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NEWS: Frank Ocean, WWE, Egypt, Helen Mirren, New Species

Milo Road Frank Darabont brings Milo Ventimiglia back to the small screen in a new noir style mini-series heading to AMC titled Mob City.

Road U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asks Ireland to extradite 'largest facilitator of child porn': "He is accused of using encryption technology to offer an anonymous hosting service for websites with a total of more than 1 million pornographic pictures, including images of rape and torture of pre-pubescent children."

Road Miley Cyrus poses for Terry Richardson.

Road Debate: would a Hilary Clinton administration be more pacifistic or more hawkish?

Road Kyra Sedgwick dishes to Andy Cohen about Helen Mirren's love for porn.

NewspeciesRoad The Smithsonian announced the discovery of a new species of animal that is apparently a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear called the olinguito (pronounced oh-lin-GHEE-toe): "Researchers argue that the olinguito should be considered the smallest living member of the raccoon family, which includes other animals that make us go "awww" such as cats, dogs and meerkats. This one had been seen before by humans, Helgen said, but it had been "a case of mistaken identity." You know he's going to make a cameo in the Ted sequel.

Road British stuntman who parachuted into the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics as James Bond has died in a wingsuit-jump accident in the alps.

Road Lindsay Lohan will guest star on East Bound and Down. The comeback tour continues!

Road Death toll in Egypt rises to 525 as protesters clash with government, torch government buildings. President Obama says President Morsi's government "was not inclusive and did not respect the views of all Egyptians" but condemns the actions of the interim government: "The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by Egypt's interim government and security forces. We deplore violence against civilians. We support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. We oppose the pursuit of martial law, which denies those rights to citizens under the principle that security trumps individual freedom or that might makes right. And today the United States extends its condolences to the families or those who were killed and those who were wounded.

WillsRoad CNN gets first interview with Prince William since the birth of his son, Prince George of Cambridge. The Duke of Cambridge also talks about his passion for conservation in Africa.

Road In case you've ever thought how you'd much rather go to your vet than a doctor, don't. No, really.

Road People are freaking the eff out over the possibility of Laura Prepon leaving Orange is the New Black.

Road "Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold" tells the stories of "transgender, gender-varient, and gender non-conforming individuals" through photos (some images NSFW).

Road Frank Ocean addresses parking lot fight with Chris Brown in new song: "He called me faggot, I was just calling his bluff ... Why his mug all bloody? That was a 3-on-1"

Road Aaron Paull and Ethan Hawke give good AMA.

Road Darren Young becomes the first WWE superstar to come out as gay: “Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

Road Senator Rand Paul on the defeat of the Voter Rights Act: "I don't think there is objective evidence that we're precluding African-Americans from voting any longer."

Road Aaron Taylor-Johnson continues to look all kinds of fine. This time in GQ.

News: Mike Pence, German Soap, CPAC, Brad Ellsworth, Saturn

 road Robbery and stabbing in Seattle had homophobic element, victim says.

Mimas roadNew shots of Saturn's moons Mimas and Calypso.

 roadRep. Mike Pence calls for constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage at CPAC.

 roadLMFAO: Turns out it was Mitt Romney doing the assaulting on his flight from Vancouver.

 roadNew Zealand billboard featuring 'gay-o-meter' called socially irresponsible: "The advertisement for the online polling site, which was displayed on the corner of Cuba and Webb streets, consisted of a large graph titled 'gay-o-meter', with the axes labelled 'degree of homosexuality' and 'degree of homophobia'. A diagonal line running between the axes drew a correlation between the two."

 roadPredictably, Christians outraged over Elton John 'Gay Jesus' claims.

 roadMilo Ventimiglia joins the clan of the bearded.

 roadWATCH: The Cato Institute Forum on conservatism with Nick Herbert, Andrew Sullivan, and Maggie Gallagher.

Christian  roadGay storyline from German Soap Verbotene Liebe to get U.S. adaptation?

 roadNOM issues threat to GOProud at CPAC: "Many reporters, including Politico, have asked us how we feel about the fact GOProud is just a few booths over from us. We welcome everyone's right to participate in the democratic process, but we have a message for GOProud on marriage: If you try to elect pro-gay marriage Republicans, we will Dede Scozzafava them. The majority of Americans, and the vast majority of Republicans, support marriage as the union of husband and wife and NOM is here to make sure these voters and their voices are heard loud and clear."

 roadScientists discover secret behind Supernovas.

 roadRoyal Navy recruit Tristram Gay to change name: "In the Navy everyone is called by their surname so I would get a lot of stick with my name being Gay. It was different in the old days when gay meant happy."

 roadWar in Iraq renamed Operation New Dawn.

 roadMan who bought London pub which features Banksy's largest artwork says he'll paint over it: "I'm not a fan of modern art, I can't say I know much about it really. All I was concerned about was getting this great building for a good price, I'm going to turn it into luxury flats. I might leave the Banksy on the wall until last, just to see how it looks, but it will have to go to get the look I want."

 roadVassar grad Meryl Streep to deliver commencement address at Barnard.

