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Will Ferrell Anchors Entire Bismarck, ND Newscast as Ron Burgundy: VIDEO


In an extended bit of viral marketing, Will Ferrell anchored an entire real-life newscast on Saturday night in Bismarck, North Dakota as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy. His real-life co-anchors often struggled to keep a straight face.

The AP reports:

No money changed hands, Blumhagen said, and both the movie and television station are garnering significant publicity from the numerous shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Station managers did want some assurances that the stunt wouldn't go too far, and Blumhagen said Ferrell was on board with maintaining the integrity of the newscast.

Schatz, who typically anchors the weekend newscasts alone, said she didn't learn that she'd share the dais until Wednesday. It was a complete surprise to viewers.

Watch the full newscast, AFTER THE JUMP...

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High School Beating Of Trans Student Investigated As Possible Hate Crime: VIDEO


A fight that erupted at Hercules High School in Northern California this week is being investigated as a possible hate crime after a group of female students quarrelled with a transgender girl who school officials say was pushed too far after repeated taunting, teasing and bullying over her gender identity. A cell phone video of the incident in question shows the transgender student and her assailants in a "disturbing" brawl. ABC 7 has the report:

It happened Wednesday in a courtyard at Hercules High School, between sixth and seventh periods.

"At one point, just about every member that was involved in the fight ends up on the ground," Assistant Principal Ken Hickok said. "There was lots of hair pulling, hitting, slapping."

No one was seriously hurt.

SmallmapSchool officials say the transgender student initiated the physical contact, but only after she was verbally assaulted.

"After being under stressful situations day after day of being teased and talked about, obviously at some point you're going to explode," said Charles Ramsey with the West Contra Costa School Board.

The transgender student complained to school administrators about being bullied just two days ago and a warning was given to the other students involved.

"They were told knock it off and then something transpired yesterday afternoon," said Adam Taylor with the West Contra Costa School District.

Four students involved in the fight now face disciplinary action, though their fate has yet to be determined by school administrators.

Watch a news report from ABC 7 showing the cell phone video of the fight AFTER THE JUMP...

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Unwanted And Forgotten: The Problem of LGBT Youth Homelessness - VIDEO


A new report from KDAF - Dallas highlights the problem of LGBT youth homelessness in this country and specifically in the North Texas Area. Doug Magditch digs into the issue and reveals that combating homelessness among LGBT youth often times proves challenging because homeless LGBT youth are not counted, making it difficult to adequately assess and address the scope of the problem:

One out of every twenty people in the United States identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Among the homeless youth population, it’s two out of five. According to a study published in September called “Serving Our Youth,” Forty percent of homeless youth are LGBT. The biggest reason: family rejection. Many LGBT youth say they either ran away because their family didn’t approve of them being LGBT (46%), or their family forced them to leave (43%).

There are no numbers on how many homeless youth in North Texas identify as LGBT. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) doesn’t require municipalities count LGBT as a specific demographic in the annual point-in-time homeless count. So, we aren’t counting.

A 2010 report that focused on homeless youth in Hollywood, California, found that homeless LGBT youth are more likely to be robbed, physically assaulted, sexually assaulted or raped than their heterosexual counterparts.

Ryan Cofer, 19, shared his own experience with homelessness after coming out to his family as trans:

Table“Right when I turned 16 my dad kicked me out because I told him that I wanted to go by a different name. I told him I was trans,” said Cofer.

Cofer told his dad he wanted to identify as a male. He switched his name from Alexis to Ryan.

“I didn’t think he would care. He didn’t care about me being a lesbian, why would he care about this?” said Cofer. “It was at one in the morning and he was just like, ‘pack your stuff and leave.’”

Cofer wandered the streets, before contacting a friend who let him sleep on his couch.

“I was sitting at a playground near my house for a good three hours, just trying to figure out what to do. You always kind of live with that fear whenever you’re coming out, that you will be homeless. When it happens, it’s terrifying,” said Cofer.

Watch the news report AFTER THE JUMP (caution: auto play)...

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Male Kansas Teen Suspended From School For Carrying Purse: VIDEO

SkylerThirteen-year old Skylar Davis of Garnett, Kansas was suspended from school yesterday for wearing a Vera Bradley purse to Anderson County Senior-Junior School and refusing to take it off, KCTV 5 New reports. Skylar has been wearing the bag since school started in August. School officials have not had a problem with the bag until yesterday. Though the school has not issued a statement regarding Skylar's suspension, he was told not to return to school until he stops wearing the purse, something he does not intend to do. Skylar and his family believe the school's actions are discriminatory:

"I don't think everyone should be treated differently," Skylar Davis said. "Everyone should have the same privileges...[The purse] expresses myself and I think everyone else can wear it, so I wear it as well," Skylar told KCTV5's Dave Jordan. [...]

