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The Orlando Magic are Giving Away Free Chick-fil-A All Season

The Orlando Magic have teamed up with Chick-Fil-A for their Hot Shot Promotion:

MagicMagic fans will be able to enjoy Chick-fil-A® for free with the help of the Orlando Magic during the 2013-14 NBA season with the Chick-fil-A Hot Shot Promotion. The Magic are partnering with Chick-fil-A to offer a free spicy chicken sandwich to any Magic fan in attendance at any home game in which the Magic hit five or more 3-pointers. To redeem their free sandwhich, fans can take their ticket stub or seat locator stub/sheet into any participating Central Florida Chick-fil-A location the day after the team hits the mark.

Enjoy the taste of hate chik-in with every 3-pointer.

Chick-fil-A and its WinShape foundation have not stopped giving to anti-gay causes.

NEWS: Circumcision, Nobel Prize, Puerto Rico, Colton Haynes

RoadEddie Redmayne is looking all kinds of geek chic on set of Stephen Hawkings bio-pic The Theory of Everything.

RoadSpeaking of physics, Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in theorizing the existence of the so-called Higgs boson, also known as "The God Particle," the existence of which was finally proven earlier this year thanks to CERN's Large Hadron Collider. "Englert and Higgs theorized about the existence of the particle in the 1960s to provide an answer to a riddle: why matter has mass. The tiny particle, they believed, acts like molasses on snow — causing other basic building blocks of nature to stick together, slow down and form atoms."

RoadCan circumcision reduce the risk of acquiring HIV? "Major studies support circumcision as prevention in Africa but a small yet vocal group argues the science is flawed."

Vieques2 RoadTens of thousands turn out for jubilant week-long Pride celebrations in Orlando, Florida.

RoadIf these walls could talk: an oral history of New York's Chelsea Hotel.

RoadIs the Puerto Rican island of Vieques the new destination wedding spot for gay couples? The W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island is now offering wedding packages for same-sex couples: "Aimed at couples in the East, the package includes a legal marriage ceremony in New York or Boston, followed by the resort event. Priced from $12,500, the arrangement includes 45 hours of planning, a personalized wedding Web site, a prewedding tasting with Ms. Coveney Smith and the resort’s culinary team and the wedding planner’s attendance at the resort rehearsal and ceremony."

RoadYou daily dose of Awwww.

Colton RoadApparently Liam Payne's underwear was stolen, hence the commando pajama pant balcony appearance.

RoadGeorge Takei reminds us of the silver lining to the government shutdown.

RoadOne gay father comes face to faces with the sexism inherent in toys: "The girls' section was a pink bubble. The themes: fashion, cooking and cleaning. The promotional words on the packages were fun and frivolous. In contrast, the toys that were meant for boys communicated, literally and figuratively, concepts such as leadership, command, speed, agility, skill, might and success. I got the message then and there. If you are a girl, your aspirations should be to play at elegance, nurture a baby doll, and practice cooking and cleaning. If you are a boy, you are to aspire to a persona of power. You are to build physically, train and excel."

RoadMarilyn Monroe as you may never have seen her.

RoadColton Haynes basking in the afternoon glow.

Orlando Woman Raped In Potential Homophobic Hate Crime: VIDEO


Police in Orlando, Florida are searching for three suspects after a woman was attacked and raped yesterday while walking home from the LGBT night club "Revolution" (or "Rev" as it's often referred to by locals). The attack in question took place early Sunday morning at approximately 1:00 AM. The victim, who was walking home from the club by herself, was walking underneath on overpass when she was approached by three men in a silver vehicle. 

Rev NightclubThen men began by yelling multiple sexually explicit and anti-gay remarks, using words such as "lesbian" and "dyke". Two of the men then reportedly exited the vehicle, pushing her to the ground. The car's driver then allegedly removed the victim's underwear before saying, "I'll show you what a real man feels like," and then sexually assaulting her. After the attack, the victim then says that she made the rest of her way home and called the police. Unfortunately, after the incident, she was not able to identify the precise route she used to walk home. Thus, authorities do not have a specific location at which to search for evidence. 

The victim also had a difficult time identifying specific details about any of her attackers. She did say, however, that her attacker had short hair, and that he was wearing a black t-shirt and khaki shorts. He also reportedly drove a silver automobile. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, and are asking anyone with information about the incident to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.

