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Do You Miss Your Papi's Bone? — VIDEO


A little Friday morning distraction for you via The Underwear Expert.



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What Does it Take to be a Male Swimsuit Model at NY Fashion Week? — VIDEO


It's New York Fashion Week, and Racked goes inside a casting for swimsuit designers Parke + Ronen.

Can you walk effortlessly in the bikini briefs this model is wearing? "You're good."



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A Brief Distraction with Felipe Jimenez: VIDEO


Those of you who have been waiting for the latest behind-the-scenes video from underwear purveyor Joe Snyder starring model Felipe Jimenez are in luck this morning. Those of you who haven't been waiting are in luck as well.

Enjoy this brief distraction, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Curb's New 'Identity' Underwear Ad Will Steam Up Your Morning Commute: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 5.17.34 PM

UK based Curbwear has unveiled a new underwear line that encourages you to 'reveal your identity.' Wearers can even choose from 'Active,' 'Bottom,' or 'Versatile' waistbands to help add a *ahem* personal touch. 

Check out the steamy ad for the new line, AFTER THE JUMP...

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 4.48.32 PM

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Introducing the #Instastuds: The Gorgeous Gay Men Who Are Taking Over Social Media

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.48.35 PM

With apps like Instagram giving users the ability to crop and filter their photos to near-professional results, its no surprise that the social media site has quickly become a psedo-Vogue for the general public to flaunt their very own glamorous style and sex appeal.

And now there's a term for the gays taking full advantage of these social media platforms to harness their own eroticism: the #Instastuds. Mike Albo over at New York sums up how these guys are not your run-of-the-mill shirtless hotties, but rather something much more alluring and unobtainable:

The #Instastuds are different than your average hot selfie-taking guy or women on Instagram - the ones who will occasionally post a photo of a sunset, their cat, or a casual lingerie shot in their apartment. These men are more relentless and artful: They pose gorgeously in photo after photo, channeling their inner Steven Meisel, their images as well-selected, aspirational, and powerfully seductive as an underwear or fragrance ad campaign.

Flaunting themselves on Instagram, they are also all proudly and openly gay...But at the same time, they all look fairly heteronormative: hunky, sporty, the kind of guy who would call himself "masc & musc" in a hook-up app and would never take a photo of himself at Drag Brunch. And all are careful to avoid appearing like they are doing this just to get laid. By showing that, they would be revealing that they are vulnerable and have needs, and an #Instastud can never look unsatisfied with his life. 

You can check out the full article and more photos of these self-published studs HERE.

Interview with an Underwear Model: Benjamin Godfre - VIDEO


The Underwear Expert continues its questioning of boys in briefs with model Benjamin Godfre who fills us in on his neck tattoo, his thoughts on marijuana, Polaroid art, his favorite drag queen, his impersonation of a 12-year-old girl, his six-pack, Amanda Bynes, his secret desire involving sushi, tips for selfies, and his favorite brand of underwear.


For past interviews, see Pablo Hernandez, Derek Allen Watson, Greg S, Philip Fusco, Mark MacKillop, Go Green.

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