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'Human Ken Doll' Plans On Releasing Meta-Dolls Of Himself


Ever heard of Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukranian “Human Barbie Doll?” She has a Brazilian male counterpart who is being touted as “the Human Ken doll” — 20-year-old Celso Santebanes.

After family members told Santebanes that he resembled the Barbie’s plastic boyfriend, he invested over $54,000 on four surgeries to augment his chest, chin, jaw and nose. Now he’s amassing followers on his Instagram and Facebook and reportedly plans on releasing “Celso Dolls” for his fans.

A man who looks like a doll, releasing dolls that look like himself — talk about meta.

He’s also pursuing a modeling career, but has said, “I’m only 90 percent of what I want to be,” adding “I intend to do more surgeries, but do not know what. For now my investment is being in the gym, for Ken is strong and I am skinny.”


Two Guys One Pup: VIDEO


That is all.


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Channing Tatum's Gay Flashback: PHOTOS


OUT magazine shared a sexy 'throwback Thursday' item this week - an old pictorial featuring a pre-fame Channing Tatum wrestling with another male model for a Todd Oldham feature on "sizzling Valentine's Day twosomes".

Check out one more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

You can see Tatum this summer as a muscled, elfin, genetically engineered ex-military hunter in the Wachowski sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending. Check out the trailer here.

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Mensch vs. Meshuggah: Jewish Male Pinup Calendar Competition Gets Litigious

Naughty and Nice Jewish Pinup

There are not one, but two Jewish male pin-up calendars available for purchase to fulfill your need for some kosher beef. First, there's Adam Cohen's "Nice Jewish Guys," which he started in 2011 and fills with pictures of charming, smiling, fully-clothed Jewish men, showing the sweeter side of God's chosen people. Then came Duncan Pflaster's "Naughty Jewish Boys" featuring young men, yarmulkes, and little else which Pflaster created to counter the "emasculating" stereotypes and discouraged outward sexuality of Jewish men and plans to release it this fall.

Despite the discrete tastes between the two calendars, Cohen felt that the name of Pflaster's calendar too closely resembled his own and had his lawyer issue a letter to Pflaster, requesting that he cease infringing on Cohen's trademark. Pflaster has countered that he doesn't think that consumers will be confused by the two calendars, calling the claim of trademark infringement "weak" and has no plans to stop making his calendar. Cohen has not commented further on the dispute, but his lawyer said that they consider the issue ongoing.

How to Get a Gay Best Friend: VIDEO


Or a restraining order.


Featuring Good Lize and Scott Gardner.

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Shirtless Male Models Rap About 'Cats and Abs': VIDEO


It's as simple as that. Repeat after me: Crunches. Kitties. Crunches. Kitties.


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