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Oprah Panel: How Does One Know if Someone is Gay?


Oprah and her panel of experts — Jenny McCarthy, Gayle King, Nate Berkus, and Hugh Jackman — on Friday pondered same-sex marriage and the question, how do you know if someone is gay? They also talk to a lesbian couple in Iowa.

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News: 90210, Ecuador, Nate Berkus, Gay Pension, Alabama Prom

road.jpg A Boy Named Gay wins NYT weird name story contest.

90210road.jpg Meet the first cast member of the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off.

road.jpg Rally for Sally: 50 Pastors organize "free speech" demonstration for bigoted Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern.

road.jpg Brown University bookstore to be renovated to make it "a little less gay." Director: "You can practically slice the homoeroticism in there with a knife."

road.jpg Indonesian Muslim leader clarifies beliefs about homosexuality to Jakarta Post. Ma'aruf Amin, chairman of the Fatwa Commission at the Indonesia Ulema Council: "Yes, it's a social construction, but it is derived from the Koran. The Koran clearly states that homosexuality is unacceptable, and we ulema have agreed about that. It's a curable disorder. There have been many cases where homosexuals have realised what they did was wrong and became heterosexuals again. It's something that can be fought off. God created both good and bad behaviours, but He told humans to choose the good ones. So, it's a matter of options."

road.jpg Nate Berkus strips down on a Hawaiian beach.

Correaroad.jpg Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa on gay rights: "Let's be clear that the profoundly humanistic position of this government is to respect the intrinsic dignity of everyone, of every human being, independently of their creed, race, sexual preference. ... We will give certain guarantees to stable gay couples but matrimony will continue being reserved for a man, a woman and the family. ... Every person has dignity, that's to say, one must respect a person independently of their sexual preference. Be careful not to deny employment to someone because of their sexual preference. That is discrimination, that is unconstitutional."

road.jpg Madonna will hurt you.

road.jpg European Union Court rules in favor of gay man claiming his late partner's pension benefits: "'The refusal to grant the survivor's pension to life partners constitutes direct discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation if surviving spouses and surviving life partners are in a comparable situation as regards that pension,' the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the EU's highest court, ruled today. The Court of Justice left it up to German judges to decide the status of the pension."

Alabamalesbiansroad.jpg Alabama lesbians win right to attend school prom: "Two Alabama high school students didn't think they would be able to dance the night away at their high school prom last weekend all because they're gay, and the school wouldn't allow them to attend. But that all changed in light of a federal judge's decision. A temporary restraining order was given to the Scottsboro City Board of Education. Chelsie Collins and Lauren Farrington are both students at Scottsboro High School and Saturday night is their school's prom."

road.jpg UK Stonewall equality survey finds homophobia rife in British society.

road.jpg Janice Dickinson: Crazy/Exhausted.

News: Whale Sharks, A&F, Nate Berkus, CIA Tapes, Spain

road.jpg CIA declassifies letter from Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) urging the agency not to destroy interrogation tapes: "You discussed [in a briefing the previous week] the fact that there is videotape of Abu Zubaydah following his capture that will be destroyed after the Inspector General finishes his inquiry. I would urge the Agency to reconsider that plan. Even if the videotape does not constitute an official record that must be preserved under the law, the videotape would be the best proof that the written record is accurate, if such record is called into question in the future. The fact of destruction would reflect badly on the Agency."

Harris_burtkaroad.jpg Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka offer the paps a tanned "aloha" at LAX.

road.jpg 2007: The year in evidence for a Bush/Cheney impeachment.

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal would like to eat his lunch uninterrupted.

road.jpg Abercrombie & Fitch catalog resurrected: "For its second go-around, however, the magazine-catalog hybrid will debut and be available exclusively in London, where the American fashion brand opened its first international flagship at 7 Burlington Gardens in London last March in what formerly housed Jil Sander, steps from Savile Row. Sam Shahid, who designed the magazine in its six-year run, is back at the helm as creative director."

road.jpg Canadian students continue to fight gay blood ban.

Thequeenroad.jpg Inside the listening party for Madonna's forthcoming album.

road.jpg Spanish PM José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero hits out at the Catholic church and its recent "pro-family" rallies in Madrid: "Zapatero said that his government was carrying out policies which were supported by the ‘immense majority’ of the Spanish people, and Spain would continue to act in that way. Making no effort to mask his anger at the Cardinals and Bishops who led the Catholic Church event in the Plaza de Colón, Zapatero reminded them that the Spanish Constitution ensured that there was room for everybody in Spain, that everybody has the right to have rights, whatever they think, and whether they belong to a religion or not."

road.jpg The minute-by-minute on Britney's meltdown...

road.jpg The Big Give: Nate Berkus tapped to host Oprah's new reality show: "The series follows 10 people who 'criss-cross the country, giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to unsuspecting people who are in for the surprise of their lives.' The contestants will be given a challenge in each city, and then the judges (chef Jamie Oliver, NFL player Tony Gonzalez, and Chris Rock’s wife Malaak Compton-Rock.) will eliminate one contestant - ultimately awarding 'the biggest giver' the show’s prize."

