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Openly Gay Univision Correspondent Rodner Figueroa Fired For Racist Remarks About First Lady

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Rodner Figueroa, the openly gay style correspondent for Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca, has been fired for comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to a character from "Planet of the Apes" during an on-air segment. Figueroa made the racist comments during a segment featuring Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino actor and makeup artist with an uncanny ability to transform himself into different female celebrities using nothing but his formidable makeup skills.

While watching Ballesteros contour his face to resemble Michelle Obama’s Figueroa took the opportunity to comment on the First Lady’s appearance:

“You all know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s from the movie Planet of the Apes.”

Raúl De Molina, one of Figueroa’s co-hosts, attempted to diffuse the situation by repeatedly asserting that many people including himself found Mrs. Obama very attractive, but the damage had been done.

The live segment was broadcast to east coast audiences, but the racist remarks were edited out in time for the west coast broadcast. By the end of the day Univision had terminated Figueroa, wiped him from their official website, and and issued an official statement about their decision saying that his comments “were completely reprehensible and in no way reflect the values or opinions of Univision.”

Hours later Figueroa released a statement of his own apologizing for his comments and claiming that he was fired after White House representatives expressed their concern to Univision.

“I am embarrassed, I ask forgiveness, because there is no excuse for a professional like me to make comments like this that can be misinterpreted as offensive and racist during such a volatile time in our country,” he wrote. “I take responsibility for this error in judgment on my part, but I can not accept being called racist and fired like this, humiliated publicly by Univision, after 17 years there.”

He continued:

“I come from a bi-racial Latino family, with family members like my father, who are Afro-Latino. I am the first openly gay host on Spanish-language television and I have been an activist for causes to help minorities, who like me have been discriminated against. I voted openly two times for your husband, Barack Obama, because I consider him to be a great man who respects minorities like me in this country.”

Billy Eichner Faces Off Against Michelle Obama, Big Bird, and Elena and It's Amazing: VIDEO


First Lady Michelle Obama, Big Bird, and Billy on the Street regular Elena joined Billy Eichner in a supermarket to play a wild (and hilarious) round of "Ariana Grande or Eating a Carrot".


Below: Elena looking horrified that Eichner is forcing FLOTUS to slow dance with Big Bird while he sings Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing".

And this isn't even the weirdest thing that happens.


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First Lady Michelle Obama Turnips For What: VIDEO


Michelle Obama, a longtime advocate for healthy eating, yesterday posted a video to Instagram and Vine where the First Lady answered a video question posted by an Obama impersonator asking her how many calories she burns when she "turns up." FLOTUS' response? "Turnip? For What" Mrs. Obama's priceless retort reference the song "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

Watch, as Mrs. Obama lets loose with some roughage, AFTER THE JUMP....

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Tyler Oakley Interviews First Lady Michelle Obama: VIDEO


First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with gay vlogger Tyler Oakley to talk about her new Reach Higher initative encouraging young people to complete an education beyond high school. She also revealed some college facts about herself: her job while in school, how often she visited home, whether she ever failed a test, her biggest fear about going off to college, and her proudest moment while at Princeton. 

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Right-Wing's Attacks On Michelle Obama's Appearance: VIDEO

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Because when you can't legitimately attack someone's stances or methods, you might as well go straight for the ad hominems and attack someone's physical appearance.

Unable to come up with cogent arguments as to why, precisely, Michelle Obama's promotion of healthy eating is a bad thing beyond the fact that they simply don't like being told what to do, right wing talking heads are taking pot shots at her figure. Such thoughtful observations include:

  • The problem is - and dare I say this? - it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own dietary advice.
  • The meal [Michelle Obama ordered] was over 1500 calories, roughly the equivalent of eating a live raccoon.
  • And how well can she be eating? She needs to drop a few.
  • Every time I look at Michelle - or "Michael" - Obama, the First Lady, or the First Tranny...

Compassionate conservatism at its absolute finest. You can listen to the intellectual giants of the right, all of whom surely have the physical fitness of a 22-year-old track star and bodies of the Greek Pantheon itself, speak for themselves AFTER THE JUMP...

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Joan Rivers: Obama is Gay and 'Michelle is a Tranny'


Joan Rivers is making headlines for remarks she made earlier this week in New York in response to a question from a reporter asking when she thought the U.S. might see its first gay or female president.

"We already have that with Obama," Rivers responded, before turning and offering an unsolicited remark about the First Lady.

"You know Michelle is a tranny...A transgender. We all know. It's okay."


(via the advocate)

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