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Big Brother 8's Nick Selling Clothing Off on eBay


Former reality show contestants have to make a living somehow. Big Brother's evicted (100% straight) hunk Nick has decided he can make some cash by selling clothing items on eBay. Right now, his focus is on signed bandanas. Current bidding has a bandana going for $218.50.

For those of you with a fetish for used football player duds, this may be your lucky day. With a little financial success, who knows what he might give up next...


In other news from the overnight feeds, the houseguests recently got a bit of a show when America's Player, decided to let it all hang out. Video after the jump... (possible NSFW)

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Big Brother 8's Nick: "I am definitely 100% straight"

I haven't done a Big Brother 8 update in a while, but for those of you who don't watch the show, its resident beefcake Nick Starcevic was sent packing by the other housemates last week.

NickstarcevicBuddy TV asked him about the fluid sexuality he seemed to demonstrate at certain moments during the show:

And one of the things on the internet, I just have to ask about this, there's now a video, a lot of the rumors about playing up the homosexuality, just wondering if you would address those issues?

NICK: "Yeah, I've gotten asked that question a couple times today about homosexuality. I am definitely one hundred percent straight, I don't know if something was taken out of context or anything like that. It was something with like Joe and I in the hot tub, somebody said. Definitely one hundred percent straight, had nothing to do with men ever. But I am a very comfortable guy with my sexuality, and I do find men attractive, and I can say that because I'm comfortable with my sexuality."

So the story you told Joe then was false, because there's a video of you online admitting to performing a homosexual act?

NICK: "Uh... yeah that's what was told to me before, I never said anything about performing a sexual act before. I said that I kissed one of my buddies on the lips in a bar because of a bet, I don't know if that's what you're talking about."

Not exactly, but I'm certain you'll go on the internet and read about it and find out and hopefully things will be clarified about that.

NICK: "Yeah, hopefully."

Exclusive Interview: Nick Starcevic, 4th Evicted from 'Big Brother 8' [buddy tv]

And for those of you who can't get enough Nick, two more post-game interviews: Nick on Housecalls and on the Early Show with Julie Chen.

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Big Brother 8: Nick Showers

Just a bit of voyeuristic sudsiness from the live feeds. Enjoy.

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Flaming: Big Brother 8 Nick's Hair Removal Techniques


Boys will be boys, and after a suggestion from Zach, Nick attempts to burn the hair out of his armpits, prompting a P.A. command from Big Brother: "Nick, stop that!"

Fire is not recommended for use as a depilatory.

If you have no interest in Big Brother, kindly move on to the next post.

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Big Brother 8 Gaywatch: Nick the Trick?



Nick Starcevic's activities (as edited by CBS for primetime) in the Big Brother 8 house have mainly consisted of striking up competing flirtatious relationships with some of the women, even strategically isolating one of them (Jen) among the other housemates by confronting her for making the false claim he was trying to kiss her.

Yet the BB8 internet feeds tell a slightly different tale. If he's not gay, then Nick appears to be doing a great job of at least placing that question in his housemates' minds. Nick's definitely a player, comfortable with allowing gay housemates Joe and Dustin to dry hump and massage him (below), respectively.

But the latest dish is the clip below in which Nick tells Zach and Dick that he has a "top 5" list of men with whom he would have sex. Later, he discussed the list with his "showmance" Danielle.

Sure, we like Ryan Reynolds too. Big Brother is, of course, a game of strategy, so the truth may be far from what we're seeing, but thankfully in the meantime what we're seeing is pretty easy on the eyes.

Nickback Nickmassage

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(image source, source)

Big Brother 8's Nick Starcevic Plays the Gay Angle



This year's Big Brother has already got me hooked. Last week a fresh crop of new talent debuted in this year's version of the summer reality show and while there are two out gay men (former boyfriends who now hate each other) positioned as rivals in the house, there's a hunky wild card that folks have their eye on, particularly those who have subscribed to the show's live 24-hour internet feed.


Nick3_2 Nick Starcevic, a former college and pro football player, fitness model, and Abercrombie & Fitch store manager, has not only made the hot tub admission that he has performed oral sex on a guy, he's been caught on the cameras spooning Joe, one half of the gay former couple. While contestants in the past have been known to work the gay angle to curry favor, the strategies here have gotten off to a fast and furious start.

Nick's oral sex admission...



And Joe's little piece of heaven.

UPDATE: There are now whispers around the blogosphere that Nick may have appeared in an adult film from Next Door Male, or at least has a double. WARNING: Very NSFW shots  here.


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