Whalesharksroad.jpg Massive whale sharks "thriving" off Australia's west coast.

road.jpg Little Britain's Matt Lucas hijacks housemates on the new UK season of Big Brother.

road.jpg British mother awarded compensation from gay nightclub after claiming manager called her derogatory names like "breeder": "The tribunal in Southampton awarded Mrs Legg £3,000 in compensation for being harassed for being 'straight' and a further £3,222 for being unfairly dismissed. However, the tribunal did not find that she was sacked because she was heterosexual."

road.jpg They're big shoes to fill, but do David Beckham's also leave the largest carbon footprint in human history? In related news, Victoria Beckham has an 'enemies' list and Graham Norton is on it.

Nate Berkus Does Your Coffee Table

Oprah's home design guru Nate Berkus prepares to hypnotize you on the forthcoming August issue of OUT magazine in which he mainly discusses how he found himself on Oprah and what he's got in the wings in terms of his design career. But he does briefly mention his January 2005 appearance on the show shortly after his partner Fernando Bengoechea was killed in the Southeast Asian tsunami:

Nate_berkus"After the show, I got a tremendous amount of letters and e-mails from kids across the country who were coming out. They said that watching the way my relationship with Fernando was presented on the show gave them the courage to say to their friends and parents, 'You know what, I'm gay just like him and I want to have what he had.' The most touching correspondence I received came from an 18-year-old who said, 'I'd never seen a gay couple's love story presented like that on TV before. Now that I've seen it, I realize I'd be wasting a lot of time if I didn't get out there and try to find it for myself.' It was amazing, and it makes me really proud, because somebody somewhere was watching the show and it changed how they viewed themselves and their own opportunities to live in a successful gay relationship...I wasn't concerned about presenting my relationship with Fernando to the world. I wanted people to know about our life and what I lost."

No groundbreaking revelations on whether or not another significant other has entered the picture, but those of you with fantasies of setting up house with Berkus should be pleased he has at least make it to your coffee table.

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News: Nate Berkus, David Mixner, Paris on Ice, Betty Ford

road.jpg Human rights activist and political strategist David Mixner (a Clinton insider who publicly criticized his friend's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy) now has a blog. His first entries detail Betty Ford's early work on behalf of people with HIV/AIDS and a scorecard of politicians and their positions on the war in Iraq.

Reporter_18_smallroad.jpg Boston newscaster Randy Price marries his partner Mark Steffen on Massachusetts State House steps one day after advance of gay marriage ban proposal. Price told the Boston Herald's Inside Track: "I’m not that [political] really, but in our personal lives we all become a bit political. We’re certainly not defiant people, but we believe that we should have the right to marry like anyone else. Right now, it’s right for us. And we’ve got as good a track record with vows and commitment as anyone else."

road.jpg Lane Hudson: According to Terry McAuliffe, Hillary's ready to go.

road.jpg OutZoneTV's sexiest gay celebrity: Nate Berkus.

road.jpg Patricia Nell Warren, author of the classic gay novel The Front Runner, is running for a seat on the West Hollywood City Council. I have a feeling she's the front runner now.

Heiressiceroad.jpg A Paris Hilton cocktail? Mix ten parts heiress with one part ice.

road.jpg Anti-gay marriage group in Massachusetts withdraws $5 million lawsuit against legislature because they got their vote: "The lawsuit, filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court by, argued the 109 lawmakers who voted to recess a joint constitutional convention violated the supporters' rights to free speech, to petition the government and due process under the law.
The lawsuit sought $500,000 from the lawmakers for the cost of the group's legal battles and another $5 million in punitive damages."

road.jpg Trikkx, one of St. Paul, Minnesota's gay nightclubs, is closing.

road.jpg A character on the FOX sitcom The War at Home has come out of the closet: "Dave’s son Larry (Kyle Sullivan) is a bit eccentric, and both he and his friend Kenny have come under frequent scrutiny for their gay-seeming behavior (Larry likes figure skating, etc. etc.). But last night the cards were laid out on the table: Kenny is gay, Larry is not, and Kenny has a still-secret crush on his best friend." FOX preceded the episode with a "Viewer Discretion is Advised" warning. It's unclear whether that's a weekly message or one specifically for this gay-themed episode.


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