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Jake Gyllenhaal Taunted Over Heath Ledger's Death in Montreal

Reports are going around that Jake Gyllenhaal was involved in a scuffle over Heath Ledger in Montreal over the weekend. The truth appears to be that Gyllenhaal had a blogger from DrunkenStepfather thrown out of a bar after the blogger harassed him, saying "Isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?"

Jake_heath Blogger claims (site nsfw): "An innocent comment….that apparently he couldn’t take…so he took his acting class lessons seriously as he started screaming at chanelled the birthday he didn’t get the red bike-in my face like a role he rehearsed…he started throwing his hands in the air all while saying things like 'get the fuck out here' and 'I will break you' flailing his arms around like he meant business….but it was really a fucking joke… I laughed but the bouncers didn’t so I got escorted out after I had to pay my bill…the girl I was with was stuck inside where Gyllanhaal decided to take out his anger on her….by pushing her into the table at least once before his crew held him back….. Maybe these people aren’t used to being teased and everyone around them sucks up to them…so here he was shoving her against the table, hurting her, making her cry before his crew of handlers pulled him off her…"

E! Online clears it up: "Jake was definitely at the restaurant Saturday night (he's a regular there) as was the blogger. Main discrepancy here? We're told by sources who were present that the blogger in question said, 'Hey isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?' prompting Jake to yell to the bouncers 'get these guys out of my face.' The instigator and his crew were then thrown out. We originally read this blog post yesterday, where the site definitely had 'killed' not 'kissed' up until it was later changed. The post actually backs up this supposed kill claim by ranting in the item that if Jake was Ledger's friend, he probably would have been there for him in his low point."

News: DOMA, Jesus Christ, Scott Evans, Le Mystique, Steve Jobs

RoadDOMA repeal effort heating up: Nadler to introduce bill, HRC delivers surveys.

Jesus RoadDallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Community Churches rile bigots with billboards that say Jesus loved gays. Church website.

RoadAnd this is what they mean when they say 'Jesus freak'.

RoadNewport-Mesa Unified School District in California to provide harassment and discrimination prevention training as part of the settlement of a lawsuit involving football players who harassed the lead actress in a production of Rent and used anti-gay slurs in a Facebook video.

RoadMinneapolis promoters First Avenue dump 'murder music' singer Buju Banton: "While seven shows have been cut, Banton’s tour still includes 20 other scheduled stops."

RoadOhio anti-discrimination ordinance to get floor vote.

RoadCheck out Saturday Night Live's upcoming line-up.

Scottevans RoadOne Life to Live's Scott Evans talks about acting with his mom, coming out.

RoadRandi Reitan: This mom is heading to the National Equality March.

RoadLesbian couple married in Iowa wants name-change in Nebraska. State says no.

RoadA majority of Minnesota State Fairgoers approve of equality for gays and lesbians: "In the adult survey, participants were asked 15 questions; teens were asked 11. A total of 6,702 adults answered poll questions, and 476 teenagers. ... The adult poll asked: 'Would you support legislation that would provide same-sex couples with the same legal and economic rights and responsibilities as married couples, such as providing health care insurance coverage for one another, inheritance and pension benefits, hospital visitations and medical decision making?' More than 61 percent said yes and almost 34 percent said no."

RoadWhitney Houston hits #1, looks to Oprah season opener.

Sachet RoadDrag queen to sing at Giants game.

RoadPart two of Outsports' interview with Johnny Weir: "I think everyone has the right to ask people anything. But the way I see things like coming out parties and being very theatrical and making such a big spectacle of things, I just don’t agree with making it a big spectacle. I was born Johnny Weir, whatever that entails. People can make their own assumptions and people can talk and people can chat, but it doesn’t change who I am and all of these things that contribute to my life."

RoadLe Mystique: Montreal's oldest gay bar closing its doors.

RoadSteve Jobs talks to the NYT David Pogue following Apple's iPod event yesterday.

RoadAshton Kutcher thinks pink.

RoadMaine marriage equality opponents to rally in Augusta on Sunday: "More than 1,000 gay-marriage opponents are expected to rally in Augusta for an evening event Sunday featuring religious and conservative leaders from across Maine and the country. It's the second such rally held in the state capital this year and it's designed to inspire and motivate same-sex marriage opponents, said the Rev. Bob Emrich, of Plymouth, one of the organizers."

News: Taylor Lautner, Harrah's, Swaziland, Gay Ice Cream Truck

RoadLesbian couple in Swaziland bids to become country's first same-sex marriage.

Paterson RoadNY Governor David Paterson shaves his beard.

RoadLa Toya Jackson makes video she promised not to make because she just can't help herself.

Road"Marriage Minutemen" form in New Jersey to oppose marriage equality: "We want to stop any redefinition of marriage that happens without a public vote."