"I was a little furious, and I called the school [and spoke to Assistant Principal Don Hillard] to reverify the story, and yeah, he refused to take off his Vera Bradley bag, nothing more to do it," [Skylar's mother, Leslie Willis] said.

She said she reviewed the student handbook but did not see a mention to bags or purses. She questions the suspension and the timing.

"Skylar has been going to school since August with that same Vera Bradley bag on, hasn't taken it off. What is the problem?" she asked.

Skylar's brother, Dakota Haight, also spoke out in support of his brother, criticizing the school's concern with Skylar's choice of school bag:

"I've seen girls wear short shorts. Why don't they get kicked out? But then he gets kicked out for a purse? That doesn't make sense. It's not right," Haight said.

 Watch a news report on Skylar's suspension AFTER THE JUMP...

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Out Gay World Champion Gymnast Kalon Ludvigson Paralyzed: VIDEO


Back in August, out gay gymnast Kalon Ludvigson, America's most decorated Trampoline & Tumbling athlete in history, suffered a serious injury while training at a gymnastic camp for kids in Pennsylvania that left him paralyzed from the elbow and chest down. From USA Gymnastics:

Ludvigson, who sustained a cervical spine injury during training on August 6, dislocated his C5 vertebrae at C6, causing spinal cord compression. This spinal cord compression and stretch injury has left him with multiple neurologic symptoms, many of which have shown improvement to this point. He has movement of his upper extremities, as well as improving sensation of upper and lower extremities. Ludvigson is still challenged without movement to his lower extremities, and therapy continues with the goal to further improve his fine motor skills of his upper extremities.

IncompA gymnastics wunderkind, Kalon first joined the US gymnastics team nine years ago at 16, becoming the youngest member on the team. He holds 20 World Cup and World Championships Medals and set the World Record for Difficulty in 2008 and 2011.

In September, Kalon was moved to Craig Hospital, a rehabilitation center in Englewood, Colorado that specializes in treating patients with spinal injuries. After two surgeries he has shown signs of improvement and has "begun feeling his toes, feet and legs, but he has not regained movement as of yet." While the future is uncertain for Kalon, his friends, family and supporters remain hopeful:

"We realize Kalon's friends and teammates want to know his long- and short-term prognosis," said Dr. George Drew, USA Gymnastics trampoline and tumbling team physician. "These types of injuries are extremely variable, both in the amount of recovery and the time required to do so. Kalon is in excellent physical condition and is blessed with the support of his friends and family to take this recovery to its best possible result. We are all very happy he is at Craig Hospital, one of the foremost spinal injury recovery centers in the USA."

Said Kalon's coach and husband Justen Millerbernd (pictured below) of Kalon's recovery:

Couple"Kalon is improving on a daily basis...but no major breakthroughs have happened yet. There is still a lot of time for even a small change to happen. Kalon is working hard and pushing through obstacles every day."

Kalon himself spoke out, thanking his supporters for their encouragement:

"I want to thank everyone for the love and support they have shown during this difficult time," said Ludvigson. "The messages, thoughts and prayers mean so much and is so appreciated."

Unfortunately, Kalon has had to battle not just his injury but also his insurance. For that reason Millerbernd has created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for his husband's recovery. You can contribute to help Kalon HERE.

You can also watch a news report about Kalon's injury AFTER THE JUMP...

(Photos via Facebook)

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Gay Male Florida Student Denied Laptop Rental After Librarian Says He's a Woman: VIDEO


Abdul Asquith, a senior at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton, Florida, has come forward about a painful and uncomfortable incident he says occurred recently at his school's library. As The Gaily Grind points out, Asquith says he tried to check out a laptop to study for his communications class but an FAU librarian denied his request because she thought Asquith was a woman and the ID card he presented depicted a man:

"She looked at the ID and looked down at it. She said, ‘You sound, look and act like a girl and in this ID is a man, therefore I’m not giving you a laptop,’” said Asquith.

Asquith said he was wearing an FAU hoodie, shorts and had his long hair pulled back.

He says he finally was able to rent a laptop after going through three librarians. FAU has not issued an apology and would not return WPTV’s request for a comment as of this writing.

Samantha Lemessy, Asquith's friend who also witnessed the alleged incident, told WPTV, "Because he acts a certain way, he can't possibly be this? It shouldn't even be like that." The librarian in question did not wish to comment on the incident.

You can watch a report from WPTV on the event which includes an interview with Asquith AFTER THE JUMP...

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