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Virginia High School Tennis Champ Mikey Drougas Comes Out as Gay, Via Twitter

Mikey Drougas, a senior at Salem High School in western Virginia and the Virginia AA state high school tennis champion (achieved as a junior), came out last week via an inspiring note on Twitter on November 13. (image via roanoke.com)

DrougasHe hasn't had a single negative response, he tells Outsports.

Here's Drougas' note, which he posted in the form of a jpg file, in full (transcript via outsports):

I guess I don't really know how to start this note. Not really even sure why I am writing it to you all. Whatever the motivation, I'm so blessed to say what I am about to on my own terms.

Not fitting stereotypes is nice sometimes. I have been able to avoid a lot of ignorant bullshit growing up. I'm very lucky in that respect. Maybe I feel an obligation to speak up and not stay in the shadows anymore or maybe it's because I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. Never in my life have I ever felt truly open or free, through this note I see liberation at the end of the tunnel. That's dope. I wouldn't be the person I am now without the angels who heard my story two years ago and accepted me for who I am. You are always with me as a friendly reminder that it does indeed get better even when darkness is all I see.


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