RoadIs this what life without Britney does to a man???

RoadAmerica's first black lesbian mayor, Denise Simmons of Cambridge, Massachusetts, marries her partner Mattie Hayes.

RoadBig Gay Ice Cream Truck a finalist in NYC's Vendy "street food" Awards.

RoadHarrah's Atlantic City casinos in bid to draw gay and lesbian tourists: "Harrah's has been catering to gay and lesbian travelers at its Las Vegas casinos for a few years, but will launch a similar campaign in the country's second-largest gambling market with an 'Out in Atlantic City' weekend of partying Sept. 25-27. The event, expected to draw more than 1,000 people, will bring some of the best-known names in the gay and lesbian entertainment scene to the Harrah's casinos."

RoadQuadriplegic sails around Britain solo.

Shard RoadRenzo Piano's "Shard" to dominate London skyline: "Construction has begun on the Shard, a skyscraper that will be the tallest building in Western Europe and will provide amazing views of London...inspired by towering church spires and the masts of ships that once anchored on the Thames."

RoadThousands call for Turing apology in Britain.

RoadPossible arson investigated at Stereo nightclub in Montreal.

RoadSex club planned for historic hotel in Gloucester, UK.

RoadTruman Capote signed one of his Harry Potter: "Howard Rose of Brier Rose Books in Teaneck, N.J., is selling a first-edition copy of Truman Capote’s 1967 book The Thanksgiving Visitor, autographed by the author in January 1978 'for Harry Potter with gratitude.'"

RoadCranberries to reunite.

Lautner RoadBruce Weber points his lens at Twilight's Taylor Lautner.

RoadAnd that other vamp, Robert Pattinson, does Premiere.

RoadGay Big Brother contestant Kevin finally wins Head of Household competition, reads letter from partner of nine years.

RoadMaine governor Baldacci to appear at marriage equality fundraiser.

RoadFull slate of LGBT candidates vie for NYC City Council seats.

RoadTransgender teen in Vermont makes plea for genderless bathrooms: "Kyle Giard-Chase, 16, asked the Vermont Human Rights Commission on Thursday to endorse the effort. He said that before he came out last year as transgendered, he was a three-sport athlete and the co-captain of the field hockey team, a girls' sport, at South Burlington High School. At an away game, he said he was verbally harassed and threatened by the members of the host school's football team for using the girls' restroom. 'The harassment only stopped when I was reduced to tears and told them I was in fact a female,' said Kyle, now a senior."

News: Mount Redoubt, Cal Thomas, McGill, Matt Drudge, Malaysia

 roadConservative columnist Cal Thomas: Same-sex marriage battle lost. "To those on the political and religious right who are intent on continuing the battle to preserve 'traditional marriage' in a nation that is rapidly discarding its traditions, I would ask this question: What poses a greater threat to our remaining moral underpinnings? Is it two homosexuals living together, or is it the number of heterosexuals who are divorcing and the increasing number of children born to unmarried women, now at nearly 40 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

Redoubt  roadThe Big Picture looks into the cone of the Mount Redoubt Volcano.

 roadEver been to a penis festival?

 roadIowa same-sex marriages delayed by three days.

 roadRussian court finds activists guilty of "popularizing" homosexuality.

 roadFrom the diaries of Matt Drudge's gay ex-roommate.

 roadWhite House advisory panel on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships: Anti-gay former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy declines, openly gay director of the religion and faith program at Human Rights Campaign, Harry Knox, accepts.

 roadRobert Pattinson injures his arse.

Jetset  roadAdvocate: Is porn recession-proof? "Jet Set and others in the adult industry are facing a double whammy: the worst recession in decades coupled with nothing less than a tectonic shift in the way people are consuming their products. Much as Napster did to the record industry 10 years ago, websites like XTube are shaking traditional porn businesses to their core. And now an industry that is perhaps best known for going for broke could go, well, broke."

 roadNewsweek on LGBT youth and the search for a welcoming college.

 roadRonson family issues restraining order against Lindsay Lohan.

 roadMcGill student writes about being targeted in anti-gay hate crime in Montreal: "It seemed it was not a joke, or at least not one my friend and I were allowed to laugh at. These four men were quite serious. They had identified us as gay, and they were not okay with that."

 roadMadonna goes out on the town following return from Malawi.

