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Chi Chi LaRue PSA on Barebacking in the Gay Porn Industry

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Given the recent reports of a sharp increase in HIV infection in men under 30 and an increase in so-called "barebacking" porn, industry legend Chi Chi LaRue has decided to speak out about the importance of wearing a condom, and the importance of setting an example in the adult film industry.

Said LaRue of his decision to make the PSA: "When I first started seeing barebacking titles appear, of course I was disappointed and very outspoken. The fact is that it was pretty obvious to most that the models “appeared” to be HIV+ and were having unsafe sex with what “appeared” to be other HIV+ models. Again not something I have ever heard was recommended, but in any case, it is something that does seem to be more readily practiced in the gay community. What we are seeing now is drastically different. We are seeing movies with 18 year old twinks being gang banged without condoms. We are seeing...20 year oldS in the UK who haVE reportedly become HIV+ after making their first porn.

"I have always promoted on my sets the same thing that I feel every gay man should practice in his personal life. ASSUME EVERYONE YOU ARE HAVING SEX WITH IS HIV+. Some companies say that they test their models, which just gives a false sense of security. There is no way to 100% protect the health of models by testing only. What if the test was taken a day before the persons HIV became detectable. What if the model caught HIV a day after he was tested? Unfortunately, this way of thinking is why I had to quit working in the straight industry. I walked away from a lucrative contract with Vivid Video when they decided to go “condom optional” so don’t ever say I don’t put my money where my mouth is!

"The fear I have is that when we are silent and choose to ignore issues as serious as this, then perhaps barebacking in porn will just keep increasing like HIV infection rates. Then more and more models will be sucked into putting their health at risk to make porn!"

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