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Oscar De La Hoya Says Fishnet Drag Photos Were Him

A clean and sober Oscar de la Hoya has come clean about the crossdressing photos that surfaced in 2007 which were the subject of a lawsuit, Gothamist reports:

Delahoya "Let me to tell you, yes, yes, it was me [in those pictures]," he told Aqui y Ahora. "I am tired now of lying, of lying to the public and of lying to myself." The pictures, if you want to remember De La Hoya for something other than his devastating left hook, showed the boxer in bras, fishnet stockings, short skirts and women's underwear.

Also in the photos was a 22-year-old beauty named Milana Dravnel. Shortly after the photos came out, Dravnel sued De La Hoya for allegedly tricking her into signing a statement saying that the photos were altered. According to The New York Post's sources, De La Hoya settled that lawsuit out of court for about $20 million.

De la Hoya blames his adventures in drag on cocaine and alcohol.

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road.jpg As California gears up for a gay wedding boom, nine gay rights groups issue statement urging those who get married in California not to rush back to their states and sue: "In an unusual six-page memorandum, written for same-sex couples, groups ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to Lambda Legal warned that lawsuits would invite 'bad' court rulings that could take years to overturn." Two California countries have announced they'll halt all weddings, saying they lack resources.

Dohertyroad.jpg Crucified by the media: rocker Pete Doherty undergoes plaster cast for marble statue of himself as Jesus Christ.

road.jpg Obama meets with Christian leaders...

road.jpg Jonathan Capehart warns of an Obama-Nunn ticket: "When Bill Clinton sought to keep his 1992 campaign promise to end the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, he met strong resistance in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. Nunn, one of the most adamant opponents, led a series of hearings that were stacked against ending the prohibition. Critics noted that Nunn held more hearings about and spent more time on gays in the military than he had on the defense budget or even the Navy's Tailhook sexual harassment scandal ... an Obama-Nunn ticket does not sit well with some prominent gay Democratic fundraisers."

road.jpg Clay Aiken is not just having a son, but he has another baby in the freezer.

Dcstormroad.jpg John Aravosis at AmericaBlog got some intense shots of the storm that passed through the east coast yesterday.

road.jpg Judy Garland to sing on stage again: "Cutting-edge technology unavailable just a few years ago has enabled NY-based production company Running Subway to present Judy's larger-than-life passion and personal story to 21st century audiences in what can only be described as the greatest Judy Garland concert ever."

road.jpg Fishnets: Experts conclude that the Oscar de la Hoya drag photos were indeed doctored.

road.jpg Dolores Neuman, photographer whose camerawork was central to Rob Epstein's 1984 documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, dies in Washington D.C. of kidney cancer.

Lovegururoad.jpg Justin Timberlake on Love Guru wardrobe: "This may be TMI but I was constantly digging out those wedgies!"

road.jpg Canadian gay couple Theo Wouters and Roger Thibault settles $400,000 defamation lawsuit brought by neighbors out of court.

road.jpg Chace Crawford reads a few juicy scripts in London.

road.jpg Mitt Romney purchases $12 million home in La Jolla, California.

road.jpg Democrats don't touch 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "Since taking control of Congress in January 2007, Democrats have not convened hearings on the matter or taken up legislation that would let gays serve openly, although most party members favor repealing the prohibition. Instead, Democrats have focused their efforts on bringing troops home from Iraq and other issues that have broad appeal among voters, such as lowering gas prices."

road.jpg Tivo pulls web page which acknowledged their relationship with Focus on the Family.

De La Hoya Sued for $100 Million for Coercion Over Drag Photos


So, the woman selling the photos of Oscar de la Hoya in drag is now suing the boxer because she says his lawyers coerced her into not making more money off of them.

DlhReuters reports: "Milana Dravnel, who the New York Post and New York Daily News reported had met de la Hoya at a strip club where she worked, said the agreement was made after she had already sold some of the images to a Hollywood photo agency for $70,000...Dravnel, 22, said a representative of de la Hoya coerced her into signing the agreement, which blocked her from selling or discussing the pictures she took of the 34-year-old boxer...She said she was "unaware of the legal consequences of the transaction" and that she did not have a lawyer present when she signed the agreement. As a result, Dravnel has been cheated out of income and has been unable to repair her damaged public reputation, the lawsuit said. Dravnel is suing for fraud, defamation, interfering with a contract, and exerting undue and intentional infliction of emotional distress."

Uh, her public reputation was damaged?

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road.jpg 2007 MacArthur Genius Grants awarded: $500K each.

Rudolphroad.jpg No more Oprah, Beyonce, Whitney, Donatella, Nuni Showner or Bronx Beat on Saturday Night Live: Maya Rudolph is not returning. UPDATE: Maya changes her mind.

road.jpg Infectious bacteria sent to space found to be more dangerous upon return: " The salmonella sample that travelled millions of kilometers (miles) in orbit changed their pattern of certain genes compared to identical bacteria back on Earth, said the study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Following the shuttle flight, studies using mice showed the salmonella bacteria aboard the shuttle were "almost three times as likely to cause disease when compared with control bacteria grown on the ground," said a university statement outlining the study."

road.jpg British authorities seize Nan Goldin print owned by Elton John prior to gallery showing after being tipped off by employee concerned about child exploitation.

