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Photo: Candis Cayne as Diana Ross


Transgender actress Candis Cayne takes on Diana Ross in a new photo shoot from photographer Mike Ruiz.

One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Photos: Lance Bass Goes Androgynous


Check out these glam shots of Lance Bass sent over to Towleroad by celeb photographer Mike Ruiz. Ruiz said he was inspired by early 80's new wave, ala Spandau Ballet and Gary Numan.

More of Bass' new wave, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Photo: Cheyenne Jackson Rocks the Pompadour


New work from photographer Mike Ruiz, via his Facebook page.


Adam Lambert: African Queen?


Writes photographer Mike Ruiz on his Facebook page: "Here is a shot of Adam serving some Old Hollywood from our shoot a couple of days ago."

Photo: Lance Bass Goes Glam Rock


Photographer Mike Ruiz posted some new shots of Lance Bass to his Facebook fan page today.

Check a second one out, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via world of wonder)

The First Rule of Fight Club is Don't Mess with Lance Bass [tr]

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