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Join Towleroad in New Orleans for Halloween!


Do you have your costume picked out for Halloween yet?

How about joining Towleroad at Halloween New Orleans for a weekend of festive, sexy, and spooky events from October 23-26?

Halloween New Orleans is one of the largest and most amazing party events of the season and the weekend, now in its 31st year, is one of the only 100% donation/volunteer event weekends left in the U.S.. Project Lazarus, a home in New Orleans which provides healthcare and support services for men and women with AIDS, is the sole beneficiary of all the funds that are raised.

HnopicMeet up with us! We'll be there and don't want you to miss a thing! "RSVPnola" with us AFTER THE JUMP and we'll keep you in-the-know with insider tips, a guide to special events, and information you can use for your weekend in the Big Easy.

Sign up AFTER THE JUMP and be sure to look for our camp cart at the events and all weekend on Bourbon Street in front of OZ to get some great free stuff and have your official pictures taken. We're holding a costume contest with the photos shot by our team so find us and make sure we get your photo.

Here are this year's events and you can get tickets at this link:

Thursday: The Lazarus Ball
Presented by Boomtown Casino New Orleans
US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center at WWII
Silent Auction
Music and Food
Black Tie Preferred

Friday: Casual/Dance/Club Night
Presented by VIP Magazine
Republic Nightclub
DJ Blacklow
VIP Lounge for Hosts and Patrons

Saturday: Main Event!
Costume Contest & Parade (costumes required)
Massive Dance Party with DJ Tristan Jaxx
Theme: “Descent” (a journey through the underground) 10pm-4am
VIP Lounge for Hosts and Patrons

Sunday: Brunch and Second Line
House of Blues
1-4 pm
Jazz and Gospel Entertainment
Second Line from HOB to corner of Bourbon and St. Ann

All events are open bar.

"RSVPnola" with us AFTER THE JUMP and we'll keep you in-the-know with insider tips, a guide to special events, and information you can use for your weekend in the Big Easy.

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Happening Now: New Orleans Rally Against Decision Upholding Louisiana's Same-Sex Marriage Ban

LaAs we reported earlier, U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman became the first judge since United States v. Windsor to uphold a state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. ABC News now reports that Forum for Equality, the ALCU, the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT Community Center and PFLAG New Orleans are encouraging people in New Orleans to protest Judge Feldman's decision tonight in Jackson Square, located in New Orleans' historic French Quarter. 

From Forum For Equality:

The ruling today upheld the unconstitutional ban on recognizing loving and committed same-sex couples. Forum for Equality and the courageous couples who have lead this battle will not stop! We will take this fight all the way to the Supreme Court! We will not let one decision turn back the tide of victories because we stand on the right side of history. Rally with Forum for Equality, ALCU, HRC, LGBTCC and PFLAG today to show Louisiana that we are committed to standing for love and fairness for all.

The event is happening now at the Pedestrian Mall, Jackson Square New Orleans, LA 70130 (In front of St. Louis Cathedral).

Federal Court to Hear Challenge to Louisiana’s Gay Marriage Ban on Wednesday

Martin FeldmanNew Orleans-based U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman [pictured] is set to hear arguments Wednesday in the case challenging Louisiana’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.

The Advocate reports:

Six Louisiana couples will argue that the Supreme Court’s decision means Louisiana must recognize their marriages from other states, just as the federal government now does.

A victory for those couples would not necessarily mean that same-sex couples could get a marriage license in Louisiana, but those married legally elsewhere could adopt children in Louisiana together, file joint tax returns and enjoy other benefits extended to opposite-sex couples. 

The Times Picayune adds:

LouisianaFeldman has received 23 amicus briefs from parties with interest on one side of the argument or the other. Among them is the city of New Orleans, which weighed in on the side of the same-sex couples by saying the city recognizes domestic partnerships and allows its employees to extend their municipal benefits to their partners.

"Indeed, as expressly set forth in the New Orleans Municipal Code, the city has an interest in strengthening and supporting all caring, committed and responsible family forms," city attorney Sharonda Williams wrote in the brief.

Hear Eyewitness Accounts of the Largest Mass Murder of Gay People in U.S. History: VIDEO


On June 24, 1973 an arsonist’s blaze killed 29 people in New Orleans’ Upstairs Lounge bar. Another three people died from burns sustained from the fire, making it the largest anti-gay mass murder in our nation’s history.

We’ve shared footage, reporting and stories from the catastrophe in the past as well as provided an in-depth look at an art exhibit dedicated to the lounge and those that perished.

But the tale of the survivors and other people affected by the crime will finally be heard thanks to Upstairs Inferno, a documentary set for release this year. The horror, disbelief and sadness still lives on, but with it a glimmer of love and the conviction that no one should ever suffer such injustice just because of who they are.

Watch the trailer AFTER THE JUMP…


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New Orleans Saints' Jonathan Vilma is Worried Gay Players Will Look At Him in the Shower

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.52.13 AM

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma appears to have some unresolved fears about gays in the locker room. When asked by NFL Network’s Andrea Kramer about potentially playing with a gay teammate, Vilma responded:

"I think he would not be accepted as much as we think he would be accepted. I don't want people to just naturally assume, oh, we're all homophobic. That's really not the case. Imagine if he's the guy next to me, and you know, I get dressed, naked, taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me, how am I supposed to respond?"

Vilma is apparently unaware that he’s been showering with gay men his whole life without much hullabaloo...

[via Outsports]

Lance Bass Describes How He Popped The Question to Michael Turchin in New Orleans: AUDIO


Yesterday Towleroad reported that Lance Bass became engaged to his boyfriend Michael 'Turkey' Turchin.

On a special Sunday edition of his SiriusXM show broadcast from The Bourbon Pub at New Orleans' Southern Decadence festival, Bass talked about how he popped the question, in front of the city's Jackson Square, his favorite spot in NoLa:

Well, [when we got there I find out that] they locked all the gates this weekend, and you can’t get into the park.  So we peeled off, and I told him we [had] to pick up [Dirty Pop/SiriusXM] producer Sam up…so as we were walking to ‘pick up Sam,’ I started talking about the last two and half years [and] I got down on one knee and I proposed, right in front of Jackson Square, my favorite place.  And it was great too because a couple just happened to see…I was down on one knee [for only about]…two seconds…right as I was about to propose, I was pretty nervous.”

It was great because this couple who had also proposed right at this same spot, they had just gotten married and said ‘We just saw you propose, can we please take your camera and take a picture [of you] on your knee?’ So I will have that for the rest of my life."

Listen to Bass tell his story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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