination by government agencies in the BES islands Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba after the islands have obtained their new status as public entities in the Dutch Kingdom."

 roadJersey Shore cast gets 'Hollywood' makeover.

53Cover  roadMichael Musto takes on Carrie Prejean on annual Village Voice cover - his end of the year wrap-up here.

 roadNew Madonna album on its way in 2010: six directions it might go? A Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle duet?

 roadVariety on Tom Ford's 27-year-old DP Edward Grau: "Perhaps he was taking a risk with the Barcelona-born cinematographer -- Grau was 27 at the time and had only a few obscure films to his credit -- but few would dispute the success of their collaboration."

 roadJustin Bartha to go Broadway in Lend Me a Tenor?

 roadBizarre incident in Minneapolis: Park staff member tells kid he's gay, inspiring altercation, then police arrive and break the kid's arm.

Sotomayor  road'Wise Latina' Sonia Sotomayor is also now a cover girl.

 roadJonas brother gets married, finds out what that purity ring was all about.

 roadGirl acquitted in rock-throwing incident against three boys she claims were yelling anti-gay slurs at her friend.

 roadNames sought for chick being raised by lesbian albatrosses.

 roadNY Senate Committee debates girlfriend-beating senator Hiram Monserrate's fate: "A New York Senate committee met Tuesday to decide whether a state senator convicted of assaulting his girlfriend should remain in office, but reached no immediate conclusion...The Queens Democrat was sentenced earlier this month to probation for injuring his girlfriend by dragging her through his apartment lobby on Dec. 19, 2008. He could have been jailed for up to a year for misdemeanor assault."

News: Gin, Uganda, Channing Tatum, Torture, Nevada, Tony Kushner

 roadNew Jersey poll finds 49% of voters support marriage equality, 43% oppose.

 roadTwo upstate New York papers write editorials in support of marriage equality.

Tatum  roadChanning Tatum is a lover not a fighter.

 roadIs this what's meant by getting ginned up?

 roadCondoleezza Rice approved waterboarding and then lied to Senate Armed Services Committee about it: "Last fall, Rice acknowledged to the Senate Armed Services Committee only that she had attended meetings where the CIA interrogation request was discussed and asked for the attorney general to conduct a legal review. She said she did not recall details. Rice omitted her direct role in approving the program in her written statement to the committee."

 roadLindsay Lohan talks to Ellen DeGeneres about Samantha Ronson...and Anne Heche.

 roadCity of Rochester makes offer to residents suing the city over police gay bashing incident: "In an April 7 correspondence, city municipal attorney Matthew Brown noted that 'the city has made an offer to plaintiffs' in the federal civil case. Attorney Christina Agola, who represents the five who sued the city and police officers, also acknowledged Wednesday that 'we are engaged in talks...We haven't reached an ultimate decision,' she said."

 roadBeyoncé lets it rip.

Ugandapaper  roadUganda paper outs homosexuals.

 roadNYT on the Maine marriage hearings: "The future of the bill, which has more than 60 sponsors, is uncertain. Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, had opposed same-sex marriage, but now says he is keeping his options open. The Legislature, where Democrats control both houses, can pass or reject the measure, or send it to the voters for a referendum. If the Legislature passes the bill, citizens can collect enough signatures to place a people’s veto of the legislation on the November ballot."

Lucas  roadMichael Musto's sit-down interview with porn producer Michael Lucas.

 roadLongtime owner of Philadelphia gay bar Uncles, Mort Wernik, dies at 73.

 roadNevada Senate passes domestic partnerships, may face veto from governor: "On a 12-9 vote Tuesday night, the state Senate passed a bill to allow domestic partners, gay and straight, most of the same rights as married couples."

 roadMinneapolis' Guthrie Theatre delays premiere of Tony Kushner play by a week: "The show — 'The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures' — was scheduled to begin previews on May 9 and open on May 15. But the Guthrie says after discussions among Kushner, director Michael Greif and Guthrie director Joe Dowling, it was decided to delay the opening to give the actors more time on stage."

Correction: The press release we linked to earlier in this post that that appeared to be from a national gay organization on torture has been revealed to be a fake.

