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TURNAROUND: KABC to Air Gay Family Ad in 'High-Profile' Position


Los Angeles affiliate KABC, which refused to air an ad featuring a gay couple raising five children aged 6 to 25 during Obama's inauguration programming, has said they regret that the reasons for not airing the ad were "miscommunicated," and that the station had a policy in place not to air any advocacy programming during that time period:

XaviermichaelSaid General Manger Arnold J. Kleiner at a meeting with Project Coordinator John Ireland and GLAAD Director of Entertainment Media Damon Romine: "I regret that the decision to not air the ad was communicated in a way that was misleading and inaccurate, and I apologize for the misunderstanding that resulted. Having seen the ads, we believe these spots are suitable for airing during any daypart on our schedule. Gay and lesbian families are part of our KABC family, and issues of equality are certainly not a controversial subject for us."

Said Ireland: "The point of airing the ad on KABC during the inauguration was to reach the broadest, most diverse audience possible, and that moment has sadly passed and cannot be re-created. We are grateful that KABC has taken our concerns seriously and further clarified their initial decision. Mr. Kleiner has assured us that he will find high-profile positions to air the ad during the coming weeks."

The ad is set to be re-aired during Sunday's broadcast of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

If you missed the ad, I've posted it again, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Karl Lagerfeld Worships Model Brad Kroenig in New York


Grand Theft Auto star and fashion designer/photographer Karl Lagerfeld is launching his new book Metamorphoses of an American at a New York gallery opening tonight. It features five years worth of photos of model, sometime Manhattan real estate agent, and occasional private part flasher Brad Kroenig. Lagerfeld's attachment to Kroenig is apparently as strong as his attachment to Diet Coke — he's always on hand.

Maureen Orth yesterday posted a piece on the Lagerfeld/Kroenig relationship for Vanity Fair yesterday:

"'Have you met Brad?' Lagerfeld asked. Brad Kroenig, a top male mode who, at 6 foot 1, looks vaguely like Matthew McConaughey, was sparkling in the same silver sequined jacket he’d worn to the Met Costume gala the night before. He and Lagerfeld attended New York’s 'party of the year' together, and they had just arrived in Paris the afternoon I saw them, none the worse for wear. Kroenig, an easy-going 29-year-old with the uncanny ability to transform himself to look like everyone from James Dean to Errol Flynn, is the American whose 'metamorphoses' Lagerfeld has been documenting for the past five years. 'I thought it would be interesting to follow the physical evolution of someone,' the designer told me in his rapid-fire German accent. 'Without him knowing it, he has an unbelievable range. It’s a kind of gift. He knows nothing about these things. It’s fun for somebody to skate on these images and interpretations without being an actor—the characters, the situations, the attitudes, while at the same time to stay a completely modern all-American.'"

New York mag has a preview of the book.


News: Brian Paddick, Sean Cody, Nick Walker, David Archuleta

road.jpg Don't forget to vote for Sally Kern, Larry Craig, Jerry Sanders, Ellen Degeneres, or Al Gore in our NewNowNext award category!

Archuletaroad.jpg Archuleta dad banned from American Idol rehearsals.

road.jpg Civil union efforts in Illinois boosted by student-generated Facebook group: "At first, his site detailed the bill's progress for friends, who began inviting hundreds of other friends. Within weeks, Miatkowski and students from across the state organized online 'rallies' to flood legislators with e-mails, faxes and phone calls. Members also have held petition drives at train stations, written editorials and set up campus events. The group's efforts made enough of an impression that Illinois lawmakers mentioned it to Harris, sponsor of the civil unions bill. Harris contacted Miatkowski and other student leaders to discuss how to gather more momentum on the bill." The group's Facebook address is here.

road.jpg Chris Evans leaves the foxhole.

road.jpg Possibility of constitutional same-sex marriage ban pushes Floridians into action.

road.jpg Mork and KT: Does wearing rainbow suspenders make you a gay icon?

Paddickroad.jpg Brian Paddick's diaries during his run for London mayor revealed.

road.jpg Catholic leader in the Philippines says being gay not a sin, but acting on it is: "Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros, chair of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Office on Bio-ethics, said on Sunday the Church had learned to accept homosexuality as part of reality. 'We try to be compassionate and understand homosexuals and guide them towards the right path where they should not act out on their desires,' the bishop told the Philippine Daily Inquirer."

road.jpg It's official: Ugly Betty moving to New York.

