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News: Serbia, Caster Semenya, China, Tim Hardaway, Cleveland

RoadObama appoints law professor, ENDA expert, and former legislative counsel to the AIDS Project of the ACLU Chai R. Feldblum as Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Gaga_madonna RoadHamburglar chic at Marc Jacobs show.

RoadOrbitz, Bertolli, Cadillac, Subaru, Lifelube, Allstate, Coors Light among nominees for GLAAD  Media Awards in Advertising.

RoadDavid Beckham looks like a fool trying to golf.

RoadAmnesty International: Serbian gay rights activists under attack. Serbian authorities expect Gay Pride clashes...

RoadTeen sentenced to up to 9 months in juvenile detention for gay bashing of Steven Harmon in Portage, Michigan, after pleading guilty to aggravated assault. More on the crime here. "The 16-year-old was also ordered to obtain anger management counseling, victim restitution and write a letter of apology to the victim, Steven Harmon, said Karen Hayter, division leader for assistant prosecuting attorneys in the Family Court division of Kalamazoo County Circuit Court."

RoadSouth African runner at center of gender debate,Caster Semenya, on suicide watch: "She is like a raped person. She is afraid of herself and does not want anyone near her. If she commits suicide, it will be on all our heads. The best we can do is protect her and look out for her during this trying time."

Guanghzou RoadGays take a stand (and a seat) in a public park in Guangzhou, China: "When the police descend on People's Park and shoo away the gay men gathered there, the men usually scatter to avoid trouble. But recently, about 50 or so confronted five officers who began a sweep and finally forced a police retreat after a heated but nonviolent standoff."

RoadStraight spouses stung by closeted exes speak up for same-sex marriage: "If gays and lesbians were more accepted, I wouldn't have married a closeted lesbian."

RoadTim Hardaway foundation to hold Miami benefit for gay suicide hotline The Trevor Project.

RoadPopular gay radio show Fernando & Greg booted from the air in San Francisco...

RoadJake Gyllenhaal takes in the Del Potro knockdown at the U.S. Open.

Badgeley RoadPenn Badgley on Gossip Girl cast: "In certain circles we're treated like royalty. We're treated like the Kennedys."

RoadMayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland City Council lift city's Gay Games bid to the tune of $700,000: "The money would help defray the costs of holding the games here and would not be spent unless Cleveland is the winning bidder. The city is one of three finalists for the 2014 Gay Olympics. Boston and Washington D.C. are the other contenders."

RoadFormer Bush speechwriter reveals how Bush dissed everyone in Washington.

RoadReport cards issued to pharmaceutical companies with HIV drugs on the market.

RoadFinish line: "on Sunday, September 13, 2009, 113 riders and a team of 50 volunteer crew members of Braking the Cycle ended their three-day cycling journey from Boston to New York, at the footsteps of the LGBT Community Center...Together, this small group of dedicated individuals raised $274,682 (Net) for the HIV/AIDS services of the Center."

RoadPeoria, Illinois holds first Gay Pride event.

RoadCalifornia Bar Association annual meeting split by protest over Prop 8 supporter Doug Manchester's Grand Hyatt in San Diego: "Most nights there is a noisy picket line in front of the hotel. Whether the State Bar should or could move its annual meeting was a great controversy in legal circles earlier this year. In the end, the State Bar decided that it was not prudent or possible to move their convention. However, the now truly independent Conference of Delegates found itself not bound by the State Bar decision. The Conference of Delegates moved more than a mile away to the new Hilton Bayfront, near Petco Park. Attorneys or judges who want to attend both are left to chose between their walking shoes or taking a pedicab or taxi."

Gossip Girl Actors Tired of Being Mocked for 'Gayface'


In the latest Rolling Stone cover story, Gossip Girl's male actors demonstrate that they know exactly what it's like for a gay guy to pretend that he's straight. During the interview, they mock a male Gossip Girl fan who approaches them, claiming he's using his girlfriend as a cover for meeting them.

And then, shortly thereafter, Ed Westwick (apparently unironically) uses the same strategy to (once again) deny he and Crawford are a couple:

Says Westwick: "[The rumors are] Fucking ridiculous! "It's funny because I love this fucking dude dearly. I would die for this fucking dude. He's my brother. But, by God, we are so into our women it's ridiculous. But what are you going to do about it? Get pissed off and stay home and cry about it?...I made out with a girl in public. Fuck it, I'll have sex in public. That one's still on the list. Still haven't ticked that one off. Well I have, but they haven't seen me. Not George Michael public."