Watch the report by WKMG News Orlando AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bisexual Teen Fights for Gay-Straight Alliance in Florida as Homophobic Parent Compares it to a Gang: VIDEO


14-year-old Bayli Silberstein is leading the charge to get a Gay-Straight Alliance in place at Carver middle School which she attends because she says anti-gay bullying is out of hand. The Lake County School Board had a meeting on Monday afternoon, the Orlando Sentinel reports:

More than 100 parents, students, residents and a few pastors showed up at a Lake County School Board meeting Monday afternoon, many wearing red shirts to show support for a proposed Gay-Straight Alliance club at Carver Middle School in Leesburg...

The American Civil Liberties Union is supporting Bayli, saying that under the federal Equal Access Act schools can not discriminate among clubs based on what they think students should or should not discuss. If a school allows any student group that's not directly related to school curriculum to meet, then it cannot deny other student groups the same access.

Others spoke out against the alliance, saying the real issue is bullying. Students, they said, would not find the support they need in a gay-straight group.

"It's like gangs," said Lori Pitner, a Tavares resident who spoke in opposition. "More kids in gangs end up killed than are not in gangs. I don't see this as any different."

Watch the Orlando Sentinel's interview with Silberstein, AFTER THE JUMP...

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President Obama Endorses Orlando as 'Gay Games' Host


The City of Orlando got a boost from the White House in its bid to host the 2018 Gay Games, the Washington Blade reports:

“I am pleased to voice my support for the City of Orlando’s bid to host the Gay Games 2018,” the president said in a letter to Orlando 2018, the organization working on the bid.

“As President of the United States, I am committed to advancing equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community, both in America and around the world,” he said.

Mikael Audebert, project director for Orlando 2018, said Obama’s endorsement letter is believed to mark the first time a U.S. president has expressed support for the Gay Games or any LGBT event of that size.

Watch Orlando's bid video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Days Makes A Mint; Visitors Bureau Takes Note

ImagesToday's the second-to-last day of Gay Days in Orlando, and despite the best efforts of the Florida Family Association, people seem to be enjoying themselves.

That includes Orlandian business people, who will make a mind-numbing amount of money off Gay Days' red-shirted revelers this year.

From Orlando's CFNews13:

A sea of red shirts took over Walt Disney World's Main Street to celebrate Gay Days.

Travel groups say the more red you see, the more green the city makes.

People keep coming back year after year. Drew Ladochi and his friends travelled from Chicago and a few years ago he decided he loved Orlando so much he bought a time share here.

"We've been partying all weekend and now it's Magic Kingdom today and Epcot tomorrow," Ladochi said.

The "Gay Days" events are not put on by the theme parks but the people are welcomed along with anyone else who wants to visit. Orlando Gay Travel.com estimates the theme parks make more than $13 million this weekend alone.

The estimate could be conservative. According to CFNews, Gay Days' organizers guess their celebration brings up to 150,000 people to town, who spend the great bulk of their money at the local theme parks.

Orlando's tourism bureau, Visit Orlando, this year began promoting Gay Days for the first time after ignoring the event for two decades. The years-long snubbing is understandable, Central Florida being historically gay-unfriendly, and might have continued indefinitely if the gays didn't bring so much money to town. The Orlando Sentinel has published a story on the bureau's evolution, which now seeks to target LGBT visitors year-round:

For the first time in its history, the publicly subsidized convention-and-visitors bureau has a page on its website targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender visitors. It is working with a gay-oriented marketing agency to attract more German tourists, and it recently spent $3,500 on a national print advertisement aimed at the LGBT market, in cooperation with other tourism-promotion groups.

"We have continued to grow our presence in that market," said Danielle Courtenay, Visit Orlando's chief marketing officer. "It is certainly a market out there that Orlando can continue to benefit from."

... Visit Orlando, which gets the majority of its funds from Orange County government, has kept the gay market at arm's length even though Orlando hosts one of gay travel's biggest and most successful events: Gay Days. The weeklong festival, founded in Orlando two decades ago, has done more than perhaps anything else to put the nation's theme-park capital on the gay-travel map.

... Former Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart said she agrees ... [that the] visitor's bureau has not done enough to go after the LGBT market. But Stewart said she senses change is coming.

"They are starting to see the dollar signs and the need to be more involved, both internationally and nationally," she said. "This should have been done long ago."

The arc of history is long, but it bends towards ... profit?


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