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New Gay Animated Web Series Follows the 'Young, Dumb, and Hungry' in Palm Springs: VIDEO

Somewhere in palm springs episode 1

Written by Nate Clark & Allen Loeb, new animated web series Somewhere In Palm Springs is about three gay friends and their gal pal hanging by the pool in Palm Springs, California.

The series stars Drew Tarver (How I Met Your Dad) and Jimmy Fowlie (Go Go Boy Interrupted) and premiered June 24.

Life is hard when you're young, dumb and hungry...poolside in Palm Springs, California. Somewhere In Palm Springs is the harrowing tale of 4 friends forced to wait a normal amount of time for their lunch to arrive to their lounge chairs — they share hopes, dreams, neuroses, and the sordid details of their various one night stands. They may be vapid, but, hey, at least they're vapid.

Watch episodes one and two, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Gay Councilmember in Rancho Mirage, California Hit with Homophobic 'FAGS' Mailer

Scott Hines, an openly gay city councilmember in Racho Mirage, California, si being targeted by an anonymous homophobic mailer, Frontiers reports:

MailerIn mid-February, some Rancho Mirage voters opened their mailboxes to find an anti-gay postcard attacking openly gay Councilmember Scott Hines with the message “Send Hines Packing Back to Palm Springs (where he belongs).”

The postcards feature a shirtless picture of Hines with a caption in rainbow-colored lettering that says “No More ‘Fab’ Party Guy Scotty.” The letters of the message line up vertically to spell out “FAGS.”

The mailing was sent out without a return address, so no one knows who sent it. Hines, an educational technology company CEO and former Air Force Intelligence officer, has been careful not to point any fingers, but many residents suspect the postcards came from his campaign opponents, a group Hines sometimes refers to as “The Gang of Four.”

The so-called Gang of Four ("three Rancho Mirage City Council incumbents—Dana Hobart, Ted Weill and Iris Smotrich—plus political newcomer Charles Townsend") deny responsibility and suggest that the postcards were sent by Hines's supporters.

'Desert Migration' Documents Aging with HIV: VIDEO

Desert Migration

Director Daniel Cardone is embarking on a project to document the lives of people who survived the AIDS crisis and are now living as older men with HIV, titled Desert Migration in reference to the many, many men who chose to move to Palm Springs, CA for retirement. From the project's indiegogo page:

When HIV treatments improved and people stopped dying by the thousands, many HIV positive men took stock and thought, " what?”  Death was not an immediate concern, but their health was still fragile and their lives had been permanently knocked off course [...] The fastest growing demographic of people living with HIV/AIDS in the US are those over 50 years of age.  They weren’t expected to live, let alone thrive.  Importantly, the effect on their bodies by the medications keeping them alive was never adequately tested.  After twenty years, what is worse – the medications or the HIV?

You can see Desert Migration's trailer AFTER THE JUMP...

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Palm Springs Cinema Hosts LGBT Film Festivals, Contributes To Anti-Gay Causes

Rozene SuppleThe Camelot theater in Palm Springs is one of the leading indie theaters in the vacation hot spot. The theater has hosted a variety of film festivals, including hosting the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Short Film Festival, the American Documentary Film Festival, and the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, since it was created in 1967.

One would think that to host such events the theater would be owned by progressive or at least liberal-leaning proprietors. Roger Tansey over at MyDesert uncovered the reality that in fact the owner, Mrs. Rozene Supple, has donated to a variety of right-wing and anti-gay causes. Some of her offenses include $2200 to Michele Bachmann, $7,900 to the Koch brothers' Citizens United, and arguably most egregiously (in message, if not amount) she gave $100 to to support California's Proposition 8.

Mrs. Supple wrote a rebuttal for MyDesert in an attempt to balance out her portrayal, explicitly stating that she loves her Palm Springs community, and though she's Republican she does not support the Tea Party or religious right (despite donating to Bachmann), she wants smaller government oversight and less regulation (despite donating to Citizens United), and she admires and respects the gays (despite donating to an anti-gay hate cause).

To her credit, Mrs. Supple says that she has donated to causes like Desert AIDS Project, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Equality California, The Judy Fund, Olive Crest, and the Children’s Discovery Museum, and she says that going forward, 

I have decided that I will no longer contribute to any political entity that does not embrace equal rights for all Americans. Truth be told, I will probably stop contributing to any of them.

Mrs. Supple may have a struggle on her hands undoing the damage that she has already done to her own reputation and public good will, and time will tell if she actually follows through on her commitments. Still, better a late conversion than never.

Cathedral City Police Raid Barracks Bar on Closing Night of Leather Pride Weekend: VIDEO


Barracks Bar in Palm Springs was raided by police last night during a beer bust for Palm Springs Leather Pride, which was happening this weekend.

CcpdLeatherati writes:

Breaking news...we just received a text indicating the Barracks Bar in Cathedral City, CA was shut down this afternoon by the local police department for "capacity" issues. The closure came during one of the busiest Sunday beer busts of the year with the town crowded with attendees to Palm Springs Leather Pride. The Barracks has had ongoing difficulties with the Cathedral City police department over capacity issues and displayIng porn in the bar. We'll update as we get more info.

A video posted online supports Leatherati's claim. As of yet, we have heard of no reported arrests.


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News: Old Navy, Palm Springs, Courtney Love, Blackbeard

 road The Situation and Ronnie Magro get into a tussle while filming the latest season of Jersey Shore.

Oldnavy  road Old Navy to start selling gay pride t-shirts to benefit the "It Gets Better" campaign.

 road Scientists say they've been able to bring back the quagga, an animal extinct since 1883: "It started when a local taxidermist by the name of Reinhold Rau thought it might be feasible to rebreed the quagga using living plains zebras by choosing some of the lesser-striped ones."

 road Tiki Barber gets heat for Anne Frank comparison.

 road Courtney Love on Lady Gaga: "She surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists and advisers who've turned her into this weird, sexless Barbie doll."

 road Brad Pitt has marriage on the mind.

 road Canadian court refuses to reduce the sentence of gay basher whose attack on a gay man left the victim with brain damage.

 road A heartbreaking article about the some of the abuses the LGBT community faces in Vietnam.

Black  road Blackbeard anchor discovered off the coast off North Carolina: "New evidence about the terrifying and deadly tactics employed by Blackbeard is emerging from the diving expedition on the vessel’s presumed remains. The divers have discovered that weapons used by the pirate were not only intended to kill but were designed to strike terror into survivors and force them into a swift surrender."

 road Colon cancer awareness billboard with the slogan "What's up your butt?" banned in Washington state."

 road Happy 43rd birthday, Kylie Minogue!

 road Police have brought hate crime charges against couple who battered and spewed anti-gay slurs at gay men in Palm Spring. One gay man lost teeth in the attack, which started over a parking spot.


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