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Mary Lambert Spills Her 'Secrets' - VIDEO


The "Same Love" songstress has released a lyric video for her new single, “Secrets,” in which she proudly proclaims she doesn’t care if the world knows what her secrets are. She then lists said secretes: she’s bi polar, her family is dysfunctional, sometimes she cries all day, she’s overweight and she’s gay. From HitFix:

Mary_lambertAll these confessions are sung over an impossibly jaunty tune as she refreshingly reveals all in the lyric video. “‘Secrets’ might be the first fun song I’ve ever written,” says Lambert…She co-wrote the track with Eric Rosse, Benny Cassette and MoZella. Rosee and Cassette are also executive producers on her new album, “Heart On My Sleeve,” out Oct. 14 on Capitol Records.

The song is about accepting yourself, flaws and all. “I felt like there were a lot of songs coming out about self-empowerment and challenging beauty standards and I wanted to write a song along those same lines, but in my voice,” Lambert says in a statement. “There is so much shame and guilt in our society and I think it has deprived a lot of people from living fully. We are all facing battles, We’ve all had someone who has hurt us. So let’s talk bout it.”

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Jay Brannan Laments A-Gays And Dating Beneath Yourself In 'Square One' - VIDEO


“Square One” — the new song from openly gay singer-songwriter Jay Brannan — is a catchy tune lamenting the mindless consumption of a-gays and the defeatist mindset that ends relationships before they’ve even begun.

The lyrics begin:

Does anybody here have a soul?
Put the thermostat on overdrive, the air is bitter cold.
Everywhere I look is nip & tuck
and every song they play in here is vapid as f--k.

Well I don't give a sh-t about the weekend.
I don't wanna hear about your car or what you're drinkin’.
Don't know what to make of all of it —
the same people claiming it gets better treat everyone like shit…

Melancholy yes, but still charming and worth a listen. The song appears on his latest album Always, Then, & Now and will probably get played during his current tour.

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A Revolution is in the Making in Röyksopp and Robyn's 'Do It Again' Video: WATCH


The new music video for Röyksopp and Robyn's collaboration "Do It Again" was directed by Danish filmmaker Martin de Thurah and takes place in an unspecified era where revolution is stirring.

Said Thurah: "'Do It Again' feels like it's an unstoppable pop mantra of something out of hand. A spiralling hypnotic maelstrom. The video touches 'our hearts' desires': deep passions; revolutions full of hope and excitement; a dream of freedom; obsession; the ecstasy and escapism; the darkness. And it ends in a mix of violence and laughter, freedom and the loss of free will. All of this somehow ends on a note of hope through struggle. Something worth fighting for. Do it again."


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Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst Stuns With A Live Performance Of Cher's 'Believe' - VIDEO

Conchita wurst believe live

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst gave a stunning performance of Cher’s Believe on live Austrian TV show Starnacht am Woerthersee on Saturday night.

Conchita was also interviewed and performed her Eurovision-winning song Rise Like A Phoenix.

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Jimmy Somerville No Longer Feels Contempt For Closeted Gay Artists - Video


In an interview with The Guardian, Jimmy Somerville says that although he used to hold closeted gay artists in contempt, he now understands “that it’s up to the individual to decide who they are or what they are.”

The singer also talks about his teenage obsession with Donny Osmond and reveals that his falsetto voice did in fact once shatter glass during a sound-check in Newcastle.

Watch Somerville’s haunting 30th anniversary reprise of Bronski Beat classic Smalltown Boy, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Scott Spark Wants to 'Tag Along': MUSIC VIDEO

Scott Spark Tag Along

Crooner Scott Spark just released a new song/music video entitled "Tag Along." It's a sweet-if-standard story of a failed relationship and love lost with just a dash of a voyeuristic vibe, but the pleasant little tweak is that the music video shows that the lamentation is from one man to another. 

You can listen to Spark sing his song of woe AFTER THE JUMP...

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