Park  roadVandals desecrate park dedicated to Matthew Shepard in West Hollywood: "The trees, one a flowering Chinese Magnolia and the other a California Live Oak, suffered considerable damage in the attacks. Morris Kight, who died just weeks after his tree’s planting in 2002, was honored at that time for his pioneering of the gay movement; founding Gay Pride, co-founding the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Stonewall Democratic Club are just a sampling of his achievement."

 roadRose McGowan discusses her gays.

 roadMike Alvear: At least have the decency to lie about your sexuality.

 roadGay, singer/serial killer receives death sentence in Malaysia: "A self-confessed Indonesian serial killer who recorded a pop album and wrote a grisly tell-all book from his prison cell was sentenced to death on Monday for the murder of a romantic rival.A district court in Depok outside the Indonesian capital found Verry Idham Henyansyah, known popularly as Ryan, guilty of murdering and dismembering Herry Santoso and dumping of his body in bags on a Jakarta roadside last year."

Governor Sarah Palin Prank Called by Fake French President


Montreal comedy duo Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel prank-called Governor Sarah Palin yesterday pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Not only did Palin's aide hand off the call but Palin stayed on the phone conversing for six minutes before the duo revealed to her that she had been fooled.

When fake Sarkozy told her he hoped she would be president one day, Palin replied: "Haha, maybe in eight years."

Palin also responded to a compliment on heer hunting abilities: "Oh, very good, we should go hunting together. I think we could have a lot of fun together as we're getting work done. We could kill two birds with one stone that way."

While the fake Sarkozy asks her if she's married to Joe the Plumber and tells her that "We have the equivalent of Joe the Plumber in France. It's called Marcel, the guy with bread under his armpit," Palin does not pick up on the joke.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs remarked on the call, saying, "I'm glad we check out our calls before we hand the phone to Barack Obama."

Listen to the call, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Robert Novak, New Yorker, Katy Perry, Montreal, Gavin Newsom

road.jpg Yuengling Beer distributor's driver fired following anti-gay assault on Brad Walsh, photographer boyfriend of fashion designer Christian Siriano.

Vfroad.jpg Vanity Fair takes jab at New Yorker cover.

road.jpg OK: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to reunite.

road.jpg Eurogames get underway on Thursday in Barcelona: "More than 30,000 tourists are expected to attend the Olympics-style games which could pump 30 million euros (47.6 million US dollars) into the local economy, according to Barcelona gay sports group Panteras Grogues (Yellow Panthers) which is organising the event."

road.jpg Send Newsom in: SF Mayor obtains city computer codes from imprisoned city computer tech Terry Childs after week-long stand-off: "The first thing I want you to know, Mr. Mayor, is that when you walk out of this room, you will have the computer codes."

road.jpg Hispanics make up 22% of new HIV cases: " So far, the toll of AIDS in the nation's largest and fastest growing minority population has mostly been overshadowed by the epidemic among blacks and gay white men. Yet in major U.S. cities, as many as one in four gay Hispanic men has HIV, a rate on par with sub-Saharan Africa."

road.jpg Project Runway winner Christian Siriano discusses his new fashion line...

Hulseroad.jpg Male model Bruce Hulse recalls his first gay-themed shoot with Herb Ritts: "His request was one I might not normally have accepted, but I knew that Herb would take exquisite and tasteful photographs that would be seen by the world as art. I also didn't want to pigeon-hole myself as being homophobic. I wanted to be receptive to any and all ideas, as long as they involved the right team and the best photographers."

road.jpg The New Old Gays: Apparently, swish is back.

road.jpg Rihanna takes a ride into "Disturbia" with David LaChapelle.

road.jpg Syndicated columnist Robert Novak cited after hitting a pedestrian with his black Corvette in DC. Claims he didn't know he hit anybody but witness says victim was splayed across the front of his car.

road.jpg 35-year-old Swedish serial killer of gay men sentenced to life in prison.

road.jpg Robert Mapplethorpe remembered by some of his subjects.

Armaniroad.jpg Giorgio Armani is a Speedo guy.

road.jpg Katy Perry and the media's "kiss" of hypocrisy: "Not only is the media sending a mixed message in heralding Perry, they’re undermining any stand they might want to take in support of gays in the future. How can anyone heed their warnings not to disrespect gays when they roll out the red carpet for an artist who has done exactly that? The real point seems to be they’ll do anything for an audience."

road.jpg Car-free zone in Montreal's gay village a huge success: "Even the naysayers, those who were opposed to closing the street, have changed their tune as the terrasses stay packed from Wednesday to Saturday night and merchants are dancing to the tune of ringing cash registers."

road.jpg The International Herald Tribune goes on a shopping trip in Provincetown but mostly at the Marc Jacobs boutique.

road.jpg Hartford Courant: 2010 Census must count gay marriages. "Bureau officials should acknowledge the reality that same-sex couples are legally married in the United States — and fix their procedures for counting and describing America's estimated 780,000 same-sex couples and their families. They should certainly stop altering the accurate responses of same-sex couples who describe themselves as married. Decisions about data collection should not be driven by political and value-laden judgments about marriage. They should be grounded in the demographic and legal realities of this nation."


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