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WATCH: Massive Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers for 2 Miles Off South Florida Coast


In an impressive display of not freaking out and/or becoming paralyzed by fear, Palm Beach kayakers Mark Naumovitz and Brian Nelli managed to catch this incredible (read: terrifying) footage of a 13-foot hammerhead shark stalking their boats for two whole miles off the South Florida coast. 

Nelli also spoke with local CBS station WPEC about the close encounter with the unexpected visitor:

"We figured he was more inquisitive to see what we were...he gave us a few bumps to check us out."

Check out the footage and interview, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Stunning Video Shows Baby Elephant Fend Off 14 Lions: WATCH


In case you're feeling beset upon at work or in your personal life today, here's a bit of inspiration for you: stunning video showing a young elephant successfully fending off 14 lions as they try to attack and kill it. A remarkable feat that may just leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

Watch as the elephant shows these lions who's the boss, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Incredible Go-Pro Video Follows A Lioness On The Hunt In Africa: WATCH


In a video that has racked up over 1 million views, Meg the Lioness takes you along for a ride as she hunts down a water buck. Kevin Richardson (aka the Lion Whisperer) follows along closely with Meg and sets the scene. 

Watch the stunning video, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: semi-graphic footage ahead)

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Death Of White Rhino Leaves Only 6 Left In The World

Northern White Rhino

Suni was a 34-year-old northern white rhino living in Kenya died last week at the wildlife conservancy where he lived. The cause of death is presently unknown, but for once poaching is not suspected. However, Suni was one of the last two breeding males

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy released a statement saying that they will do what they can to work with the remaining animals that hopefully will result in the birth of a calf.

Thanks to insane levels of poaching of the animal's horn, which was ground up and sold to suckers in Asia for snake oil treatments for conditions such as seizures, fevers, strokes, and nosebleeds, the northern white rhino is officially considered "Extinct in the Wild." Now, it's one step closer to just "Extinct."

Video Captures Hundreds of Sharks In Feeding Frenzy Off North Carolina Coast: WATCH


An amateur video from avid waterman and surfer Donnie Griggs captured the astonishing sight of over 100 sharks chowing down on some local grub (i.e. fish):

On Thursday, October 8 at around noon, while at a retreat at Cape Lookout National Seashore off the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, the leaders of One Harbor Church witnessed a shark feeding frenzy. The men were out fishing for the evening’s dinner when they stumbled across more than 100 sharks attacking a school of blue fish. As seagulls and pelicans joined in on the meal, the men began to cast into the surf, catching fish without the use of bait. For more than five minutes, the sharks were observed swimming in and out of the surf, some of which became beached in the fury.

Watch the stunning footage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Scientists Name New Snail Species in Honor of Marriage Equality and Gay Rights


Scientists in Taiwan have named a new species of land snail in honor of the fight for same-sex marriage rights, according to a report in the journal Zookeys.

The snail species , thought to be part of a species discovered in 1884, turns out to be genetically independent, Chih-Wei Huang and his collaborators at Department of Life Science, National Taiwan Normal University discovered:

"When we examined the phylogeny from each gene," Huang says, "it suggested that the eastern A. subchinensis was more closely related to A. vermis, a similar land snail species inhabited in Ishigaki Island, than the western A. subchinensis."

They confirmed that what was thought to be A. subchinensis from eastern Taiwan was in fact a new species, which they named as A. diversifamilia. The name means the diverse forms of human families.

"When we were preparing the manuscript," Dr. Lee explains, "it was a period when Taiwan and many other countries and states were struggling for the recognition of same-sex marriage rights. It reminded us that Pulmonata land snails are hermaphrodite animals, which means they have both male and female reproductive organs in single individual. They represent the diversity of sex orientation in the animal kingdom. We decided that maybe this is a good occasion to name the snail to remember the struggle for the recognition of same-sex marriage rights."


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