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'This Is How We Do' - Katy Perry: VIDEO


Pop starlet and rocket-boobed motivational singer Katy Perry has dropped a new music video for her single "This Is How We Do" from her album PRISM. Like most of her music it's pretty fluffy, but it's enjoyable and engaging fluff with a lot of bright visuals that are sure to put you in a happy mood.

Plus, her male backup dancers are dressed like Peewee Herman, and that alone is reason to watch, which you can do AFTER THE JUMP...

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Janelle Monae Invites You To A Dancin' Sorority Party In 'Electric Lady' - VIDEO


Janelle Monae has just released a catchy new dance anthem for her song "Electric Lady" and the video has everything you’d expect from the Outkast descendant — cupcake-baking ladies, a retro-futuristic sorority setting, light saber group dancing and a groovealicious houseparty featuring a marching band.

Plus the video shows Monae’s real-life mother at the beginning — score!

The song comes from Janelle Monae’s latest album The Electric Lady. We shared her video for Q.U.E.E.N. (another track from the same album) earlier this year.

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP…


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Hercules & Love Affair's 'My Offence' Probes The C-Word: VIDEO


Hercules & Love Affair’s new video for “My Offence” dives face-first into the c-word in a documentary-music video hybrid that will offend, challenge and intrigue viewers.

The video’s YouTube page explains:

[The video] explores Andy Butler’s relationship to taboo words and the use of “c*nt" amongst NYC's gay community to relay flattery, empowerment and strength - in short a fierce display of femininity. After 13 years of living as a “Queen that lived in New York” Butler saw his own usage of the word engrained into his vocabulary. A move to German speaking Vienna prompted him to reflect on how subversive it really was, and sparked an exploration of it in a song…

Part music video, part documentary, prominent voices from New York’s art, music, literary and nightlife scenes including Kalup Linzy, Honey Dijon, Juliana Huxtable and Contessa Stuto discuss their relationship to the word over the dark, cathartic undertones of Butler’s bold electronic production…

Director Matt Lambert said, “I spoke to some of the people who appear in the video for over an hour. Each of them had a different answer and different relationship to the word ‘c*nt' as well as the appropriation and reclamation of profane language as a means of pushing culture forward. Language, especially when dealing with issues surrounding identity, defines people's realities whether they choose to embrace or ignore language.”

The video also has some incredibly fishy drag, some killer ballroom Voguing and some sweaty ladies strutting and working in true C U Next Tuesday style.

Naturally, attempts to reclaim the c-word (especially after The Onion applied it to nine-year-old, black, Oscar-winning actress Quvenzhané Wallis) have been met with mixed feelings. A powerful word, indeed.

Watch the video (warning: language) AFTER THE JUMP…


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Out Musicians Michael Hensley and Adam Rio Cover Human League's 'Don't You Want Me' - VIDEO


Watch out musician Michael Hensley and Adam Rio’s indie electro-pop same-sex spin on Human League’s 80s classic “Don’t You Want Me.”

Michael tells us that “the goal was to bring out the darker side of the song, and the video tells the story of a relationship that's falling apart.”


Michael Hensley

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'Anything Goes' with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett: VIDEO


Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have released the first single from their forthcoming standards album Cheek to Cheek, due out in September, with a clip that shows the duo getting to know one another and recording Cole Porter's 1934 classic "Anything Goes" in the studio with Mother Monster's French Bulldog Asia.


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Scottish Lesbian Teen Takes On The Westboro Baptist Church: VIDEO

Rebecca anderson

16-year-old Edinburgh lesbian Rebecca Anderson has taken on the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) with her own take on the WBC’s parody of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.”

Last week, Panic! At The Disco responded to WBC’s virulently homophobic parody of their song by making a donation to the LGBT charity Human Rights Campaign.

Rebecca’s mum contacted Towleroad to say that her daughter was so infuriated by the WBC that she felt moved to make her own parody of their parody.

Rebecca’s version, titled “Your Beliefs Are A Lie What A Tragedy,” includes the lyrcis:

I’d chime in with a

“Haven’t you people ever hated Westboro Baptist Church?!”

Oh, think over things you preach about the gays,

With a sense of poise and rationality,

I’d chime in

“Stop spreading homophobic hatred. Obeying the word of God?”

No, your teachings are so hypocritical,

It makes no sense at all…

Watch Rebecca's song, AFTER THE JUMP...

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