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North Dakota AG Says Man in Out-of-State Gay Marriage Can Marry Woman Without Divorcing First

In a decision that illustrates just how asinine the current patchwork, state-based solution to the gay marriage issue is, North Dakota attorney general Wayne Stenehjem has announced that individuals in out-of-state same-sex marriages can obtain marriage licenses in the state without getting divorced first. Grand Forks’s WDAZ 8 reports

Wayne StenehjemBurleigh County State’s Attorney Richard Riha said he requested the opinion after a man who still had a legal same-sex marriage in another state came to the county recorder’s office in September and applied for a marriage license to wed a woman.

“You don’t see those every day,” he said.

Riha asked Stenehjem for his opinion on whether a county recorder could issue a marriage license in such a case in which the person with the same-sex marriage hadn’t gotten a divorce.

Same-sex marriage isn’t recognized as legally valid under North Dakota’s Constitution and state law, which both explicitly define marriage as the legal union between a man and a woman. 

State law also requires that a prior marriage be dissolved or annulled before a new marriage license can be issued. 

In his opinion, Stenehjem wrote that a person’s previously valid same-sex marriage in another state isn’t recognized in North Dakota, so he or she may still obtain a valid marriage license here. The person also isn’t committing a crime by indicating on the marriage license application that he or she was single or never married, the opinion states.

Stenenhjem, however, declined to weigh in on whether or not an individual in this situation would be violating the other state’s bigamy law if he or she moved back, saying that he would “defer to state legislatures to resolve this unique issue.” 

Will Ferrell Anchors Entire Bismarck, ND Newscast as Ron Burgundy: VIDEO


In an extended bit of viral marketing, Will Ferrell anchored an entire real-life newscast on Saturday night in Bismarck, North Dakota as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy. His real-life co-anchors often struggled to keep a straight face.

The AP reports:

No money changed hands, Blumhagen said, and both the movie and television station are garnering significant publicity from the numerous shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Station managers did want some assurances that the stunt wouldn't go too far, and Blumhagen said Ferrell was on board with maintaining the integrity of the newscast.

Schatz, who typically anchors the weekend newscasts alone, said she didn't learn that she'd share the dais until Wednesday. It was a complete surprise to viewers.

Watch the full newscast, AFTER THE JUMP...

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AJ Clemente, Fired for 'Gay' F-Bomb Gaffe, Appears on 'Today' Show: VIDEO


AJ Clemente, whose first day news anchor gaffe went around the world earlier this week, appear on the Today show this morning after being feted as David Letterman's Top Ten subject last night.

Clemente discussed the gaffe, and reiterated that he wasn't saying the word 'gay', he was trying to pronounce Tsegaye Kebede, the winner of the London Marathon, and got panicked, and that's when the cursing came out.

Added Clemente: "I would never use that slur. I definitely want to make sure people know that."

Watch the segment, and Letterman's Top Ten, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rookie North Dakota News Anchor Begins First Broadcast with 'Gay' F-Bomb: VIDEO


NBC North Dakota Anchor AJ Clemente did not have an auspicious first day on the job, beginning his broadcast with the words "gay... f**king... sh*t". On the bright side, North Dakota viewers finally got to see something interesting on the news.

Aj_clementeWatch (warning: language), AFTER THE JUMP...

Clemente has been suspended by the station:

To all of you who are writing in...I want to apologize for an incident that occurred prior to our early newscast this evening, when one of our employees used profanity on the air.

He did not realize his microphone was on, but still, that's no excuse. WE train our reporters to always assume that any microphone is live at any time. Unfortunately, that was not enough in this case. WE can't take back what was said. The person involved has been suspended until we resolve the situation. All we can do at this point is ask for your forgiveness, and I can offer my personal assurance that I will do my best to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again under my watch.

UPDATE: AJ explains himself on Twitter.

"Tough day, Thanks for the support,We all make mistakes. Im truly sorry for mine. I'll try my hardest to come back better and learn from this...I just want to say that I did not say the word gay, I was trying to pronounce the London Marathon winners name Tsegaye Kebede...I would never disrespect anybody in that matter. Once again I'm truly sorry."

UPDATE II: AJ was fired.


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Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) Comes Out for Marriage Equality

HeitkampSenator Heidi Heitkamp has come out for marriage equality:

“In speaking with North Dakotans from every corner of our great state, and much personal reflection, I have concluded the federal government should no longer discriminate against people who want to make lifelong, loving commitments to each other or interfere in personal, private, and intimate relationships.  I view the ability of anyone to marry as a logical extension of this belief. The makeup of families is changing, but the importance of family is enduring.”

Joshua Boschee Hopes to Be First Gay ND Lawmaker: VIDEO


Joshua Boschee will become the first out gay lawmaker in North Dakota in November if he wins his race in District 44 for the state House of Representatives.

Valley News Live reports:

"I'm humbled," says Boschee, of his place on the list, which is right next to Wisconsin U-S Representative Tammy Baldwin, the high-profile candidate for Senate who would be the first openly gay Senator elected. "But I think the impact we're making isn't just that I'm a gay candidate, but that I've been out there working, reaching out to voters, talking about what's important, trying to connect with voters since June."

Boschee is running against two longtime Republican incumbents -- Blair Thoreson, who's been in the House since 1999, and Don Clark, who's been there since 2005. It could be an uphill battle for Boschee in a state that boasts a Republican Supermajority in Bismarck, and who's looking also at potentially sending three Republicans as its U-S Congressional delegation for the first time in about three decades. The Democratic candidate says that his experience as a gay man has given him perspective on leadership that is valuable.

"My experience as an LGBT person has taught me the importance of listening to people," says Boschee. "Everyone has a story."

Watch their interview with Boschee, AFTER THE JUMP...

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