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Zac Efron Wants To Get You Into Your Body In New Trailer for 'We Are Your Friends' - WATCH


Zac Efron's latest foray in film, We Are Your Friends, sees the former Disney star delving into the world of EDM, a world dominated by big-name DJs who all have one mission, "to get the crowd out of their heads and into their bodies" as Efron's character Cole puts it in the new trailer for the flick out today.

Deadline reports:

Cole, an aspiring DJ who can't stand the thought of having to “live and die in the Valley" [...] spends his time toiling over that one unfailing track, that killer cut that will propel him into the EDM stratosphere. An older DJ (Wes Bentley) takes the talented kid under his wing and shows him the way to a future in spinning.

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Ester Dean and the Women of 'Pitch Perfect 2' Are 'Crazy Youngsters' - VIDEO


With the sequel to the aca-awesome Pitch Perfect hitting theaters this Friday, we're getting a sneak peek of the blood-pumping beats that await us. In a new music video for an original song off the movie's soundtrack, Barden Bella Ester Dean sings the anthemic "Crazy Youngsters", an ode to being young, wild and free, while her co-stars Anna Camp and Brittany Snow get down to the sick beat. 

Let out the crazy youngster inside of you, AFTER THE JUMP...

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New 'Pitch Perfect 2' Sneak Peak Mashes Up Beyoncé, David Guetta and Pat Benatar: VIDEO


Ahead of the May 15 release for Pitch Perfect 2, we're getting a sneak peak at the Barden Bellas in competition. Performing a mash-up of Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)", David Guetta's "Where Them Girls At" and Pat Benatar's "We Belong," the Bellas are out for global domination.

Check them out back in action, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Alan Turing Comes Out In New Clip From 'The Imitation Game': VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.18.02 AM

The man who broke the Nazi's Enigma code and conceived the modern computer was also, as they used to say, a "homosexual."

In this new clip from The Imitation Game, mathematician/genius Alan Turing (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) reveals his true nature while at a nightclub, chatting with a friend (played by Downton Abbey's Allen Leech). The scene is notable for the fact that it's Turing's friend who actually outs him, uttering the "H" word as Turing stumbles trying to explain his feelings towards his dancing date (a spinning Keira Knightley). Homosexuality at that time was illegal in the UK and Turing was persecuted and eventually prosecuted for it, leading to his tragic suicide.

The Imitation Game opened to strong reviews and huge audiences in four theatres last weekend, grossing a stunning $120,000 per screen average. By comparison, The Kings Speech opened in a similar number of theatres in 2010 grossing $88,000 per screen. The Weinstein Company is positioning the Turing biopic for awards season, and there has been big buzz about Cumberbatch being nominated for his first Oscar. However, there's also been some criticism of the film's lack of sex scenes for his character and the fact that some liberties were taken regarding Turing's relationship with the woman being discussed in the clip, who is apparently portrayed more as a failed romance than a friend. You can watch the full scene, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bearded Christian Bale Is Moses In Ridley Scott's Epic 'Exodus' Final Trailer: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.50.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.51.43 PM

If you liked The Ten Commandments, you're going to love Exodus: Gods and Kings! Director Ridley Scott returns to the swords-and-sandals genre nearly 15 years after his Oscar-winning Gladiator, taking the endlessly dramatized story of Moses and whipping it up into a CGI-enhanced epic with a Red Sea that looks more like a rogue wave from The Perfect Storm. Even if you're not into the recent trend of faith-based epics, this film features two of Hollywood's hottest leading men: Christian Bale as a hip-looking Moses and Joel Edgerton as a shaved-head Rhamses. Edgerton, who played handsome baddie Tom Buchanan in the recent Gatsby reboot, plays what looks to be a very angry king as he battles his bearded nemesis for the fate of the Jews enslaved in Egypt.  

Exodus: Gods and Kings is set for a holiday-timed release on December 12. The film's final trailer is online today, featuring even more impressive effects than the first

You can check out these latest Biblical boys and their digital toys (not to mention a few plagues) AFTER THE BREAK...

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Watch The 'Lincoln' Trailer That Ran After The Debate: VIDEO


Clearly hoping to intrigue some politics and history buffs, Disney last night aired another extended trailer for its forthcoming Steven Spielberg-directed biopic Lincoln. Some, like MovieLine's Frank DiGiacomo, seem to think the studio wanted viewers to equate Lincoln and Obama.

"[The clip] not-so-subtly established Lincoln and Obama as kindred spirits," he wrote, highlighting the similarity in lines uttered by both Lincoln, played in the Tony Kushner-penned flick by Daniel Day-Lewis, and President Obama. In the clip, Lincoln declares, "I am the President of the United States of America...clothed in immense power," while Obama at the Democratic National Convention insisted, "Times have changed, and so have I. I’m no longer just a candidate. I’m the President."

Political divining aside, the trailer offers us the clearest view yet of what this movie will be all about: war-time action, backroom scheming and lots of Lincoln being anguished. Oh, and there's a scene of Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln griping about how Lincoln is locked into a marriage of convenience.

Could this be an allusion to rumors that Lincoln preferred the company of men? Watch the trailer AFTER THE JUMP and judge for yourself.

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