Nickroad.jpg Are street artists Banksy and Nick Walker one and the same? That's what some people are saying.

road.jpg "Ex-gay" and Exodus spokesman accuses "Ex-Gay" watchdog organizations of being hate groups. Stephen Black: "There are actual GAY hate groups who wish to silence the voices of ex-gays. These groups are like the brazenly named ‘Ex-Gay Watch’ and their klan of bloggers who use hatefully sarcastic words in addressing ex-gays."

road.jpg Carson Kressley to make visit to Big Brother Australia house this week: "The pink thinker, famous from his days as a makeover queen on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, won't be bedding down with the BB housemates, limiting his visit to a few hours of fashion critique."

road.jpg British Big Brother contestant Chanelle gets the gong at G-A-Y in London.

road.jpg Cycling with Scott Speedman.

road.jpg Malaysian police raid gay sauna, seize 14 men, and 1800 condoms.

road.jpg Justin Timberlake producing reality show called The Phone: "The series, which is based on a Dutch reality show format, begins each episode with two hidden cell phones ringing at opposite ends of a major city. Contestants who answer the phones will have five seconds to decide if they want to play along for a cash prize, and a guide on the other end of the line then gives contestants a mission to complete before time runs out. As they race through the city on their adventure, a helicopter tracks their every move. MTV described the show as a wild and cinematic ride reminiscent of such films as 'The Bourne Identity' and 'The Game.'"

road.jpg Sean Cody interested in whites only"? (warning: site NSFW)

Banksy Strikes, and London Landmarks to be Lasered in Art Event


A handout image provided to media of the Houses of Parliament dripping in colors precedes a planned street art event by Banksy friend and rival artist Nick Walker, who says he'll use a giant laser to "paint" London landmarks this week. The locations he'll use are being kept a secret, reports Bloomberg:

"'Nick has a similar background to Banksy,' [Mike Snelle, director of the Black Rat Gallery in Shoreditch] said. 'The two of them hung out together in Bristol before Banksy moved up to London.' Walker's 2006 spray-painting 'Moona Lisa' sold for a record 54,000 pounds ($106,660) with fees at Bonhams's Feb. 5 'Urban Art' auction in London. Black Rat said [an upcoming April 17] exhibition will include 40 new paintings featuring Walker's artistic alter-ego 'The Bowler-Hatted Vandal' ranging in price from 3,500 pounds to 30,000 pounds. Three new limited-edition prints have also been issued, two of which cost 450 pounds and the third 750 pounds."

Speaking of Banksy, a new work that just popped up in central London is not only his largest to date, but was completed after he managed to erect a three-storey scaffolding behind a security fence under cover of darkness while CCTV cameras looked on.

Which makes it all the more appropriate that the work is a commentary on Big Brother. Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Banksy and Nick Walker a Hit at Bonham's Street Art Auction


A well-known Banksy print depicting a strip of chimpanzees wearing sandwiches boards that say "Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge" sold for $446,000 in London yesterday at Bonham's first "urban art" auction. It had an estimate of between $300,000 and $400,000 dollars. His print of Kate Moss, an Andy Warhol pastiche, was snatched up for more than three times its estimate.

Bloomberg reports: " Bonhams said that a crowd of more than 500 people crammed into its Bond Street saleroom to see the 74-lot auction raise about a million pounds with fees, compared with a lower estimate of around 550,000 pounds. Only one lot failed to sell. 'It felt like a momentous occasion,' said Mike Snelle of the East London gallery, the Black Rat Press. 'This auction signified a real acceptance of street art....The real story of the auction,' Snelle said, 'was that there's more to street art than Banksy. The real star of the night was Nick Walker.' Walker is a 39-year-old graffiti artist who lives in Banksy's home city of Bristol. His spray-paint-on-canvas work, 'Moona Lisa,' (below right) dating from 2006 -- showing La Giaconda exposing her bottom --- sold for a record 54,000 pounds with fees, against an estimate of 3,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds."


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