Note: the photo above is a parody in case it wasn't obvious. Terry Richardson's original, from the magazine, below.


Gossip Girl Guys Gang up to Overcome Gay 'Indictments'


Details takes on the Gossip Girl guys this month, and the chatter is all pretty gay.

Says Chace Crawford of the "indictments" against him: "Model turned actor, dime a dozen, eye candy, doesn't know what he's doing ... and Perez Hilton says I have 'gayface.' So on top of everything else, I have to overcome gayface."

Says Badgley of Crawford: "It's like he was genetically bred to be a teen star."

Of his high school years, Crawford says: "I'm pretty sure I wasn't having sex with any cougars."

Details reports: "Most of the cast members live in adjacent downtown neighborhoods, and Chace and Ed share an apartment in Chelsea. This has fueled Internet speculation that they are secret lovers, although that seems to be a figment of the collective gaymagination. If you were a closeted TV star, after all, you'd probably come up with a better cover than living with your boyfriend in Manhattan's Pinkberriest zip code. 'No, sorry, I've got nothing to educate you about,' says Chace, laughing. 'What does bromance even mean?' (Ed has denied rumors too, saying they're just friends.) Chace's mom helped him find the apartment, and he recruited Ed as a roommate. 'I thought, Let's pool our money and get something good,' Chace says. 'I didn't even know if the show was going to last.'"

On Penn Badgley: "For him, acting is work—it's how you make sure you can pay for your own car and make your rent. And if you need to shave your chest hair because teenage girls find chest hair on a good guy sexually threatening, you get out the razor. It's a living."

Ed Westwick responds: "'Penn said he has to shave his chest hair because it's threatening?' Ed leans back, a trio of metal chains nestling in his own not inconsiderable pelt. The 21-year-old Brit stretches, grins, narrows his eyes—a kind of silent purr. 'Reeeaallly ... Well, I think Penn's chest hair may be more like a scaahf. It actually comes out of his neck! So maybe that's why he has to cut it. Threatening? I don't know what threatening hair would look like. We'd have to get Penn here to see!'"

You get the idea.

(cover image just jared)

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News: Tim Kaine, AIDS Bill, Cape Town, Planet Out, 'Ex-Gays'

road.jpg House passes Lantos-Hyde AIDS bill which would also lift the HIV immigration and travel ban by a vote of 303-115. Pelosi statement.

Kaineroad.jpg Clinton campaign-runner Terry McAuliffe recommends Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for Obama VP spot: "McAuliffe was adamant in his recommendation of Kaine as the Democratic Party's vice presidential nominee Tuesday, although he stressed to the News-Press after his speech, which included an informal half-hour question and answer period, that the ultimate choice will be Obama's very personal one. However, the fact that he proposed Kaine over his own candidate and long-time friend, Hillary Clinton, suggested that he knows the Clinton option is off the table."

road.jpg A resourceful and somewhat hot (if you're into that bearish farmer type) sugar beet grower has found a first-rate way to scare off the crows.

road.jpg 27%: Bush approval rating hits new low.

road.jpg David Beckham having a leg-off with his All-Star teammates?

road.jpg Cape Town, South Africa outraged over homophobic newspaper column. Columnist: "There could be a few things [about which] I could take issue with Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, but his unflinching and unapologetic stance over homosexuals is definitely not among those."

road.jpg Belfast Gay Pride gets approval to go ahead next weekend. Homophobic Northern Ireland MP Iris Robinson invited...

road.jpg Clay Aiken blogs for the children of Somalia and Kenya.

Stevenroad.jpg EW talks to Big Brother gay cowboy Steven Daigle. Ed: I do want to amend an earlier post. While I noted his racist comment early on in the show, I do want to say that after several episodes he proved to be a warm-hearted player, and did change at least one housemate's mind about gay people, and I wish he would have stayed.

road.jpg LGBT community to be out in force at Democratic National Convention: "National Stonewall Democrats, the national gay Democratic group, expects more than 300 openly LGBT delegates, alternates, and other participants in 'the gay caucus' next month at the Democratic National Convention. The group has been scrambling for weeks to assemble the names and numbers and still hasn’t identified them all. But from what data it has collected, it appears the caucus will include 305 delegates, at least 84 of whom supported Hillary Clinton during the primary, 74 of whom supported the presumptive nominee Barack Obama, and 147 of whom no one yet knows who they supported."

road.jpg Kathy Griffin's longtime assistant Jessica has left the building.

road.jpg Wayne Besen on Exodus International's annual confab of "ex-gays" in Asheville, North Carolina: "Exodus may smile sweetly and tell the mainstream media they love homosexuals. But, judging by the recent hate crimes in the Carolinas combined with the reactionary rhetoric of Exodus, it seems that they are literally 'loving' us to death."