William  The story behind Prince William's full, black head of hair.

 roadNYC subway conductor who pushed rider and used homophobic slur wins job back: "According to the arbitrator's decision, conductor Jack Grissett and a passenger got into a tiff on a platform. Grissett is accused of calling the man a homosexual slur, prompting the man to call Grissett's late father the same name. Grissett then 'forcefully' put his hands on the man, the decisions says. The arbitrator ruled that two months without pay - not firing - was sufficient punishment."

 roadLiz Cheney apes father on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "It's time for it to end. The joint chiefs, certainly the chairman of the joint chiefs, has been clear about that and I think that the country really is at a place now where it's time for it to end."

 roadBrazilian TV series CaRIOcas needs your donations.

 roadBrad Ellsworth will run for Evan Bayh's Senate seat. Why we should worry: "Ellsworth's social conservatism might serve him well in a portion of the state chock full of Appalachian white evangelical Christians and Joe the Plumber types, but it hasn't earned him many friends in the LGBT community. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT political organization, ranks Ellsworth as one of the ten worst Democratic Congress members when it comes to LGBT issues; he scored a meager 30 out of 100 possible points."

News: Dwan Prince, Puerto Vallarta, Attack Dogs, Brian Boitano


Former Republican staffer Jason Wetherington, who boasted about sleeping with Florida governor Charlie Crist, charged with grand larceny, dealing in stolen property, and false verification of ownership after theft of engagement and wedding rings from pastor's daughter.



It would be very cool to witness the annual sardine migration in the Philippines.


Candy Bra: Loco Mama has a hit on her hands..


Dwan Prince, victim of brutal 2005 anti-gay assault in NYC, claims changed sexual orientation and writes letter to attacker in prison, taking blame for the attack.


Gay bashing case in Utah delayed after victims fail to show in court...


Brian Boitano does not want to be perceived as gay.


Marietta, Georgia columnist suggests setting attack dogs on men cruising in public parks: "With a little instruction, dogs could be taught to severely dislike the gay lovers in Burruss and Wildwood and bite them in the fanny and do what City Council should have done years ago - chase them off to Atlanta where they belong."


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweets.


Jennifer Hudson is a mother.



Teen claims gay panic in Puerto Vallarta murder: "According to published reports in the Mexican media, the body of the victim, Sergio Daniel Baltasar Guerra, was found  early Sunday morning, August 9, near the seahorse statue, on Los Muertos beach, just south of the gay Blue Chairs section of that beach.  The victim was between 25-30 years old and had been a manager at a local supermarket."


Brokeback Mountain shirts featured in Western pop culture exhibit at L.A. Autry museum.


News flash: gaydar tougher to use than you think.


Closet still familiar to many in the Philippines and Malta.


CIRCUS: Crazy claims she's the mother of all three of Michael Jackson's children, and that she and MJ are the biological parents of Tom Cruise's child, Connor Cruise.



Milo Ventimiglia is in a jam.


Despite resolution from the American Psychological Association, "ex-gay" therapy continues in El Paso, Texas.


Facial asymmetry in men linked to greater risk for dementia?


Portland Mayor Sam Adams recall campaign faces challenge: "With another 56 days to go, they’ll have to gather 786 signatures per day in order to meet their goal of 50,000. So far, they've been operating with an average of 176 signatures a day, according to our calculations. They now need to increase their rate of collection by a whopping 345 percent to meet the deadline."


Justin Timberlake to release his own scent.


ACLU reaches settlement with Yulee High School in Florida over Gay-Straight Alliance: "Earlier this year, the ACLU filed the lawsuit on behalf of a student who was denied a request to form the GSA at Yulee Middle School and Yulee High School the following year. As part of the agreement, the district must prohibit any discrimination against the club and the students and faculty members associated with it.The district must also allow the club to meet on campus and to use the name Gay-Straight Alliance.The district has also been ordered to pay $40,000 in court costs associated with the case."

News: Latvia, Ryan Reynolds, Cannes, Life Ball, Cambodia, GPS

 roadNew Hampshire Senate holding hearing on new language in marriage equality bill. To vote tomorrow.

Dyingswan  roadAnti-gay activist allowed to lead first Baltic Pride March in Latvian capital of Riga. Activist: "It is only right that those against us should be allowed to express their views."

 roadRobert Pattinson's hair arrives in Cannes.

 roadArkansas GOP Chair slammed over stump speech warning voters of the dangers of having an open lesbian in the state legislature.

 roadDrama in Portland over new LGBT weekly magazine.

 roadRyan Reynolds to Betty White: "Why don't you go suck a hot c*ck."

 roadBrazilian government releases plan to defend civil rights and adoption by gay couples.

 roadPOLL: Half of Nevadans oppose civil unions. "The poll, which did not gather opinions about gay marriage itself, found 38 percent of Nevadans favor domestic partner legislation, while 50 percent oppose it and the remainder are undecided. Democrats back the plan, incorporated in Senate Bill 283, by a 46 percent to 36 percent margin, while independents support it 47 percent to 42 percent. But Republicans oppose the proposal by a 71 percent to 23 percent margin, more than offsetting the Democrat and independent support."

 roadHilary Duff, Carson Kressley, Michael Urie come out for AIDS Walk New York, which raised $5.6 million.

