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Sean Hayes and His Husband Scott Knew You Were 'Trouble': VIDEO


Sean Hayes and his husband Scott Icenogle channeled their inner Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson in a bit of lip-dubbing this week on Facebook.


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'Orchid and Hound' Shoot for Another 'Original' Spin with New Video: WATCH


Orchid and Hound are known for putting original spins on their videos (you've seen the soaring ballad "If You Stay" and the spooky "Go On" here on Towleroad).

Their latest, "Original", is a peppy pop anthem to standing out from everyone else. Watch as Betty Gabriel, Shawn Morales, Eva Wasko, James Cerne, Bridget Blonde, Indar Smith, and Cody Evan Silver join Orchid and Hound's John Constantine and Lawrence Alarcon in putting on original spin on getting out of bed and dressing for work.

Directed by Adrian Anchondo.


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Gay Couple Pen Adorable Meghan Trainor Parody 'Dear Future Baby' to Highlight Adoption Efforts: WATCH

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.43.38 PM

Minneapolis couple Joe Morales and Joey Famoso have experienced a tough road on the way to adoption, with their latest attempt to adopt a baby girl falling through at the last second. Instead of dwelling on the heartache of their situation, the two created a viral parody video set to Meghan Trainor’s song "Dear Future Husband," called "Dear Future Baby" - an ode to their future baby boy or girl. The couple wrote and sang the song together to share their message with the world and shared  why they wrote the song with TODAY Parents 

Said Morales:

"We wanted to do something different that stood out, but also showed our personalities. We were very intentional about the words used in the song to illustrate the type of dads we will be. There are so many great families for a birthmother to choose, and by doing this, we hope to be one of the top on her list."

Although the Internet has already generated potential leads for the couple, they’re aware that a lot can happen in the adoption process before they’re connected to a baby. However, the couple remains hopeful after all the support they’ve received from the online community; even Meghan Trainor commented on the parody in On Air with Ryan Seacrest, calling the parody "the cutest thing ever - I’m gonna tweet it."

The couple also has an informational site through their adoption agency and a group page devoted to their adoption efforts on Facebook.

Watch the two sing about what their future baby’s life will be like with them, and the sweet things they’ll do for their baby, AFTER THE JUMP

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.57.47 PM

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Madonna’s 'Vogue' Dancers Reunite And Pay Homage In Honor Of Its 25th Anniversary


Dance instructors and choreographers Jose Xtravaganza and Salim "Slam" Gauwloos, dancers featured in Madonna’s iconic music video for Vogue, reunited in Los Angeles to perform a short video tribute to celebrate the song and music video’s 25th anniversary this month.

Jose Xtravaganza, along with Luis Xtravaganza, introduced Madonna to the Harlem House Ball community, inspiring her to write the iconic song and incorporate the dance style into the music video for the song. Watch the two dancers commemorate the legendary music video as they show off their voguing skills, AFTER THE JUMP

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FKA Twigs and Shamir Debut Music Video Tributes To Queer Culture: WATCH


This year’s YouTube Music Awards are shaping up to be a filmic tribute to some of the more niche corners of queer culture. In her self-directed music video for her song “Glass & Patron,” FKA Twigs gives birth to an old school vogue battle that takes place deep within the woods. For the ceremony part of its digitally streamed awards show this year YouTube made the decision to bring the focus back to the music itself, debuting over a dozen new videos from FKA Twigs, Charli XCX, and gay R&B newcomer Shamir.

2015-03-24 02_22_17

Following up his infectious bubblegum disco single “On The Regular,” the video for Shamir’s “Call It Off” is a muppet-themed send up of the quintessential bad breakup.

Check out the videos for FKA Twigs’s “Glass & Patron* and Shamir’s “Call It Off” AFTER THE JUMP...

Screenshot 2015-03-24 03.38.09

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Gay Country Star Steve Grand Speaks Up For Transgender Rights as New Album Drops: VIDEO


In an interview with The Daily Beast, country music's first openly gay star Steve Grand talks about his just-released album, Lady Gaga and the need for gay people to offer support to the transgender community.

WhiskeycrimeSays Grand:

"...we can’t forget about the T in LGBT. I think now it’s our trans brothers and sisters that we really need to allow to take the lead. We need to listen to them and support them the way they have supported us all these years. I feel like they’ve put their needs, they’ve taken a backseat, to really help marriage equality come through and help people accept gay people better but that doesn’t necessarily help trans people. I think we need to be there to support them now. There’s a lot of issues that community faces that gay and lesbian people don’t have to face. There’s issues of what bathrooms they can go to and there’s blatant discrimination against them and even the way society thinks of gender is problematic for the way they see themselves and want to be seen by society. We have a long way to go. We’re really just beginning now so we really need to allow trans people to take the lead."

Grand, who catapulted to fame with the video for his 2013 country-inspired track “All-American Boy,” funded the album All-American Boy with a Kickstarter campaign that became the third most funded of all time with almost 5000 backers and $326,593 pledged.

The video for “All-American Boy” told the story of Grand’s character falling for and kissing his straight friend.

Listen to Grand's new single "Whiskey Crime",  AFTER THE JUMP...

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