Former Idol David Hernandez Knows Adam Lambert 'From the Scene'


Michael Musto ran into former American Idol contestant/stripper David Hernandez at New York's Beige nightclub. Hernandez talked to Musto about Adam Lambert, gays, and American Idol, and why he was voted off: "It wasn't the stripper thing. It was the gay thing. That's Middle America for you."

Hernandez also said he's a friend of Lambert's "from the scene." What scene? The black nails scene? The Arizona stripper scene? The closeted Idol scene? Inquiring minds want to know.

In any case, since we haven't had the Wednesday Lambert fix, watch his typically over the top performance of "Born to Be Wild" on last night's show, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Michael Musto: Barney Frank to Be Fluffer in Porn Bailout


Keith Olbermann talked with Michael Musto last night about the collapse of the porn economy, and what the bailout might look like.

Asked Olbermann: "Would there be a porn tsar?"

Said Musto: "There's a lot of concessions we can make. No more Ron Jeremy films. Barney Frank is gonna wanna be the fluffer on Schindler's Fist. There should be a porn tsar. There's gonna be no more Bush soon - what did I say? I think Obama's first task should be to appoint Sarah Palin a porn tsar because she more than anyone knows how awful it is on the rare occasion when people keep it in their pants."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Ethiopia, Clay Aiken, Burger King, Michael Musto , Spain

road.jpg Decade-long spike in anti-gay hate crimes expected to continue surge in 2008.

Vintageroad.jpg Some vintage shots of a well-known CNN anchor.

road.jpg Ethiopian clerics want ban on homosexuality enshrined in constitution: "Religious leaders in Ethiopia on Monday urged lawmakers to amend the country's constitution to ban homosexuality in a move they argue could further strengthen existing codes. At a meeting in the Ethiopian capital, nearly a dozen religious figures, including heads of Ethiopia's Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, adopted a resolution against homosexuality, which they termed as 'the pinnacle of immorality.'"

road.jpg British mum in court for anti-gay attack on her own son.

road.jpg 40-year-old British ex-boxer in court for anti-gay attack on 14-year-old boy: "Wirral magistrates heard Stephen Hope, 40, of Hull, only stopped his attack when he was slashed across the arm by the boy’s mother, who had panicked and grabbed a kitchen knife. The thick-set former drug user had befriended the woman four months prior to the attack on August 13. The court heard how having originally listened to the youth confide he might be homosexual, Hope grew increasingly angry, saying he was driving a wedge between him and his mother."

Aikenroad.jpg Clay Aiken immortalized at Sardi's.

road.jpg Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil goes undercover to try and find a partner: "Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil has been trawling the bars and clubs of a British seaside resort - even taking up a menial job - in a life-follows-art search for a soulmate. Gohil, crown prince of the former princely state of Rajpipla in Gujarat, is among three ‘undercover princes’ who have travelled from India, Sri Lanka and South Africa to star in a four-part British television documentary."

road.jpg Recession-proof: Arnold Schwarzenegger spends at Hermes.

road.jpg Max Blumenthal on Rick Warren's double life.

road.jpg James Kirchik: Gay community needs to calm down about Rick Warren.

Mustoroad.jpg The Village Voice's Michael Musto takes on Sarah Palin and others in his year-end review. FLASHBACK: Musto as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe.

road.jpg Spanish judge suspended for trying to stop lesbian from adopting: "The court’s ruling Tuesday says Ferrin ignored Spanish laws allowing homosexual couples to adopt and showed contempt for the woman’s sexual orientation while processing her application. Ferrin says he will appeal his suspension, and that he had only the child’s interests at heart."

road.jpg Can Paris Hilton get any tackier? It's possible.

Goreroad.jpg Burger King "Flame" meat-scented cologne sells out in NYC. PETA responds with their own fragrance: Gore.

road.jpg What the Pope actually said about homosexuality being as dangerous as the destruction of the rainforests.

road.jpg Burlesque dancer Dita von Teese and Dr. Mervyn Silverman receive Award of Courage from amfAR: "Silverman, director of public health from 1977 to 1985, was feted for leadership in HIV prevention...Von Teese, a spokeswoman for the MAC AIDS Fund and a supporter of amfAR, was honored for putting her time and charisma into international fundraising and awareness efforts - not just for men, but women, too."


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