Gaycardroad.jpg Republicans play the gay card. Via The Gist.

road.jpg PlanetOut Inc. reports accumulated deficit of nearly $100 million: " The San Francisco web portal (NASDAQ: LGBT), which is aimed at the lesbian, gay and transgendered market, reported an accumulated deficit of $99.8 million as of March 31. For that quarter, PlanetOut lost $10.4 million on sales of $4.8 million. PlanetOut was incorporated in Delaware in December 2000. It runs web sites and"

road.jpg Penn Badgley takes his brooding looks to GQ.

road.jpg Report warns of AIDS crisis in the South.

road.jpg National Stonewall Democrats announce endorsement of Barack Obama: "[Spokesman John] Marble said the group offered its endorsement 'with accountability as well' and said the organization will continue to press Obama on gay issues during the campaign. While gay Democrats rally behind their party’s presidential candidate, the National Log Cabin Republicans have yet to make a decision on whether or not to endorse Republican presidential candidate John McCain in his bid for the White House."

road.jpg Maryland judge: Gender identity law can be rolled back by voters...

News: Larry Craig, Big Bird, Al Sharpton, Gun Ruling, Vogue

road.jpg No joke: Larry Craig and David Vitter key sponsors of Marriage Protection Amendment.

Bowieroad.jpg Never-before-seen photos of David Bowie revealed.

road.jpg Guy "Richie" stands to gain $100 million:
No pre-nup in Madonna marriage.

road.jpg Al Sharpton told Gay City News that his statement about sin to Anderson Cooper earlier this week was not aimed at Anderson but was hypothetical: "I have no idea of his sexuality. I was not talking about him as an individual anyway. It could have been anybody...I support same-sex marriage and have been lambasted by the right for it."

road.jpg HIV cases "skyrocket" among young gay men: "A new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that between 2001 and 2006 gay male sex was the largest HIV transmission category in the U.S. and also the only one which recorded an increasing number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses. The most affected are gay boys and men between the ages of 13 and 24 years, with minorities even more. The findings were released in this week's issue of the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Other factors such as genital herpes could actually double a person’s risk for contracting HIV."

road.jpg Beckham blogs about bulge.

road.jpg NewNowNext covers New York's HX Awards.

Cowroad.jpg Prince Harry discovers source of global warming at County Fair.

road.jpg Miami lesbian suing South Florida hospital because she wasn't allowed to see her partner who had suffered a stroke. Her partner later died: "Janice Langbehn, Lisa Marie Pond and three of their four children planned a cruise in February 2007 to celebrate the couple's 18 years together. But Pond suffered a massive stroke before the ship left port and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Hospital workers refused to let Langbehn into Pond's hospital room - even after a power of attorney was faxed to the hospital -- because they were not legally related. Langbehn filed a federal lawsuit in Miami on Wednesday charging hospital employees with negligence and "intentional infliction of emotional distress." The suit seeks damages in excess of $75,000. Pond was pronounced dead of a brain aneurysm about 18 hours after being admitted to the trauma center. Langbehn said she was only allowed in to see her partner for a few minutes when a priest gave Pond the last rites."

road.jpg Bishop Gene Robinson and Sir Ian McKellen to make joint appearance at screening of For the Bible Tells Me So in London...

road.jpg Gay creator of Big Bird costume, Kermit Love, dies at 91.

