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Ricky Martin's Out and Proud Dirty Doppleganger


You know, everybody really can put away their Ricky Martin fantasies and stop wondering whether or not what Ole Henriksen said about the singer is true, because the singer has an adult film doppelgänger who can satisfy your needs better even than, say, porn star Mary Carey (look her up) can take care of the heterosexual men who want to bed Mariah.

I find it extremely amusing that there's a Martin porn-a-like who can really shake his bon bon.

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Ricky Martin Shakes His Bon Bon at LAX


While we're on the topic, in other prurient airport news, singer Ricky Martin showed off his coin slot at LAX over the weekend as well as a brand new buzzcut. Photos via Just Jared, where you'll find some more.

Martin has so far not responded to statement's that beauty expert Ole Henriksen made last week to the Swedish press last week, essentially outing the singer.


Ricky Martin Shakes His Bare Bon-Bon [just jared]

Ricky Martin Outed by Hollywood Skincare Guru Ole Henriksen?


Hollywood skincare guru Ole Henriksen's comments about Ricky Martin have been receiving international attention.

HenriksenIn an interview with E's Ted Casablanca, Henriksen perhaps broke the client confidentiality rule when asked who he'd take on a romantic getaway (aside from his partner).

Said Henriksen: "I’d go for Stig Tøfting [former Danish soccer player], but since he’s straight, I’d say my client Ricky Martin."

Additional remarks were published by a Swedish media outlet, which quoted Henriksen as saying (loose translation): "[Ricky Martin] is a little more open about it these days than he used to be...I don’t know if he has a boyfriend."

Ricky Martin spoke out on the issue of closeted celebrities following Mexican pop star Christian Chavez' disclosure that he was gay earlier of this year.

At that time, Martin said: "Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say. [Christian] has to be free in many aspects. I wish him much strength."

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