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Conchita Wurst Unveils Lyric Video for New Track 'Heroes': WATCH


Eurovision winner and bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst, who performed last week for UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon at the UN in Vienna, unveiled her new single "Heroes" today, along with a minimalist black-and-white lyric video.

Listen to the single and a dance remix, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cazwell and Big Dipper Rap About the Benefits of Being a 'Hot Homo': VIDEO


NYC rappers Cazwell and Big Dipper have dropped "Hot Homo" a parody of the summer rap hit "Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda, but in this version lyrics about murder and drugs have been replaced with raunch, sex, and a generous helping of celebrity mocking (see above).

Album_hothomoSays Cazwell about the track, which you can download for free here:

"’Hot Homo’ is no more overtly sexual than what I hear on any given Hip Hop radio station. The point of the song is that gay men should feel as entitled to express themselves sexually as straight guys. That’s been my message since I dropped my ‘All Over Your Face’ single in 2006. First of all, being gay is the f--kin’ s--t. I have an amazing life that I wouldn’t have if I was one of my brothers.  I don’t deal with the stress of being married with kids. 
 I get to enjoy hot boys and d--k."

Watch it all go down (warning: work-unfriendly language), AFTER THE JUMP...


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A Balloon Took a Camera to Space to Create the Stunning Video for José González’ New Track: WATCH


Most people are familiar with José González because of the famous 2005 SONY Bravia commercial shot in San Francisco with thousands of bouncing balls.

González has a new album forthcoming in February and the first track from it has hit the web along with a video produced by global collective Eyes in Space.

Writes the collective:

Seven billion people on Planet Earth, of which only 536 are lucky enough to have seen Space. Eyes In Space aspire to change this, taking every one on a personal journey to roam the cosmos. The collective’s maiden voyage allows everyone to wander space freely using immersive 360-film to create an endless, all-sensory experience. The galactic journey is accompanied by José González’ newest release. Eyes In Space is a global collective established to mesh artistic experiment with scientific innovation to open new worlds. Space is the collective’s first destination.

Check out the video and the gorgeous track, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Adore Delano's 'Address is Hollywood' - VIDEO


Adore Delano, of RuPaul's Drag Race fame, has debuted her sixth video, "My Address is Hollywood", chronicling life in the iconic city known for big dreams and even bigger personalities. 

Watch and listen as Delano takes you on a tour of the dirty pretty world that is Hollywood circa 2014, AFTER THE JUMP...

And in case you missed them, watch Delano's previous videos "I Look F--kin' Cool""Party""I Adore U", and, of course, DTF.

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New Music: Stereoshock, Ibeyi, Sasha Siem, Sinead O’Connor, The Barnum Meserve, The Written Years - LISTEN

Sinead O'Connor - 8 Good Reasons

New Music, brought to you weekly by Deadly Music!, will generally avoid most mainstream music - unless it's particularly deadly - to give new, emerging and fringe artists a chance. Most tracks are available on a Soundcloud playlist, some of them on a Spotify playlist....both of which are embedded at the end of this column.



Stereoshock: ‘The Letter’ and ‘The Messenger’

StereoshockStereoshock is New York based producer, composer and songwriter Josh Cohen.

Under the Stereoshock name, Josh has been releasing EDM for a number of years but he has taken a change of direction with his new work.

Two recent tracks ‘The Messenger’ and ‘The Letter’ are companion concept pieces.  Both are emotionally raw cinematic pop tracks, more spoken word soundtrack than actual songs. 

In Josh’s own words, “‘The Letter’ is a musical story about a protagonist, who leaves his family in order to regain a sense of direction in his life. However, throughout his travels, he realizes that time is not always the best resolution. This record represents a valuable life lesson, and provides us with a greater understanding of the power that time truly holds. Life around us will move on, whether we choose to participate in it or not.”

Tearing up Soundcloud for the past few months, Stereoshock could well blow your tiny mind.


Ibeyi: ‘Mama Says’ and ‘River’

Ibeyi is French/Cuban twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz, daughters of Buena Vista Social Club percussionist Anga Díaz.

The sisters sing in English and Yoruba and play Díaz’s signature instrument, the Cajón.

Watch the video for 'River' and their stunning performance of 'Mama Says' on the BBC’s Later With Jools Holland


Check out four more acts and some killer playlists, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Movember in Full Effect With 'Frozen' Parody, 'Let It Grow': VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.18.05 PM

Calling all Movember men. This bearded man is imploring you, "Let it Grow."

It goes without saying, but yes, this is a parody of Idina Menzel's "Let It Go" from Frozen.

The lyrics of the song are full of those so-bad-they're-good slant rhymes that are popular with Top 40 parody. A lot of options to choose from, but a memorable line would be: "Let it go, let it go/I'm one with Gandolf the White/Let it go, let it go/You'll never see me slice."

Cute beardy guys and Movember fun abound, AFTER THE JUMP...

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