Gg_2road.jpg More from the set of Gossip Girl...

road.jpg Log Cabin Republicans applaud Supreme Court gun ruling.

road.jpg Juice: The background on bigot Bolthouse and Bolthouse farms.

road.jpg London police hunt "thug" after homophobic attack: "Sahin Rahman is one of four thugs sentenced this week following the attack at Hackney-road, Bethnal Green, in London's East End, two years ago. Police say Rahman (pictured), who had been living in Mckenzie-road in Holloway, north London, is currently at large after failing to appear at Snaresbrook crown court on June 16 and remains wanted. His accomplices, all from Holloway, have appeared in court."

road.jpg Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will reportedly be married at Palm Springs' Riviera Resort and Spa in October.

road.jpg Real Vogue interns tell New York magazine that their internships were nothing like New York Ranger Sean Avery's: "Sean Avery eats enormous lunches in the cafeteria and gets away with spilling them on people. Elizabeth: 'I never got lunch. I didn't get lunch breaks. We had to eat in the closet.' Ashley: 'I was able to get lunch. It was like, very quick, go down get your lunch, eat it, and come back up. There was a sense of having to get permission for a lot of things. I don't remember if we had to tell them we were going to the bathroom, but that could've been possible.'"

road.jpg Self-described YouTube superstar Tricia Walsh-Smith and estranged husband Phillip Smith meet in court: "I will cut your balls off and have them for breakfast."

News: David Beckham, Estrogen, Gambia, Rupert Everett, Alzheimer's

road.jpg Is estrogen the secret to containing the spread of HIV?

Beckhamroad.jpg Seconds, please: Is David Beckham the hottest waiter of all time?

road.jpg The two Spanish nationals detained late last week in the west African country of Gambia have been released: "Two Spanish men detained in Gambia for allegedly making homosexual proposals to taxi drivers have been released after five days in jail, a Spanish official said Wednesday. The men were released late Tuesday and left the West African country, said Nicola El Busto, an official with Spain's embassy in Gambia. El Busto declined to give further details, and Gambian authorities could not immediately be reached for comment."

road.jpg Gossip Girl couple shops, scowls.

road.jpg Redwood City, CA man who hurled gay slurs, patio table at neighbors, pleads not guilty in court: "Herbert Santos-Coy is facing multiple felony hate crime charges after he allegedly physically attacked his two neighbors on March 30. If convicted he faces up to eight years in state prison, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office. Santos-Coy was arrested by Redwood City police after he allegedly came into the carport where the couple was working on their car and began yelling homophobic slurs at them, according to the district attorney's office. He then repeatedly struck one of the victims in the face and swung a wrought iron table at the couple, which missed, according to prosecutors. When police arrived, Santos-Coy resisted arrest, according to police. He was allegedly drinking at the time of the altercation."

road.jpg In California, assemblyman Mark Leno is expected to become the first openly gay state Senator in California history.

Tableroad.jpg Does Brad Pitt have good taste in tables?

road.jpg Wisconsin Supreme Court calls suit brought against gay group by Christian activist Reverend Grant Storms frivolous: "Anti-gay activist Rev. Grant Storms of New Orleans sued gay rights group Action Wisconsin after it took excerpts from a 2003 speech Storms made in Milwaukee and claimed he was advocating the murder of gays. Storms' lawsuit was dismissed in 2005, and he was ordered to pay court costs and attorneys' fees. The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld that decision, which had been reversed by an appeals court. The high court's 4-3 decision means Storms' attorney James Donohoo will have to pay more than $87,000 in court costs and fees because the court said he should have known the lawsuit was frivolous."

road.jpg There must be something about the name Kern.

road.jpg An interview with Banksy?

road.jpg Alzheimer's patients are kept from wandering off from a German nursing home by a fake bus stop outside the center: "It sounds funny but it helps. Our members are 84 years old on average. Their short-term memory hardly works, but the long-term memory is still active. They know the green and yellow bus sign and remember that waiting there means they will go home. We will approach them and say that the bus is coming later and invite them in for a coffee. Five minutes later they have completely forgotten they wanted to leave."

Kissroad.jpg That lesbian kiss at Safeco field in Seattle I posted about last month is getting a lot more attention. Sirbrina Guerrero, who was almost kicked out for it, is now speaking out.

road.jpg Rosie O'Donnell and Howard Stern had a little chat yesterday.

road.jpg Six in ten Americans say same-sex marriage a private choice that should not be regulated by the government: "As same-sex couples line up to get marriage licenses in California on June 17, the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll found that 63% of adults say same-sex marriage is 'strictly a private decision' between two people. That the government has the right 'to prohibit or allow' such marriages was stated by 33%, and 4% had no opinion."

road.jpg Religious Knesset members initiate amendment to ban gay pride in Jerusalem.

road.jpg Rupert Everett's anti-American rant: "I'm totally off the States now. The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush - really, they've got very blobby as a nation. Now they (the Americans) are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV shows - Friends and Sex And The City - and there's nothing sexy about them any more. And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now."


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