Mrgaythailand  roadCambodia crowns first 'Mr. Gay'.

 roadVallejo, California student wins $25K settlement in ACLU harassment lawsuit against high school: "Comments were said like they don't know if I was a boy or a girl, I need to pull up my pants, I'm a lady. I couldn't be put into a girls locker room."

 roadUK police stations lower Union Jack, raise rainbow flag in show of force on International Day Against Homophobia: "One police chief said the rainbow flag demonstrated his force's support for homosexuals who felt they were victims of prejudice. But critics warned that it was dangerous for forces to show support for particular campaigns."

Stpete  road While gay rights demonstrations in Moscow were marred by arrests, demonstrations in other Russian cities, like St. Petersburg, were notably peaceful. More photos.

 roadHearing for accused killer of Lawrence King postponed again: "A Ventura County Superior Court judge on Monday reset the first hearing for Brandon McInerney to July 8. McInerney's lawyer, Scott Wippert, says he needs more time to prepare documents before the preliminary hearing. McInerney, who is being prosecuted as an adult, has pleaded not guilty."

Lifeball  roadInside Vienna's Life Ball. More here.

 roadKenyan archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth slams homosexuality: "For the African, gender is either male or female; other issues such as homosexuality should not arise. In this context, the belief of the African is consonant [with] the teaching of the Bible, namely God created only two sexes: male and female. God created Adam and Eve. God did not create Adam and Steve!"

 roadUltradome: Milo Ventimiglia set to produce and star in weird web series about intellectual film discussion.

 roadSouth Carolina activists to protest omission of gays and lesbians from teen dating violence bill.

 roadGPS satellite system on verge of collapse? "The satellites are overseen by the US Air Force, which has maintained the GPS network since the early 1990s. According to a study by the US government accountability office (GAO), mismanagement and a lack of investment means that some of the crucial GPS satellites could begin to fail as early as next year."

News: Stephen Hawking, Blindness, Paul Rudnick, Tuna, Morrissey

 road2009 Pulitzer Prize winners announced.

 roadStem cells to cure most common form of blindness: "Surgeons predict it will become a routine, one-hour procedure that will be generally available in six or seven years’ time. The treatment involves replacing a layer of degenerated cells with new ones created from embryonic stem cells. This week Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical research company, will announce its financial backing to bring the therapy to patients." 

Milo  roadMilo Ventimiglia brings back 50's cut...

 roadGot Talent: Britain has Susan Boyle, while Sweden has Naked Boys Dancing.

 roadEducation Secretary Arne Duncan recognized Friday's Day of Silence.

 roadMadonna falls off horse, blames paparazzi.

 roadParents of gay children come out of the closet in China...

 roadKelly Clarkson does not hook up - video.

 roadBishop Gene Robinson: Civil and religious marriage should be separate. "In this country, it has become very confusing about where the civil action begins and ends and where the religious action begins and ends, because we have asked clergy to be agents of the state."

 roadBluefin tuna to be extinct by 2012?

 roadMorrissey has meltdown over smell of grilled meat at Coachella.

 roadLady GaGa refuses to reveal anything about her teacup.

Rudnick  roadPaul Rudnick responds to Ted Haggard as fellow-heterosexual-with-issues Pastor Stan Belker: "As a teen-ager, I found that I was attracted both to serving Our Lord and to Jimmy Wiggins, the assistant coach of my high-school soccer team. I was in torment, and I would pray for hours on end, asking God why He would command me to love Him so deeply and at the same time just go and create Jimmy’s snug little soccer shorts."

 roadStephen Hawking "very ill" according to Cambridge University.

 roadGay controversy on UK version of The Apprentice as one contestant wants to re-brand the British seaside town of Margate as a gay resort and a teammate tells him she'd never let a homosexual come near her son.

 roadRice University survey shows growing support for gay rights.

 roadGawker Headquarters seating chart.

Crocbait  roadAustralian crocodile bait.

 roadSacha Baron-Cohen apologizes to Madonna over adoption gag: "Madonna was said to be upset at a scene in Bruno’s forthcoming film which mocks her attempts to adopt an African baby. And we hear that shame-faced 37-year-old Sacha has sent her a bouquet of flowers to apologise.  An insider said: 'Sacha is always out to make great comedy – and if he upsets people along the way, so be it. But when word reached him that Madonna thought his sketch was insensitive, he sent her a bouquet of flowers to say, ‘No hard feelings’.'"

 roadSome super slo-mo beauty.

 roadAnti-gay hate crime convictions in Wales double in three years.

 roadIowa Republicans claim advisory that state recorders must perform same-sex marriages comes across as "veiled threat": [Victoria Hutton of the Iowa Department of Public Health] wrote in the e-mail: 'Following is the response from our attorney from the Iowa Attorney General's office. All county recorders in the state of Iowa are required to comply with the Varnum decision ... and to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in the same manner as licenses issued to opposite gender applicants.'"

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