Meteorcraterperuroad.jpg Remember that meteorite that hit a Peruvian village last week that made a whole bunch of villagers sick? Apparently it struck a location where there was arsenic in the groundwater: "The claim now is that the meteoroid was hot when it hit (or the impact itself generated the heat), creating a steam plume tainted with arsenic — everyone who complained of illness has recovered, the report says, by the way. Given that we know it’s a meteorite now, that sounds plausible. Given the size of the crater and the eyewitness accounts, the meteoroid may have been big enough to retain quite a bit of heat when it hit."

road.jpg The NYT celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sputnik: "Fifty years ago, before most people living today were born, the beep-beep-beep of Sputnik was heard round the world. It was the sound of wonder and foreboding. Nothing would ever be quite the same again — in geopolitics, in science and technology, in everyday life and the capacity of the human species."

Jessemetcalferoad.jpg Let's talk trash with Jesse Metcalfe.

road.jpg Brokeback Mountain to become opera. Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Wuorinen will compose it.

road.jpg Seller of De la Hoya fishnet drag photos remorseful: "I can't believe we did this! For $70,000 you let them take advantage of me? What is going to happen to me? I've crushed a million hearts of kids . . . People look up to [de la Hoya.] . . . I'm really upset. I can't eat. I can't sleep."

road.jpg Williamette University runner Stephen Millard comes out of the closet: "I am not out to anyone on the team, although I don’t mind if they know. I think that bad reactions will be very limited. The campus is supportive, the coaches are supportive and the team has a lot of special men and women on it. I think they will like me for who I am as a person, as they do for everyone else. And when it comes down to it, my sexuality has no affect on how I perform or how I interact with my teammates."

road.jpg George H.W. Bush's Kennebunkport pool boy tells all: "What do you say? 'Thanks for School of the Americas, and Iran-Contra, and NAFTA, and shipping all those jobs overseas, and arming Saddam, and funding the Taliban?' What do you say -- 'You're a jerk?' There's nothing that can be put into a sentence that would capture the lives these people have taken, and the way of life that's been taken."

De La Hoya: A Side By Side


I doubted, although given this comparison I'm beginning to be a believer.

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Authenticity Battle Over Oscar de la Hoya Crossdressing Photos

A lawyer and an agent for boxer Oscar de la Hoya say photos that surfaced yesterday on the internet of de la Hoya in high heels, fishnet stockings, and a wig are fake.

ElahoyaDe la Hoya's agent at CAA, Jack Tiernan, told Radar: "They're completely manufactured. The pictures have been manipulated or manufactured, and the matter has been referred to his attorney."

Radar reports, "The whole thing comes in the wake of a bet De La Hoya had previously made with Sugar Ray Leonard over a minor fight in which the loser would then handle ring card girl duties during the subsequent main event. The fight was postponed."

De la Hoya's attorney Bert Fields released a statement to the press: "The photographs depicting Mr. De La Hoya's image that were posted online today by an obscure paparazzi website are fake. Many of the website's viewers (as reflected in postings on the site) identified the photos as a 'really bad photoshop job.' Unfortunately, with today's technology, anyone can make any photo seem like something other than it is."

While Fields has demanded that X17, the site which first posted the shots, takes them down, the site is defiant and has placed them more prominently: “Regarding the possibly [sic] Photoshopping of the images -- NOPE! -- we got a letter for Oscar's lawyer today and while they'd love us to take down the pix, they don't seem to dispute their authenticity!”

DlhThe New York Daily News' Rush & Molloy report that the exotic dancer from Scores West who sold the photos claims they are authentic:

"The photos are being peddled by a Scores West dancer, according to R. Couri Hay, the Gotham magazine columnist who scored the first interview with the twentysomething woman. 'She says she took the photos at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia on May 17,' Hay tells us. 'I fully believe she is telling the truth. She had been reluctant to talk. But now that she's being called a liar, she's ready to sell her story. And, believe me, she has a lot of details.' A friend of the unnamed woman says that De La Hoya would regularly invite her and other party pals to join him when he left his family at home in Puerto Rico. 'He'd send a private plane or fly them first-class,' says the friend. 'They'd meet up in hotels, where the party could go on for days. There was a lot of tequila. It involved men and women. They indulged his every whim and taste. He wore size 9 ladies shoes. He also liked wearing thigh-high nylons. He liked sex games. He and the girl would sit in a chair that they'd pretend was a motorcycle. He'd pretend he was the girl on the back of motorcycle. She'd be the guy. He'd grab her around the waist and squeal, 'Faster! Faster!''"

De la Hoya's rep Debbie Caplan accuses the dancer of being "out for money".

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