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NEW MUSIC: Villagers, Du Blonde, Anna B Savage, Inner Tongue, White Sage


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Villagers - Darling Arithmetic

Nominated for the Mercury Prize for his grandly conceived orchestral / electro-folk first two albums Becoming a Jackal and {Awayland}, Dubliner Villagers - aka Conor O’Brien (above) - has entirely stripped the sound back for the mostly acoustic nine tracks on new album Darling Arithmetic.

Villagers3Recorded at home alone and self-produced, Darling Arithmetic abandons the big picture scope of his earlier work for one of quiet introspection in which O’Brien addresses his own sexuality.

Specifically not a “coming out album” - a label which O’Brien wants to avoid - Darling Arithmetic is “a human love album because everyone in the world feels those emotions at some stage.”

However, it is when he moves beyond the love songs beautiful in their simplicity - notably “Everything I Am Is Yours” and “No One To Blame” - to less personal subjects that the album leaves its mark.

In “Little Bigot”, O’Brien takes to task the notion that those campaigning against gay rights in Ireland are actually not homophobes, singing “So take the blame, little bigot/ And throw that hatred onto the fire."

Sticking with the theme, on “Hot Scary Summer” O’Brien addresses an ex and the difficulties of working hard on a relationship in the face of “all the pretty young homophobes looking out for a fight”. It all gets too hard because “we got good at pretending, then pretending got us good."

Although at times tending towards navel gazing as with the rambling “The Soul Serene”, Animal Arithmetic is a massively rewarding sea change for O'Brien.




Du Blonde: “Mind Is On My Mind”

Du-BlondeDu Blonde is Beth Jeans Houghton from Newcastle, England.

Welcome Back To Milk, set for release on May 18th, is Houghton’s second album but the first to be released under the name Du Blonde.

As such, it represents a complete reinvention. With the new name comes a new sound, new band and a new attitude, leading to new freak psych pop given a shunt from potential obscurity with the appearance of inimitable Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring on “Mind Is On My Mind”.

Where 2012’s debut Yours Truly Cellophane Nose threw everything at a song, Welcome Back To Milk strips everything back and is one massive release of pent up aggression, captured perfectly by producer and Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos.

Think: REM doing the soundtrack for the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.



Listen to new songs by Anna B Savage, Inner Tongue and White Sage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Science Never Goes Out of Style' with This Taylor Swift Anthem from the ASAP Science Guys: VIDEO


Greg and Mitch, the guys behind our favorite dry erase board science animations, have heard that you've been out and about making fun of nerds.

So, taking a cue from Pentatonix this week, they've put on their lab coats and are celebrating their passion with a Taylor Swift a cappella number meant to disprove all those who just don't think science is cool.



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Gay Eurovision Explosion: Conchita Wurst and Dana International Duet on 'Waterloo' - VIDEO


With anticipation for Eurovision 2015 reaching fever pitch - at least in some circles - last weekend the BBC broadcast a gay extravaganza celebrating 60 years of camp, hosted by Graham Norton.

Highlights included the banter between Norton and co-host Petra Mede, Brotherhood of Man rocking 1973 UK winner Save All Your Kisses For Me, 1984 Swedish classic Diggi-Loo -Diggi-Lee (translation: Diggi-Loo -Diggi-Lee) and Saint Johnny Logan doing a medley of his three winners for Ireland.

However, the moment a huge gay black hole opened up was at the very end when Dana International and Conchita Wurst stepped onto the stage singing Abba's Waterloo.

Watch the 1984 winner at 13 minutes, 1973 at 29 minutes, Johnny Logan at 1:24 minutes and Conchita/Dana explode history at 1:27 minutes, AFTER THE JUMP...

The Eurovision 2015 final takes place on May 23rd and this year includes special guest Australia.

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Shangela is 'Uptown Fish' in Her New Music Video: WATCH


How do you explain what "fish" is to someone who only understands beef?

Drag Race alum-turned-actress Shangela dropped a new music video this week, taking on Bruno Mars and explaining to her chickens of the sea how to describe "a diva so fabulous that she must have been sent by the mermaid goddesses of the ocean."

Watch her school, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Andy Cohen and Sandra Bernhard React to Madonna's 'Ghosttown' Video: WATCH


Former Madonna gal-pal Sandra Bernhard dropped by the Bravo clubhouse this week, so it was the perfect opportunity to react for the first time to Madonna's new video "Ghosttown". It doesn't appear that Bernhard has any hard feelings for Madonna at all.

Watch Cohen and Bernhard play their own version of The People's Couch and watch along with the original, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Madonna and Terrence Howard Survive Apocalypse in 'Ghosttown' Video: WATCH


One day after a premiere bombed on Meerkat, Madonna's "Ghosttown" video, directed by Jonas Akerlund, is out, and it looks like Madge, Terrence Howard, a beautiful kid, and a dog made it out alive.

Check out the new clip, AFTER THE JUMP...


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