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Nevada Assembly Reviewing Ban on Gay 'Conversion Therapy' for Minors

The Nevada Assembly is considering a proposal to ban harmful gay "conversion therapy" for minors, the Las Vegas Sun reports:

NevadaThe bill, known as SB 353, is sponsored by Democratic state Sen. David Parks. Parks testified on the proposed legislation on Monday during a Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy Committee meeting.

The bill is aimed at banning minors from undergoing sexual conversion therapy — a process that is supposed to turn gay people straight — and prevents social workers or psychotherapists from performing the therapy on anyone under the age of 18.

...SB 353 would allow minors to file a lawsuit if they were forced into sexual conversion therapy while under the age of 18, though it does not lay out a specific statute of limitations for those suits.

Bills banning harmful "conversion therapy" have passed in California and New Jersey, as well as Washington D.C..

California Health Officials Issue Alert After Adult Film Actor Tests HIV-Positive

Cdph-logo-square1The Department of Public Health in California has issued an alert following an adult film actor testing positive for HIV after having unprotected sex with "several other males" on a film shoot in Nevada. According to public health officials, the actor tested negative before the shoot.

CBS News reports:

“During the second film shoot, he had symptoms of a viral infection,” the alert states. “The actor went to a clinic and had another blood test that showed he had recently become infected with HIV.”

One actor from the second shoot has since tested positive for HIV. According to the health department, lab results indicate the first actor who tested positive “probably transmitted” HIV to the second.

A health department official was unable to immediately release further details regarding the lab testing and investigation. The alert notes that very early in an HIV infection, the test can be negative “even though the actor really does have HIV.”

“In this case, the actor and production company thought he was HIV-negative during filming,” the alert states. “Shortly after his negative test, HIV levels in his body rose rapidly to where he could infect other actors through unprotected sex.

President of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Michael Weinstein commented, “It’s happened before, it’s happened now, and it will happen in the future. The big lie the industry has been saying all these years, there are no on-set transmissions, has been proven to be untrue.” Weinstein has also been an outspoken critic of PrEP, labeling it a "party drug."

AHF and Weinstein championed a law approved by Los Angeles voters that mandates all adult film performers in L.A. County wear condoms when working in adult films. As a result of that ordinance, passed in 2012, adult film production in L.A. County dropped by nearly 90%. Back in August, the California Senate Committee on Appropriations voted down a bill that would have extended those requirements to adult film workers throughout the state.


Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Says He Will Fight Efforts to Stop Gay Marriage in the State

SandovalNevada Governor Brian Sandoval has pledged to oppose the anti-gay Coalition for the Protection of Marriage's efforts to get the Ninth Circuit to grant a full re-hearing of the challenge to the state's same-sex marriage ban, the AP reports:

The Republican governor provided a quick answer Wednesday to an appeals court call for briefs within three weeks from the state and an advocacy group that won the right to gay marriage on behalf of eight Nevada same-sex couples.

Sandoval, who previously stated he believes marriage is between one man and one woman, has been supportive of the Ninth Circuit's pro-equality ruling, saying it "confirmed my previous position that the State’s arguments against same sex marriage are no longer defensible in court."

Now how about going after those pious wedding chapels in Vegas that continue discriminating against gay couples?

Las Vegas Chapels Refuse To Marry Same-Sex Couples - VIDEO


A number of wedding chapels in Las Vegas, including the Elvis Chapel, are refusing to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, reports The Washington Post.

After a federal appeals court ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage in Nevada was unconstitutional, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority produced a full-page same-sex marriage ad with the tagline “Now you can say ‘I do’ to one more thing here.”

Despite a state public accommodations law prohibiting venues from discriminating based on sexual orientation, a local television channel found that several chapels are nonetheless refusing to marry same-sex couples.

Dolly Deleon, owner of the 24-hour Vegas Wed Chapel, said that her Christian faith would not allow her to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies:

“I would be a hypocrite if I said I’m a Bible-believing person and yet I would perform marriage that I believe is solely against God’s law.”

However, according to Tod Story of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, wedding chapels - as opposed to churches and places of worship - are not covered under the Public Accommodation Law of Nevada. For-profit wedding venues that turn away same-sex couples can be charged with a misdemeanor. 

Watch a report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Eric Holder Announces Federal Government Will Recognize Gay Marriage in Seven New States: VIDEO


Responding to the Supreme Court's marriage decision last week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the federal government will begin recognizing same-sex marriages taking place in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Idaho - with additional states likely to follow.

Said Holder:

“I am pleased to announce that the federal government will recognize the same-sex marriages now taking place in the affected states, and I have directed lawyers here at the Department of Justice to work with our colleagues at agencies across the Administration to ensure that all applicable federal benefits are extended to those couples as soon as possible.  We will not delay in fulfilling our responsibility to afford every eligible couple, whether same-sex or opposite-sex, the full rights and responsibilities to which they are entitled.

He continued:

The steady progress toward LGBT equality we’ve seen – and celebrated – is important and historic.  But there remain too many places in this country where men and women cannot visit their partners in the hospital, or be recognized as the rightful parents of their own adopted children; where people can be discriminated against just because they are gay.  Challenges to marriage restrictions are still being actively litigated in courts across the country.  And while federal appeals courts have so far been unanimous in finding that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, if a disagreement does arise, the Supreme Court may address the question head-on.  If that happens, the Justice Department is prepared to file a brief consistent with its past support for marriage equality. 

Watch Holder's full remarks HERE.

In addition to the seven states above, marriage equality has also come to West Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona (announced earlier today).

Gay marriage began in Alaska but has since been put on hold while the state appeals a pro-equality ruling to the Supreme Court (expect marriages to resume later today)

A federal court ruling in the challenge to Wyoming's gay marriage ban is expected Monday, with Governor Matt Mead saying the state will respect whatever decision is made.

'The Wedding Capital Of The World' Wants You To Say 'I Do' In Las Vegas


After same-sex marriage became legal in Nevada last week, Las Vegas - the “Wedding Capital of the World” - released a marketing campaign aimed at LGBT couples, reports Huffington Post.

The tag line for the main ad - "Now you can say 'I Do' to one more thing here."

Two versions of the ad were produced - the smaller one at the top of this post and the full version which you can see, AFTER THE JUMP...

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